16 Best WordPress Themes for Easy Digital Downloads

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Why would you spend time tending to a garden if, come spring, you don’t get to enjoy the flowers in full bloom? Well, the same reasoning applies to your blog or website. You spend a lot of time writing, editing, and uploading new content, moderating comments and interacting with your followers, so why shouldn’t you get to reap the rewards of your efforts by making some money on the side too?
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Why would you spend time tending to a garden if, come spring, you don’t get to enjoy the flowers in full bloom?

Well, the same reasoning applies to your blog or website.

You spend a lot of time writing, editing, and uploading new content, moderating comments and interacting with your followers, so why shouldn’t you get to reap the rewards of your efforts by making some money on the side too?

How to sell digital products on your website

Sell digital downloads on WordPress with Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is perhaps the easiest way to transform your WordPress-powered blog or website into a fully-fledged online store or marketplace, where you can sell all kinds of digital products.

Ebooks, reports, music, photos, interviews, videos… There are countless ways how you can monetise your digital content and sell it to people online.

So if the technology is there, available practically for free, then what could possibly hold you back from using your blog to earn more money?

It’s all about the looks, baby

Most websites look like crap.

They’re atrociously designed, difficult to navigate on mobile, and hard to understand.

How would you enjoy shopping at a store that arranged shelves in a maze instead of straight lines? I bet you’d take your hard-earned money elsewhere, wouldn’t you?

It works exactly the same way online.

People are more likely to associate a smart looking, cleverly designed site with a reputable seller, meaning that they’re also likelier to trust you enough to hit the Buy Now button.

If you can’t afford to pay a professional web designer to do your website, then we got the next best thing for you. We rounded up the best WordPress themes that are compatible with online stores that use the Easy Digital Downloads plugin – download and activate for an instant makeover.


The latest version of Marketify was released at the end of July 2016, which also happened to be the biggest update ever to this theme.

Compatible with the major of EDD extensions, fully responsive across devices, and featuring tons of built-in templates, it’s no surprise that this theme is one of the most popular out there.

You can read about Marketify in more detail on this blog.

A screenshot of the Marketify theme.

Demo | Price: $64


Just what you needed to transform your site into a slick and sexy digital store.

With its clean lines and elegant design, Checkout is the perfect choice for a business or portfolio site that has professional written all over it.

A screenshot of the Checkout theme.

Demo | Price: $64


Build your own online store and start selling digital goods in a few clicks. SquareCode really shines in the customisability department, since it lets tweak virtually every aspect of the theme, from colours, to images, and design layouts.

Another great feature of SquareCode is that it comes with multilingual support right out of the box, allowing you to translate the theme in several languages.

With the addition of paid add-ons, you can easily take your business to the next level by selling services and even physical goods.

A screenshot of the SquareCode theme.

Demo | Price: $64


Stocky is a theme that has been created with photographers in mind. If your dream is to sell your own stock images online, this theme lets you follow in the footsteps of giants like iStockPhoto and Shutterstock.

Its simple design lets users quickly search, download and use your photos in their projects for a fee. You can also create galleries of similar images and protect your work with digital watermarks.


Demo | Price: $59


Pyxis touts itself as the modern and creative theme that lets you sell any kind of product. It certainly delivers on its promise, especially when used for selling digital products.

The theme uses a simple drag-and-drop builder for home and product pages, and comes with a host of gorgeous CSS and JavaScript effects and animations readily available so that you can create a professional looking site with zero coding knowledge required.

A screenshot of the Pyxis theme.

Demo | Price: $44


Boasting three different portfolio layouts that emphasise user experience above all else, Helium is the self-proclaimed theme for creatives.

The theme will let you showcase your creative work in style, and integrates effortlessly with EDD to let you sell digital goods. Its customer support is also highly praised, so you can rest assured any question you might have will be dealt with quickly.

A screenshot of the Helium theme.

Demo | Price: $54


Although it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other themes, HumbleShop stays true to its name by focusing on simplicity and ease-of-use. The theme is a breeze to setup and customise, and looks great too!

