10 Innovative Themes for a WooCommerce Breakthrough

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Conditions in the contemporary e-Commerce environment require continuous commitment of online traders. The great news for entrepreneurs working in this field is that modern technology plays for them. Numerous software tools are made these days to help them spread the news about their e-stores and convert visitors into customers.
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Conditions in the contemporary e-Commerce environment require continuous commitment of online traders. The great news for entrepreneurs working in this field is that modern technology plays for them. Numerous software tools are made these days to help them spread the news about their e-stores and convert visitors into customers.

The essence of every online business is its website. E-Commerce has even greater demands, since online stores are special sorts of websites that call for some specific features. WordPress is the leading global content management platform for websites and blogs. Therefore, avid e-traders can count on a wide plethora of consumer-friendly solutions for e-Commerce websites made in WordPress. WooCommerce is one of the most popular and affordable solutions for this purpose. If you want to use it properly, you need to choose the most suitable WooCommerce themes for your e-Commerce website. So, we’ve analyzed ten innovative themes that will ensure a breakthrough for every new e-Commerce business.


When you want to gain your visitors’ trust, it’s not enough only to set up a commercial website. On the contrary, your website has to exhibit a holistic approach to your users’ needs. In line with that, it should contain an abundance of excellent content features. For instance, your portfolio needs to take an important place on your website. All these functions are embodied in the Brilliance theme. It will come in handy for both commercial and business website owners. Namely, this theme offers easy-to-use product catalogs and practical templates for e-stores. Together with practical cart design and responsive features, Brilliance is a reasonable choice for e-traders.

Zerif Lite

Many modern WooCommerce themes try to comprehend numerous functions, to target various online businesses. Zerif Lite is a theme that can be used by online stores, design studios, digital agencies, different companies and other Webpreneurs. Based on Bootstrap 3, Zerif Lite is a gadget-friendly theme that can reach mobile Internet users worldwide. What’s more, it contains useful SEO-features that will help you boost the position of your e-Commerce website in the online realm. However, bear in mind that it’s a one-page theme, so it won’t be practical for large e-stores.


If you want to incorporate art and efficiency in your online store, you should give a chance to Artificier. Based on WooFramework, it’s a practical solution for every e-Commerce platform. Its main advantage is that it can be easily customized for your particular WooCommerce website. Moreover, as a result of its responsive characteristics, your online shop will attract desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile users in equal measure.

To top it all off, online entrepreneurs who would like to play with some easy coding for further personalization can make great use of Shortcodes that come Artificier.

Catch Flames

Sometimes you do everything in your power to establish a functional online store and your effort fails to meet your goals. More than often, choosing an inappropriate theme for your needs causes this failure. So, if you want to spark interest in your work immediately, Catch Flames might be the right option. Built on cutting-edge HTML 5 and CSS3, this theme comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. As for the design, you can stick with its original three-column layout, but you can also adapt it to your commercial needs.


A theme of a pretty self-explanatory name, Seller provides its users with a large number of efficient commercial options. First and foremost, you can rely on its showcase-friendly environment. Here you can either present your top products or exhibit your portfolio. Moreover, you can enrich your website with sidebars, as well as a section for comments. The latter can help you acquire user-generated content.

Also, both users and owners will benefit from its gadget-friendly features. Additionally, Seller enables admins to manage content from their smartphones and tablets, as well.


The key prerequisites for a modern e-Commerce website are sleek design and simple usability. Sparkling doesn’t exhibit only these two functionalities, but it takes them to a new level. As for the visual appeal, it provides its users with vividly composed features, packed in minimalistic design. You can choose from a vast array of on-page tools and templates that enable e-Commerce professionals to arrange their WooCommerce website in accordance with their marketing plans.

Apart from that, Sparkling also brings a wide range of shopping pages, which can be adapted to various commercial needs.


E-Commerce professionals who need a fast, responsive theme with utmost functionality should make the Vantage theme a part of their WooCommerce toolbox. The greatest advantage of Vantage is its compatibility with the Page Builder tool. These two make a great combination for a unique e-shopping experience for e-Commerce beginners. As for some custom features, this theme offers a large number of different fonts. That way, you can create a visually original e-store.

Speaking of e-trade rookies, they’ll have to deal with financial documentation, as well. To keep it simple and ensure automatic invoicing, you can just link WooCommerce to Stripe. Furthermore, Stripe can be connected with Invoicebus, to ensure automatic invoice delivery for each purchase. What’s more, if there are any additional fees (VAT, for instance), Invoicebus automatically displays them on every invoice.  This setup works well for any other theme as long as you are using Stripe as payment processing gateway.


Modern e-Commerce entrepreneurs want simple but visually appealing solutions. Developers behind the Teriffico theme understand these needs of present-day online professionals. Therefore, they’ve equipped Terrifico with dozens of layouts and advanced-theme features. Your task is just to choose the ones that fits your commercial goals. Besides, you can also play with the custom background and logo options, to add a touch of personalization to your e-store. What’s more, it can be localized to different languages, which is an extremely useful option for e-traders who aim at their local audiences.


Another great-looking and highly responsive theme, Discover enables e-Commerce professionals to create a functional WooCommerce website. You can add various widgets to help your customers use it in a fast and efficient way. In the online environment, it’s imperative to stay memorable with proper brand colors. Discover offers a large number of color combinations, so that you can select the ones that reflect your business in the best light. Finally, an image slider, a custom menu and an adaptable background are also some of the practical options provided by Discover.



Another theme ready for WooCommerce use, Virtue will help you highlight all the specific features that make your e-store a unique shopping place. For instance, you can apply several portfolio pages, as well as a number of different patterns for your homepage. Furthermore, Virtue should be used by e-store owners aiming at younger audience and mobile users, since it’s well adapted for smartphones and other gadgets. On the other hand, it can also be translated to various languages. E-Commerce businesses that sell products to local customers will find this feature especially practical.

To conclude, WooCommerce can be used for various businesses purposes. Thanks to a large number of beautifully designed themes with extensive customer support, this WordPress plugin has proven to be a perfect choice of online traders. Therefore, analyze those themes and test their options, to find the ones that will meet your e-Commerce needs.

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