10 Best Landing Page WordPress Themes

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Here we are talking about theWordPresss themes available over the internet. You can find plenty of themes but finding the best option will be very difficult for you. So, we are providing you with the Top 10 Landing Page WordPress Themes which can be customized according to the requirements.
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Looking for an effective way to grow your business? Creating an online website will be the best option for this. Do you have any idea which platform will be the best for creating a dynamic website also within a very short time span? Here is the answer to this question too.

WordPress will be the best option as this offers the developers with so many interesting functionalities that they can be used just with a single click. Most of the businesses such as restaurants, app provider, and other local businesses make use of this website development tool.

Well, here we are talking about the WordPress themes available over the internet. You can find plenty of themes but finding the best option will be very difficult for you.

So, we are providing you with the Top 10 Landing Page WordPress Themes which can be customized according to the requirements. Let’s start to discover completely responsive, highly customizable and versatile Landing Page WordPress themes.

Variant WordPress Theme

Variant is a wonderful Landing page WordPress theme that is perfect for building a landing page site. Variant is able to give a nice appearance to your website as it is completely responsive along with its well-known professional WordPress integration and Blog/ General layout.

This is an absolute landing page solution along with great marketing appeal and unlimited potential. You should really create your next website for your service or product using this amazing theme.

Variant offers easy experiments with different fonts, header layouts, and colors to attract the more and more potential customers.

Variant Landing Page Theme

Variant Theme Info

Have a look at some interesting features of Variant

  • Layouts, 1 Dashboard- Variant offers easy managing of multiple layouts using single dashboard.
  • Create Desired Form- Allows building different types of lead generation forms using FormGet feature and make use of them on a landing page.
  • Great admin Panel- Offering great theme admin panel that allows customizing and setting up your landing page without accessing its code.
  • Instant Setup- Theme customizer enables to alter the images or text at run time.
  • Amazing features- You can make us of video, testimonials, images embedding and many other options to build infinite landing page combinations.

Local Business WordPress Theme

If you are willing to create your business website, WordPress will be a good option as it provides you with Local Business WordPress theme. This theme is designed specifically for the local business firms, service providers, and contractors in order to get recognized all over the world and expand their business.

The local business theme comes with built- in forms and holds remarkable features that are essential for effective running and promotion of your business online. The theme is featured with various exclusive specialties in order to help you to build an outstanding site for your local business.

Local Business Creative Landing Page Template

Local Business Theme Info

Have a look at some Key Features of Local Business WordPress Theme

  • Completely responsive- This is responsive to all sorts of tablet and mobile devices. Also, offer tap to call feature for various mobile devices.
  • Inbuilt lead generation/contact form available at the top header section.
  • Extremely easy to setup- offering Single Click Theme Installation.
  • Professional Images- wide collection of images allow you to turn your site to any different niche.
  • Various social widgets- like twitter, Linkedlin, Youtube, Google Plus, Facebook etc. you can also embed a Video or Youtube video on your home page.

BlackRiders WordPress Theme

For lead generation, BlackRiders is the best WordPress theme. It is a beautiful, simple theme and offers a wide range of customization options that can be tweaked by making use of various theme selection panels such as background, intro text, and logos.

If you want to build a site for your business within a few minutes, this will be the best option for you. Blackriders theme offers an amazing appearance to your site. This theme also contains lead capture WordPress plugin. You just need to activate a plugin after installing this theme.

BlackRider Lead Capture WordPress Template

BlackRider Theme Info

Take a look at remarkable Features of BlackRiders

  • Completely responsive design – The theme offers very beautiful responsive designs that appear good on different devices such as mobile phones, tabs, and laptops etc.
  • 8 amazing color style – The theme offers you with several color styles that allow picking anyone according to your color choice.
  • Different requirements – The theme gets power form widgets/plugins ranging for showing gallery, facebook share/like box, videos and much more. This also offers widgets footer & sidebar for your content.
  • Updatable homepage content – In BlackRiders, every recent blog post appears on the homepage that allow you to write a new blog very easily using WordPress dashboard interface.
  • Easy accessibility of contact info – In this theme, the contact info of the business is displayed right on the top along with tap to call option for immediate calling via mobile.
  • Integrated lead capture system – The lead capture system allows capturing leads and storing them securely under WordPress dashboard also send an email to the business owner in the successful lead capture.

