15+ Best WooCommerce Themes for a Professional E-Commerce Solution

Written by Kate Williams
Written by Kate Williams
Customer loyalty is priceless. How to engage users on the site? And how to make their experience satisfying and enjoying? Or how to make them return to your online service again and again? Everything is possible with a quality, modern looking, fast-loading and thoughtfully designed website. However, if you offer poor customer service, they will leave your site in a moment. Let’s find out what you can do to improve your e-store or launch a new feature-rich eCommerce platform.

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Customer loyalty is priceless, and it starts by engaging users on your site. How can you make their experience satisfying and fun? How can you make them return to again and again?

Well, you can certainly get off to a good start by having Everything is possible with a quality, modern looking, fast-loading and thoughtfully designed website. Of course, that good first impression can rapidly evaporate if you offer bad customer service or poor functinality. Let’s find out what you can do to launch a new feature-rich eCommerce platform or improve your existing e-store.

WooCommerce: To Be,  Or Not To Be

If you are searching for the most affordable and efficient way to set up an online store, you need to take a look at premium themes for WooCommerce. This eCommerce platform is used by 30% of global online stores, accounting for more than 1 million websites. This solution is perfect for both startups and medium-size businesses that are looking for more advanced selling features and functionality. WooCommerce offers all the necessary options for running a fully-fledged and sleek online store. Let’s figure out the main benefits of using this platform:

  • WooCommerce is based on one of the most popular and commonly used CMS on the web – WordPress. That is to say, if you’ve worked with WordPress before, running an e-store won’t take as much time and effort because everything is familiar. It is extremely easy to use thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • It is customizable. The WooCommerce plugin is professionally developed, so, implementation takes minimal time and little effort. It can be easily customized, modified, edited and adjusted according to your specific needs. Thanks to a huge variety of affordable, fully-responsive, best-selling WooCommerce themes, you can always find one that is a good match for your personal vision, and save the money you would have had to spend on commissioning a custom design.
  • It offers convenient analytics. Efficient commerce is tricky without regular and comprehensive analytics. WooCommerce includes a plethora of analytical tools, allowing you to measure the metrics of your e-store in order to improve sales. The platform give you a great chance to utilize other tools, for example, social media modules to track your customers’ activity.
  • WooCommerce themes are extremely flexible. You don’t need to be technologically savvy to take advantage of ready-made templates. It is easy as pie to install and customize a theme, add content and products, edit any information and adjust any block to your preferences. Most of the tools you need to provide your customers with a satisfying shopping experience come bundled within most WooCommerce themes. Moreover, there are also tools to help you achieve the precise look and branding that enhances the credibility of your company.
  • WooCommerce is professional. It is carefully crafted to incorporate the features required by eCommerce professionals. It includes a handy cart with multiple options, detailed order tracking, delivery systems, tax settings, and coupon codes, etc. For additional functionality, a huge number of extensions exist, that can be implemented easily and without fuss.

A common pitfall is to presume that running an eCommerce website is a costly and tricky task. When you see the stunning collection of the best WooCommerce themes from TemplateMonster, you will rid yourself of that doubt in an instant.

Woostroid – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Woostroid - Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme


Woostroid is a sleek multipurpose WooCommerce theme that comes with a comprehensive documentation and efficient support. The theme has a very large number of features to create a professional and catchy e-store. Another key point, packed with heaps of functionality, content modules, layout options and selling elements, Woostroid can be easily customized and turned into the website of your dreams, without compromise.

MaxiGlass Eye Glasses WooCommerce Theme

MaxiGlass Eye Glasses WooCommerce Theme


MaxiGlass is a fast loading and tech-savvy, stylish and modern, 100% responsive WordPress theme with a sophisticated set of advanced tools to launch a solid eyeglasses store online. All page layouts are engaging and include tons of details to provide your customers with satisfying shopping experience. In addition, to keep in touch with your clients, use a stunning blog, Contact form, Newsletter subscription, and others usable elements available in this theme.

Naturio Food Store Template WooCommerce Theme

Naturio Food Store Template WooCommerce Theme


Naturio boasts eco-friendly and bright design, extensive and robust functionality. The theme comes with usable social integration, a rich variety of sorting and filtering elements as well as an amazing blog layout to keep your customers constantly updated with the latest info. In general, with handy Live Customizer and Elementor Page builder integration, the process of your customizing your site will be fast, easy and engaging. The effective Commenting system will help your service earn credibility and appear more reliable compared to your competitors.

Bambino – Baby Store Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Bambino - Baby Store Responsive WooCommerce Theme


First thing to remember, Bambino is a fully-fledged and user-friendly, search engine optimized and eye-pleasing template based on WooCommerce plugin and suitable for a baby store. Coming with eye-catching pages and advanced functionality, the theme promises to satisfy even the most sophisticated customer. By the way, with flexible drag and drop page builder, you can customize the theme in a short period of time and effortless up to your preferences.

WonderLand – Toys Store Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Toy Store WOOCommerce Theme


Wonderland is a colorful and captivating, playful and dynamic WooCommerce theme dedicated to set up a toys store. The theme is packed with elegant slider to present your products in an effective manner.  Also it has versatile product badges, crossed pricing, star rating and other tools to focus the customers’ attention on your assortment. Furthermore, Wishlist and Compare plugin will enhance your site’s performance while a drop-down cart will help your clients make fast shopping decision.

