20+ Bed and Breakfast Themes to Showcase B&Bs, Inns and Resorts

Bed and breakfast themes are niche WordPress themes available for the hotel and lodging industry. They’re designed to showcase a single location as is typical with B&Bs, so they need to be powerful and well-designed yet minimalist enough to not be too bloated with features intended for large hotel chains.

This post features a collection of over 20 bed and breakfast themes available for WordPress. These themes are more than capable of showcasing B&Bs effectively through the styles and features they offer. Let’s go over what exactly a bed and breakfast is and what features you should look for before we get into the list.

What are Bed and Breakfast Themes?

The amount of hotel, inn, and bed and breakfast themes (not to mention the booking and reservation plugins) available for WordPress is a testament to how much it has grown from a humble blogging platform to a powerful content management system. These themes allow you to build entire websites capable of showcasing the business’ rooms and best features, and they even allow guests to book rooms directly on the website.

We’ve written about this subject a couple times here at WP Mayor. You can view some of these posts using the links below. They include a theme collection, plugin collection and even a theme review.

Let’s get to the features these types of themes offer.

Top Features of Bed and Breakfast Themes

Let’s take a moment to go over the differences between the different types of accommodation in the lodging industry, which are typically hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Hotels – A large-scale lodging establishment typically part of a larger chains. Typically offers dozens and even hundreds of rooms per establishment. Offers all three meals, room service and several amenities on the premises, including pools, bars, golf courses, lounges, conference rooms, activities and more.
  • Inns – A small-scale lodging establishment typically not part of a chain. It has fewer rooms and less amenities but still offers several meals throughout the day. The owner, referred to as “the innkeeper,” typically lives on the premises.
  • Bed & Breakfasts – Similar to an inn but with even fewer rooms, typically no more than five. It also typically doesn’t offer any amenities, and the only meal available is breakfast, hence the name “bed and breakfast.” The owner, as well as their families in some cases, typically lives on the premises.

Here are the top features you should look for in bed and breakfast themes:

  • Simple (and hopefully) Customizable Homepage Layouts
  • A Booking/Reservation Function
  • Custom Post Types/Page Templates
  • Features You Expect to See in Any Modern Theme

Homepage Layouts – The themes in this collection come with what are known as “pre-made homepage layouts” or “demos” that can be installed with a few simple clicks. They speed up the development process by giving you a completed design. They should be well-designed landing pages simple enough to showcase a single establishment. A traditional hotel theme may be bloated with too many features meant to support a large chain of hotels.

Booking/Reservation Function – Websites can’t just look good. They also need to serve a function. Make sure the theme you choose has a built-in booking/reservation function or comes with support for one at the very least.

Custom Post Types/Page Templates – This isn’t a necessary feature, but it’s still nice to have. Custom designs for each room is part of the charm bed and breakfasts have to offer. Custom post types and/or page templates allow you to build pages that showcase different rooms with ease.

Additional Features – A responsive design that’s optimized for mobile devices, SEO, clean code and a theme options panel are all features you should expect to see in any theme premium theme you purchase.

Let’s get to the list.

1. LakeInn

LakeInn WordPress Theme

LakeInn is a moderate hotel theme designed for smaller establishments. It uses a well-designed homepage that allows you to showcase offers, your best features, a booking function, testimonials and more.

Details | Demo

2. The Happy Inn

The Happy Inn WordPress Theme

The Happy Inn is a bed and breakfast theme designed for small hotels, bed and breakfasts, and inns. It uses Elementor, a page builder plugin, so it’s easy to customize.

Details | Demo

3. Hemma

Hemma WordPress Theme

Hemma is a minimalist hotel theme designed for single establishments (holiday houses), making it a great option for B&Bs. It uses a well-designed layout, and it even comes with custom post types.

Details | Demo

4. Bellevue

Bellevue WordPress Theme

Bellevue is a modern hotel theme designed for small establishments. It comes with multiple homepage demos for different types of establishments, including guest houses, chalets and lake cabins.

Details | Demo

5. Haven

Haven WordPress Theme

Haven is a multipurpose hotel theme capable of being used by a variety of different businesses in the accommodation industry. Bed and breakfasts will enjoy customizable pages and a built-in booking function.