InfoWay WordPress Theme

InfoWay is awesome and one of the fastest lead capture themes of WordPress. It also has inbuilt lead capture system. You can find integrated form on the homepage of your website works in different ways.

You can make use of this form as lead generation form by building a simple dispatch email sign up form on your site to facilitate subscription or lead capture WordPress site and allow newsletter subscription to the visitors through integrated sign up form.

You can easily capture leads from homepage and store data firmly into the WordPress dashboard so that you can use them in order to contact different users anytime.

InfoWay Creative Landing Page Templates

Infoway Theme Info

Take a look at remarkable Features of  InfoWay

  • High-Speed Lead Generation- this theme will provide you with the fastest lead capture system. If you create your site using infoway, this will surely be more search engine friendly.
  • Fastest Loading, SEO Optimized – Infoway makes a website fast as well as SEO Optimized. For the best results, there is need of higher conversion rate and the best user experience. This only needs single click install in order to start customizing along with wide range of available options.
  • Easy access to important messages- as this theme displays various important messages in the header section through inbuilt notification bar.
  • Easy uses of different widgets- the sidebar of the theme contain various widgets which allow make us of any widget in your site.
  • 10-different color styles – offers the wide range of color selection options for your site.

SmartBooking WordPress Theme

SmartBooking is designed specifically for online booking of services and products on your website. This theme offers the great integrated system which allows users to book for services and products online via an online site.

The most interesting thing is that smart booking theme is also comes integrated along with a WordPress plugin named InkAppointment. Only install this theme and activate the given plugin. After this, an appointment bar starts showing under the dashboard that offers multiple settings.

SmartBooking Landing Page Website Templates

SmartBooking Theme Info

Take a look at remarkable Features of Smart booking

  • Easy to Use Settings – The most remarkable feature of the theme is that simple and easy to use. Automate these form settings from the back-end. It will make the form informative as well as auto-interactive for customers which will keep them away from any doubts. It’ll help clients to pre-schedule online appointments for your online/offline services.
  • All in one facility – This single WordPress theme offers the functionality of a full booking WordPress site. Allows you to not find any other appointment calendars, scheduling software and then integrating all of them into one site separately.
  • Several unique color styles- offer various color options for customization that let you choose anyone according to your choice.
  • Fully responsive theme- there is no need to make this theme responsive as this already comes as fully responsive.
  • Additional feature- Compatible with all major browsers, Ajax based Admin panel, Bootstrap Framework, WooCommerce.

OnePage WordPress Theme

Really an amazing WordPress theme. This is a  single page theme which shows all important features of your site on the homepage that also enable the users to obtain all the needed information on a single page. One page is fully responsive and professional theme. The design of the theme is very simple and easy to use.

This theme is full of different functional features that can be utilized in creating different kinds of sites. This also comes with various essential components which a business site basically needs. The entire interface of this theme is clutter free.

OnePage App Showcase Website Templates

OnePage Theme Info

Have a look to some of its amazing features of One Page Theme

  • Easily Customizable One Page Sections – The theme comes with different amazing sections such as portfolio, pricing, video, blog and services that allow everyone to customize them by accessing only a single page. You can also sort these sections based on your requirement.
  • Advanced Slider Settings – You can do much with provided sliders like you can customize their text, color, link, and image. Basically, this comes with five sliders.
  • Section Color Changer – This facility allows you to choose a different background color for different sections. You can choose any color to make a colorful site.
  • In-built Video Section – One page also come in-built video section that can be utilized to show different videos. Different iframe code of dailymotion, youtube, vimeo can work with this theme.
  • Expandable Blog Section – You can Show your latest posts on One Page blog section which is completely expandable. Change background color, set the number of posts, heading, text, etc.

