20 Best Free Responsive Website Templates Suited for Multiple Purposes

Written by John Walker
Written by John Walker
If you have reached this post, then you are in search of the best freebie to start your site, blog or eCommerce project with. Luckily, we have decided to search the web for the most popular free responsive website templates for 2016. Below, we have listed freebies running on the latest WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, OpenCart, PrestaShop, and ZenCart versions.

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If you have reached this post, then you are in search of the best freebie to start your site, blog or eCommerce project with. Luckily, we have decided to search the web for the most popular free responsive website templates for 2016. Below, we have listed freebies running on the latest WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, OpenCart, PrestaShop, and ZenCart versions.

All templates from the chart are compliant with the latest web standards. Not only does their visual presentation capture the users’ eye, they also include impressive customization options, which can safely compete with premium templates. Each template is unique. Suited for an array of web projects, the themes can be used for sites ranging from business to entertainment web resources. Whether you want to get started with a blog or eCommerce site, below you will find a solution that meets your needs.

Although the themes do not feature free support, their provider offers free video tutorials, guides for startups and free eBooks that you can benefit from.


This PrestaShop freebie combines elegant style and top-notch functionality in one package. It is intended for selling flowers, gifts, toys, and other items on-line. The layout of the template looks clean and minimalist. It is spiced up with stunning animation and visual effects, providing for a more impressive navigation of the site’s content. Similar to premium themes, BeFlora includes a set of custom TM modules for free. The theme features a SEO-friendly, fully responsive layout. MegaMenu, Ajax search, multilingual and multi-currency support are also included for a more enjoyable shopping experience.

Download | Demo

Kustrix Lite

This WordPress freebie is licensed under GPL v3.0. This is a ready-made template suited for building fashion and beauty blogs. Integrated with WordPress Live Customizer, the theme’s layout can be modified seamlessly. Whenever you apply any changes to the organization of certain elements of the theme, you will see them live straight away. The theme is integrated with social media, letting your readers reach your official social media accounts and share the preferred content with ease.

Download | Demo

Handmade Candles

Here is a ready-made solution suited for selling candles and other handmade items. Built with the user in mind, it provides the web audience with a seamless browsing experience. The template is fully responsive. A MegaMenu remains fixed to the top of the page as a person navigates your content. On the front page, featured products are organized into a carousel gallery. Add to Compare and Add to Wishlist features make web stores far more usable, providing people with a wider array of handy shopping options.

Download | Demo

SweeTella Store

Everyone selling sweets or food and drink can benefit from this eye-catching, appetizing template. It is abundant in cool visuals, making the users’ mouth water as they browse your page. The main navigation panel is sticky. The template includes impressive hover effects. Parallax scrolling animation welcomes the audience for a more interactive site browsing.

Download | Demo

Underwear for Men

This OpenCart freebie looks very clean and minimalist. The theme’s design is built in a way that brings the store’s products front and central. You can make use of a set of banners to bring extra attention to your special deals. A filterable products gallery lets people browse New, Featured or Specials on the front page. Product badges are added to help online shoppers with a quicker decision-making. Ajax-based search will take them to the necessary items effortlessly.

Download | Demo

Poultry Farm

Make use of this freebie to facilitate and enhance your site’s performance on any device and web browser possible. Featuring a clean style, it brings the stores offerings in the spotlight. Due to a drop-down cart, your customers can see the entire list of items for purchase right away. They can also switch between several currency and language options with a click.

Download | Demo

Free Business Responsive Template

The theme will perfectly fit those users who are looking for rock-solid foundation for their business projects. Running on a fully responsive framework, the theme is built with valid, semantic code. It is also SEO-friendly, which guarantees that your business, consulting or financial web project will perform well in the major search engines.

Download | Demo


If you are looking for a ready-made theme for building a plumbing tools and equipment store, then the following ZenCart freebie is the right solution for you. A clean and clear layout brings the users’ focus of attention on the products provided. The header features a powerful MegaMenu. A page-width slider below it demonstrates your site’s special deals in a captivating manner. A customizable block with banners is intended to guides people to the basic categories of products that you sell.

