15+ Fitness Blog Themes for Trainers & Lifestyle Bloggers

Fitness blog themes come in a variety of different shapes and sizes as they can be used by a variety of different businesses and individuals. Personal trainers and your average health, beauty and fitness lovers would do well with a minimalist blog theme while professionals would probably prefer a fully-fledged business theme with blogging capabilities. Let’s not forget those who want to build their own online fitness publication with the help of a news or magazine theme.

Like I said, fitness blog themes come in different forms, which is why we’ve created this collection over 15 fitness blog themes for you to choose from. From minimalist lifestyle blogging themes to decked out fitness themes with well-designed landing pages, this list contains a bit of everything.

But first, let’s go over the features you should for in a fitness blog theme.

Features to Look for in Fitness Blog Themes

Style is an important component in web design, but your decision should ultimately come down to the type of website you need to build. First, a quick recap on the types of themes that make appearances in this collection:

  • Blogging Themes
  • Fitness-Specific Business Themes
  • News & Magazine Themes

Choose a blogging or news/magazine theme if content creation will be the main focus of your website. This means you may release a product somewhere down the line, but generating sales will never be the primary focus of your website. In this scenario, building an audience should be your goal.

Choose a business theme designed for the fitness niche if you’re a personal trainer or gym that provides professional fitness services, products or entire classes to customers but you want an active blog to be a driving force in your marketing plan. Generating sales will be the primary focus of your website, but your goal in this scenario should be to attract more leads by driving traffic to your blog.

Let’s simplify the difference between a blogging theme and magazine theme in case you’re confused about which one to go with. Choose a blogging theme if you’ll be the only writer for your blog and you intend to have one central focus or publishing schedule. Choose a news or magazine theme if you plan on building a writing team with the intention of publishing several times a week (or even several times a day) on a variety of different fitness-related topics that don’t necessarily relate to one another.

With that said, let’s get to the collection. Without further ado, here are 15+ fitness blog themes for WordPress.

1. Florence

Florence WordPress Theme

Florence is a simple, minimalist blogging theme that comes with five homepage layouts. Each layout uses a different design, but they all use elegant styles and are optimized for lifestyle blogs. It comes with five different blog layouts as well as different post formats. It’s even easy to customize using the live theme customizer as well as the built-in theme options panel.

Details | Demo

2. Fitnesys

Fitnesys WordPress Theme

Fitnesys is a professional blogging theme designed for the fitness industry. The homepage demo uses a large header image complete with a call to action, making this a great theme for those who want to turn their blogs into businesses. The rest of the homepage uses a classic blogroll and right-hand sidebar layout.

Details | Demo

3. Gym Edge

Gym Edge WordPress Theme

Gym Edge is a multipurpose fitness theme that comes with over 30 homepage demos and page templates. These demos allow you to build a variety of different fitness websites, from fully-fledged landing pages for businesses to professional blogging homepages. It features a modern design and handy tools, such as a BMI calculator.

Details | Demo

4. Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio WordPress Theme

Yoga Studio is a business theme for fitness-based businesses, though this particular theme is marketed toward yoga studios and individual instructors. It comes with powerful blogging capabilities, such as multiple columns for fullwidth posts (one column), posts with a sidebar (two columns) or posts with dual sidebars (three columns).

Details | Demo

5. Aden

Aden WordPress Theme

Aden is an elegant blogging theme that uses a stunning, minimalist design. It features multiple blog page layouts that vary from a standard blogroll to stunning grid layouts. It’s also easy to customize colors and other elements via the options available in the live theme customizer.

Details | Demo

6. Higher Place

Higher Place WordPress Theme

Higher Place is a powerful blogging theme that comes with over 40 unique homepage demos, many of which are designed for lifestyle blogs. This includes a demo called The Gym, pictured above, that allows you to build a fitness blog with ease. It also includes dozens of additional demos that feature beautifully modern designs.