Details | Demo

6. HotelBliss

HotelBliss WordPress Theme

HotelBliss is a powerful hotel and lodging theme capable of showcasing a number of different establishments, including small B&Bs. It comes with a reservation function and even a function that allows site visitors to check availability.

Details | Demo

7. Cortina

Cortina WordPress Theme

Cortina is a simple hotel theme capable of showcasing different establishments in the industry. This includes single-location bed and breakfasts. It uses a well-designed homepage that showcases your establishment’s best rooms and amenities.

Details | Demo

8. Dreamy

Dreamy WordPress Theme

Dreamy is another simple hotel theme capable of showcasing a B&B. It uses the same homepage layout the previous theme uses, except it uses a different style that includes a weather function in the header.

Details | Demo

9. Hotel California

Hotel California WordPress Theme

Hotel California is a powerful hotel theme that comes with several demos and templates for homepages and individual content pages. It’s also easy to customize, and it comes with a booking function.

Details | Demo

10. Woods Hotel

Woods Hotel WordPress Theme

Woods Hotel is a modern hotel theme that allows you to showcase every room and service your B&B offers directly on the homepage, including your menu. It even comes with availability and booking functions.

Details | Demo


HOTEL XENIA WordPress Theme

HOTEL XENIA is a modern hotel theme that comes with a single yet customizable homepage layout capable of showcasing every part of your B&B. It even comes with a booking function guests can use to reserve rooms.

Details | Demo

12. Lake Resort

Lake Resort WordPress Theme

Lake Resort is a hotel and resort theme that comes with five homepage demos with more on the way. Each demo features a different layout, but they’re all well-designed.

Details | Demo

13. Petra

Petra WordPress Theme

Petra is a simple hotel and bed and breakfast theme, but it uses a sleek, modern design. It comes with two homepage demos, and it comes with a booking function.

Details | Demo

14. Riverside Resort

Riverside Resort WordPress Theme

Riverside Resort is a hotel and resort theme that uses a stunning design. It comes with a booking function, an availability function as well as pricing tables for different rooms.

Details | Demo

15. SabBatico

SabBatico WordPress Theme

SabBatico is a hostel WordPress theme versatile enough to be used to showcase a B&B. It allows you to showcase your rooms and amenities.

Details | Demo

16. Sundance

Sundance WordPress Theme

Sundance is a simple hotel theme whose homepage layout is perfectly suited to showcase a B&B. It comes with pricing functions as well as a weather feature in the header.

Details | Demo

17. Morrison Hotel

Morrison Hotel WordPress Theme

Morrison Hotel is a multipurpose hotel theme that comes with three demos, one of which is designed for a bed and breakfast. It comes with an availability function.

Details | Demo

18. Paris

Paris WordPress Theme

Paris is a simple hotel that theme that uses simple styles, but it comes with powerful features. This includes a booking function as well as a customizable design.

Details | Demo

19. Imperial

Imperial WordPress Theme

Imperial is a simple hotel theme that uses a simple layout, but it’s expansive enough for you to showcase every aspect of your bed and breakfast.

Details | Demo

20. Hotel WP

Hotel WP WordPress Theme

Hotel WP is a powerful hotel theme, but it’s still simple enough to be used to showcase a bed and breakfast. Guests can even book rooms they’re interested in staying in.

Details | Demo

21. Sky

Sky WordPress Theme

Sky is a directory theme that comes with a vacation demo. You can use it to build a directory filled with bed and breakfasts people can book rooms at.

Details | Demo

22. Perfect

Perfect WordPress Theme

Perfect is another directory theme. This one is meant to showcase apartments you can “rent” temporarily, making it similar to Airbnb, but it can also be used to showcase a directory of B&Bs.

Details | Demo

Final Thoughts

Bed and breakfast themes are niche WordPress themes, so you’re better off finding a hotel theme that’s scaled down enough to be used to showcase a single establishment. You should be using the website to convert casual browsers into guests, so a booking function of some sort is a very important feature to watch out for.

Think of the rooms and amenities you or your client needs to showcase, and narrow the list down to a few select themes that would showcase them best.

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