Download | Demo

Sports Store

Make use of this Shopify freebie to get started with a web store selling sports gear. The design is simple yet functional. Featured products are organized into a grid-based view. Banners, sliders and best-sellers are intended to bring extra users’ attention to your special deals. For a seamless navigation of your content, the template is pre-loaded with both a MegaMenu and a vertical catalogue of the store’s products.

Download | Demo

Free Business Responsive Website Template

Make use of this free website template to get started with a business or financial services website. The template features a clean, minimalist style. A sticky menu, back-to-top button and recognizable icons enhance the theme’s navigation. The template is pre-loaded with extra page templates and layered PSD files.

Download | Demo

Fast Flight

A Joomla freebie for getting started with transportation services sites or blogs comes next on the list. This responsive ready-made web solution is built in clean, minimalist style. The template is focused on the effective presentation of your content to the web audience. Social sharing options, commenting system and forum functionality support are provided to let people participate in hot discussions on your site.

Download | Demo

Free CherryFramework 4 WordPress Theme

The theme will appeal to everyone who is searching for a ready-made solution featuring all benefits of Cherry Framework 4. Well-known for its ease of installation and management, the template is fully responsive. It includes retina ready visuals, which will make your site’s data look razor-sharp on the last-generation devices. The template also supports multiple content types. A selection of custom page templates and shortcodes is available for a remarkable presentation of your content to the web community.

Download | Demo

Alcoholic Beverage Store

Get started with a beverage or food store on the basis of this Shopify freebie. It makes use of large design elements to provide smartphone and tablet users with a seamless online shopping experience. A set of product banners guides the users’ eye to your special offers. A list of categories is organized vertically and placed right next to featured products.

Download | Demo

Free Restaurant Landing Page Template

Unlike the aforementioned themes, this freebie is intended to help you get started with a landing page of your restaurant site. Texts are readable and quick to scan. Parallax scrolling animation creates the illusion of 2D environment on the page. A booking form welcomes the users to book a table straight away. A block with user testimonials will make your business look more reliable.

Download | Demo

Free Entertainment OpenCart Template

The theme is best suited for building a remarkable, eye-pleasing presentation of web stores selling toys for kids. Multi-colored and integrated with impressive animation effects, the template presents products in an interactive and easy to browse manner. With its help, you can not only sell your products, but also keep the users updated on the latest news with a built-in blog.

Download | Demo

Beauty Store Free PrestaShop Theme

Make use of this template to get started with a website selling beauty and fashion items. Fully responsive and crossbrowser compatible, it lets the users enjoy the ease of browsing your site’s content on any device and in any web browser possible. Product labels, advanced search and a sticky menu enhance the theme’s navigation.

Download | Demo

Free Education Joomla Template

Communicate your ideas clearly and captivate the users’ eye with stunning visual effects by means of this freebie. It is both stylish and informative. A fully responsive layout with perform seamlessly across all devices. The availability of integrated commenting system lets your visitors take part in hot discussions on your sites pages.

Download | Demo

Free Cherry WordPress Theme

Get this freebie if you want to check out how a theme running on Cherry Framework 3.1.5 performs from the inside. Touch-friendly design elements provide the users of mobile devices with an enjoying browsing of the site’s data on the go. Video backgrounds and parallax scrolling animation get the users immersed into an interactive storytelling.

Download | Demo

Free Toys Store WooCommerce Theme

Get this theme for getting started with a web store selling toys. A bright and cheerful look of the theme is spiced up with impressive animation effects and video backgrounds. Different content blocks are visually separated from each other. Advanced search, sticky drop-down menu and grid-based content organization enhance the users’ online shopping experience.

Download | Demo

Final Thoughts

These were the 20 free themes that we recommend you to install and try on your own. Once you set up your site, you will be interested in the ways how to grow traffic to your web project. We offer you to download a free eBook, which should give you answers to all of your questions.

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Written by John Walker
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