Details | Demo

7. Flex Blog

Flex Blog WordPress Theme

Flex Blog is a clean and modern blogging theme designed for lifestyle bloggers, making it ideal for casual fitness blogs. It comes with multiple blog page layouts that allow you to display your posts in a variety of different ways, which includes a grid layout. It’s also easy to customize.

Details | Demo

8. In Shape

In Shape WordPress Theme

In Shape is a business theme designed for professional fitness businesses, from independent personal trainers to fully-employed gyms. It uses a well-designed layout optimized for business, but it also comes with a number of different blogging features. This includes the ability to choose from the Google Fonts library.

Details | Demo

9. Jevelin

Jevelin WordPress Theme

Jevelin is a multipurpose WordPress theme that comes with over 15 stunning homepage demos. These demos allow you to build a variety of different websites with little to no effort, even websites designed for personal trainers. As for blogging features, this theme comes with six blog layouts as well as a custom layout for author pages.

Details | Demo

10. Sportify

Sportify WordPress Theme

Sportify is another business theme designed for fitness businesses that comes with great blogging capabilities. The homepage features a section you can use to showcase your latest posts while the rest of the page is designed to optimize conversions.

Details | Demo

11. YourFitness

YourFitness WordPress Theme

YourFitness is a business theme designed for gyms and other fitness-related businesses. It comes with over 50 widget positions as well as a number of additional options that are easy to customize. It also comes with different blog page layouts, and you can even choose your own fonts from the Google Fonts library.

Details | Demo

12. Bateaux

Bateaux WordPress Theme

Bateaux is a multipurpose creative theme that comes with over 25 homepage demos that feature different layouts and styles for different niches. It comes with business layouts, blog layouts and even shop layouts. Speaking of blogs, this theme comes with a number of different blogging features, including integration with Google Fonts and 12 single post layouts.

Details | Demo

13. Aspect

Aspect WordPress Theme

Aspect is a minimalist blogging theme that comes with fullwidth and boxed layouts. It also comes with a number of different ways to showcase your latest posts, including an elegant grid layout. It comes with multiple post layouts, and the overall theme is easy to customize. It’s a great option for lifestyle fitness bloggers.

Details | Demo

14. Lily

Lily WordPress Theme

Lily is a minimalist blogging theme that features an elegant and even somewhat feminine style. It comes with multiple homepage layouts that showcase your posts in different ways, including a stunning masonry layout. It’s a great option for lifestyle fitness bloggers as well as personal blogs for personal trainers. It’s even powerful enough to be used as a simple magazine theme.

Details | Demo

15. Sense

Sense WordPress Theme

Sense is a bit of a multipurpose theme that comes with two demos. The main demo features a minimalist business layout ideal for creative freelancers. The demo we’re interested in is called the Lifestyle demo. This one features a minimalist blogging layout that showcases your content and calls to action in elegant ways.

Details | Demo

16. Top Magazine

Top Magazine WordPress Theme

Top Magazine is a modern magazine theme that features a sleek layout optimized for lifestyle niches, such as fitness. It’s a great option for fitness magazines as it allows you to showcase content from different categories. It’s also a wonderful option for professional blogs as it’s optimized for content, so it features multiple blog styles.

Details | Demo

17. Man

Man Blog WordPress Theme

Man is a personal blogging theme ideal for lifestyle niches, such as fitness. It’s also a great option for personal blogs as it features a classic style similar to Tumblr. It allows you to showcase your blog in a number of different columns. You can even choose from a number of different Google Fonts and skins.

Details | Demo

Final Thoughts

Fitness blog themes come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, as you can see. Just remember to narrow your choices down to the themes that make sense for the goals your business is trying to accomplish. Your website needs to work for your business no matter what niche you’re in. It can’t do that if you choose a minimalist blogging theme when you probably should have gone with a fully-fledged business theme.

Decide what goals you or your client wants to accomplish in your business, and narrow down your list of options to themes that complement those goals. It’s just a matter of deciding which styles and features you feel would work best for you after that.

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