Compass WordPress Theme

Compass is a remarkable WordPress theme featured with various content sliders. The most interesting thing about this theme is that it also has excellent animation effect in all parts of its feature.

This theme allows you to make use of different great icons along with the dynamic effects to display your services in about three column feature section. Offers you to customize different features based on your requirements along with an advance theme selection panel.

Just with one installation, mobile ready, retina ready along, really provides fabulous appearance on any device. You can also optimize your site through the custom panel.

Compass App Landing Page

Compass Theme Info

Have a look to some of its amazing features of Compass

  • A wide range of blog post formats- this features add an amazing element to compass theme. You can find a variety of post formats on its blog page that allows you to display multiple things on your blog.
  • Cross browser- compass is compatible with a wide selection of browsers such as Opera, IE8, Mozilla, Safari, and chrome.
  • SEO Inbuilt- compass comes with inbuilt SEO option that allows you to improve search engine visibility of your site.
  • Homepage animation effect- visual scrolling will start to play when you will open the site. This offers totally an interesting effect to your homepage.
  • Display testimonials- multiple customer testimonials cam be displayed on the home page.
  • Display video- on the homepage you can also display your video.
  • Different styling option- allows picking any style for your site.

BlackWell WordPress Theme

BlackWell is the most flexible and smartest theme and chief product at the InkThemes . The theme is designed specifically to serve as a base to create your different creation on thus. This offers lots of interesting functionalities to give your site creating process a boost.

The wide selection of robust modules and advanced theme option panel enables you to build pages and offering complete control on your site.

You can create almost everything such as a new home for your business, an online portfolio and more. This theme offers you with everything that you require in order to turn your vision into reality.

BlackWell Software Landing Page WordPress template

BlackWell Theme Info

Have a look to some of its amazing features of BlackWell

1. Responsive design – BlackWell Theme is amazingly responsive, there is no matter how you want to configure your site. All building blocks will be conventional to your visitor’s screen, building the most interesting browsing experience.
2. Pre-designed layouts – BlackWell comes with pre-designed layouts which enable you to speedily boost your site development. The provided layout are easily and completely customizable that can be utilized as a grand beginning point for building your own design.
3. Several colors option- BlackWell offers the wide selection of colors that can be picked according to your color choice.
4. Video section- The theme provides you with video section where you can present your work in best possible way and grab attention of your visitors.

StartPoint WordPress Theme

StartPont is a highly versatile WordPress theme designed specifically for helping you to create the stylish one-page site in order to promote your online service or business. This one-page WordPress theme is perfect for the corporate, parallax business portfolio, photography sites and web agency business.


StartPoint Theme Info

Have a look to some of its amazing features of StartPoint

  1. Responsive design – StartPoint offers a fully responsive design that allows you to just pick up in order to configure your website. This always renders absolutely on every device as well as mobile phones.
  2. Parallax effect – You can build memorable pages using smooth parallax effect which is loved by everyone. With the use of the lightweight content slider, you are offered with smooth and immense appearance animations.
  3. Movable section – This theme offered you with the movable sections that allow you to show each and every block accurately where you want this. You can also make use of selection panel in order to customize different elements along with accurate color which you want.
  4. Easy to use theme option panel – Startpoint allows you to build remarkable appearance content speedily. You just need to fill up your content and images in blank canvas and your site is ready.

Display WordPress Theme

Display WordPress Theme is a magnificent WordPress theme specially designed for creative agency, display application product, or any perticular project websites.

If you are hunting for a proficient theme for your products and services then this theme is precise. The beautiful and clean element of the theme will raise the creativity on your website.

Display App Showcase Website Templates

Display Theme Info

Have a look to some of its amazing features of Display WordPress Theme

  1. Retina-Ready & Responsive – Display WordPress Theme is completely responsive, means there is no matter which device they are using this as a theme is able to run on any device. This also offers retina ready technology to provide sharper images.
  2. Blog portfolio styles – You can also make use of amazing portfolio styles to create an unforgettable portfolio or blog.
  3. Layouts – The theme also offers a number of layouts and styles that are able to give the unique appearance to your site.

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