A screenshot of the HumbleShop theme.

Demo | Price: $59


Serenity now! This theme is nice, clean front for your online shop that blissfully easy to optimise and configure any way you want.

No-fuss installation and setup make it a joy to use, and underneath its elegant exterior, Serenityshop is bursting with useful and robust features.

A screenshot of the Serenityshop theme.

Demo | Price: $56


Another portfolio theme that can be customised for personal and business use. Bernate comes with a visual theme customiser that lets you edit themes and watch changes happen on your site in real time.

A screenshot of the Bernate theme.

Demo | Price: $39


A theme designed especially for creatives, this one couples a minimalist exterior with an array of features underneath the hood, which makes it mind-blowingly simply to set up a professional website even if you don’t know the first thing about web development.

A screenshot of the Spaces theme.

Demo | Price: $59


Be prepared to be bowled over by this amazingly simple to use theme that has been designed to cut out all the fluff and focus only on what matters. If you’re serious about selling digital products, then TenderShop’s super-fast setup and elegant design will win your heart.

A screenshot of the TenderShop theme.

Demo | Price: $56


Color is, well, colourful! This cheerful theme is resplendent in any shade of colour you select, changing its skin like a chameleon to reflect exactly the kind of branding you want for your site.

Its look is inspired by Material Design, using flat elements and card-like graphics to convey important information in the signature hue you choose.

A screenshot of the Color theme.

Demo | Price: $49

DW Argo

DW Argo stands out from the other themes listed here because this one is actually designed for news and magazines portals.

Unlike portfolio themes, DW Argo puts greater emphasis on the articles published on your site, however it is still is a powerful ecommerce platform that can be used to sell digital stuff.

This is a great option if you’re exploring ways to monetise a content-heavy site or one that is focused on providing news about certain industries, provided that the products you sell tie in logically with the type of information that is featured on your site.

A screenshot of the DW Argo theme.

Demo | Price: $49


Another content marketing theme that plays well with EDD and many other plugins that let you build a subscriber list.

Founder lets you push out branded content with a personal twist that is particularly useful for professionals who want to establish themselves as an authority within their niche.

A screenshot of the Founder theme.

Demo | Price: $59


Back to portfolio sites, Jollyfolio is a trendy theme for creatives such as designers, illustrators, and photographers that promote mainly images on their sites.

The theme integrates fully both with Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce, and comes with a lot of features that let you rapidly set up shop by uploading your digital products and start cashing in on your work.

A screenshot of the Jollyfolio theme.

Demo | Price: $59


Billing itself as the ultimate theme to build online stores, Olam is feature-rich, easy to install, and compatible with both EDD and WooCommerce.

This highly-rated theme oozes professionalism, which makes it ideal for the entrepreneur who wants to make big bucks selling any kind of digital product.

A screenshot of the Olam theme.

Demo | Price: $49

Over to you

And that’s it. Sixteen of our favourite WordPress themes for Easy Digital Downloads that will help you look your best when customers visit your online shop.

Have you already chosen your favourite? Tell us which theme you use and why, as well as any new themes you found online that are worth sharing with other budding online shop owners and entrepreneurs who want to start selling their digital wares.

Mark Debono

Mark is a copywriter and online marketing consultant, and founder of remote web marketing agency Systemato. He’s been using WordPress for over 7 years, and became a great fan of the CMS within seconds of his first installation.

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    1. I purchased this theme, yes, it’s very powerful, but later, I found they released another EDD theme with Elementor builder, I prefer Elementor to WP Bakery Page Builder, so I changed to use Dew theme 😀 😀

  1. Hey jual jafra ,
    Our team has been cooked a new EDD theme called Digicraft.And obviously powered by EDD WP plugin and Elementor(amazing WordPress drag & drop builder). It’s fully open source and also featured on Colorlib and Easy Digital Download website. We also prepare a video tutorial that describes how easily you can use it ( ) . As you wrote the article on listing EDD themes , hope you’ll add this theme to your list and thus help your user to get an amazing item out of cost.
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