Cuddles – Pet Shop WooCommerce Theme

Cuddles - Pet Shop WooCommerce Theme


Cuddles is a fully functional and highly professional WooCommerce theme that is ready to launch your powerful pet store on the web. The template has been developed with the utmost attention to detail so that you will be able to install and customize your site even without having to write a single line of code yourself. Almost each and every elements of the theme can be easily edited and adjusted up to your needs: web font, header and footer style, blog layout, menu, etc. The template is fully responsive and flows freely on any device with any screen size.

Elitario – Liquor Store WordPress Theme

Multipage Store WordPress Theme


Elitario looks gorgeous and functions smoothly. It boasts elegant and sleek design, a powerful set of functions and extensions to make your site stand out from the competitors. Thanks to Jet Elements plugin built-in, your web page will be easily populated with multiple content blocks. It allows you to easily display attractive setting icons, change the element positions, use labels, experiment with different backgrounds, fonts and much more.

Garden – Garden Centre WooCommerce Theme

Garden Design Web Template


Garden is a attractive, minimalistic and clean theme designed particularly for setting up a garden center. It’s a pleasure to work with this template and customize it to your needs because it is highly flexible and extremely clear. This one theme offers a plenty of possibilities to enhance your commercial website: amazing width-screen slider, usable social media buttons, multiple sorting and filtering options, catchy blog, etc. Integrated newsletter pop-up will help you turn your visitors into potential customers.

Yummy – Honey Store WooCommerce Theme

Honey Store WooCommerce Theme


If you are searching for a perfect eCommerce theme based on WordPress, Yummy is the best choice. In fact, this innovative, modern, technologically savvy and thoughtfully designed theme will serve an excellent platform for setting up a honey store online. Incorporated WooCommerce plugin allows to craft a professionally looking e-store with multiple selling options like products grid, sorting variants, products search, gallery, Wishlist, etc. With usable drag and drop Page builder including more than 25 content modules, you will create any page you want in an instant.

Max Shop – WooCommerce Theme

Max shop - WooCommerce Theme


Max Shop is a minimalistic and clean, elegant and attractive, highly responsive and incredibly adaptive theme that will come in handy those want to launch a solid e-store. Look at the premade shop demos, and you will assure that this theme can wow your customers and boost sales. With the theme’s functionality and multiple selling options, you can sell any product you need. Moreover, with Max Shop, you achieve an informative tutorial, comprehensive documentation and efficient support.

Beardoff – Men’s Shaving Products Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Skin Care Products WooCommerce Theme


Beardoff is a stylish, man-dedicated WordPress theme which is ready to be used for launching a fully functional shaving store. Alongside with impressive, eye-catching design, the theme includes extensive WooCommerce package. It lets a site owner present his products in an all-winning manner. Also with incorporated Cherry plugins, it’s possible to enhance your site and spice it up with usable and handy features like testimonials, popups, team members, etc. Live Customizer allows adjusting your design live, without reloading your page.

Pi – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Pi - Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme


Pi sounds short but gives tons of possibilities to set up any commerce website in several clicks. The theme is completely responsive so that you will be able to reach out both desktop and mobile users. It includes dozens homepage layouts, various header and footer styles, a plethora of premade elements and selling options. In addition to the basic features, Pi includes Megamenu, Quick View Product, Product Filter, Add to Compare, grid & list view, etc. Thanks to its search engine optimized code, your website will easily get top ranking on Google.

Orize – Accessories WooCommerce Theme

Accessories WooCommerce Theme


Orize is an intelligent, affordable, precise theme, carefully designed to establish a successful e-Commerce site effortlessly. It boasts sleek, intuitive admin user interface and a clean optimized code based on the latest web trends like HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. The WooCommerce plugin gives a seller tons of possibilities to promote his products to the fullest. Above all, with this template, you achieve gorgeous blog layout, limitless color, sidebar, header/footer options, web fonts, shopping cart configurations, etc.

Ministore – Fashion WooCommerce Theme

Ministore - Fashion WooCommerce Theme


Ministore is a minimalistic, clean and responsive WordPress theme for all occasions. Whatever online business you want to set up, this theme will suit your needs. After the one-click installation, you will discover an astonishing array of customization options. The theme also comes with tons of easy-to-edit elements, outstanding plugins and multiple page layouts which you can adjust to your wishes with little effort. With the incorporated Revolution slider, you can present your products in an impressive manner.

Amaryllis – Flower Shop WooCommerce Theme

Amaryllis - Flower Shop WooCommerce Theme


Amaryllis is a charming, eye-pleasing, appealing WooCommerce theme featuring modern design and advanced functionality. With built-in Live Customizer, the process of customization will be engaging and satisfying. The theme is fully responsive and mobile-friendly so it will look greatly on any device. There are a number of editable elements and changeable options like web fonts, color palette, header, footer styles, etc.

Still not convinced that WooCommerce is the best and most affordable choice for your online commerce? TemplateMonster marketplace offers tons of WooCommerce themes with extensive selling options, incredible features and impeccable design. You don’t need to start your digital shop from scratch because a theme is ready to be installed and customized in a short period of time and without additional costs. Start generating income as soon as possible!

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