Tired of Those Old Fashioned Themes ? We have 20+ Fresh Plugins/Themes

Written by Juan Pablo Sarmiento
Written by Juan Pablo Sarmiento
A monthly post series with fresh and free WordPress themes, featured quality ones, as well as new released and useful WP plugins.

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Written by Juan Pablo Sarmiento
Juan Sarmiento is the founder of shock family, as a group of talented designers and developers, the Shock Family is constantly looking forward to creating lots of quality resources having keeping track of the latest web standards and design trends. We are the team behind web tools and resources like Themeshock (wp themes), Designshock (design resources), iconshock (stock icons) and the WPThemegenerator (wo theme builder).

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Juan Pablo,
    You can try Blog Designer WordPress Plugin.
    It gives you a new blog design for your old-fashioned blog. This plugin has attractive blog templates that create your blog eye-catchy. It is freemium WordPress plugin.
    More Info: https://bit.ly/2EwSedN

  2. Hey Juan Pablo,
    Great article.Thanks for sharing the themes and plugins.
    These are perfect especially for companies who don’t have an in house designers.
    I currently use “Lite Image and Video Gallery WordPress Plugin” for my new project and it’s great for working with pictures 🙂

  3. Begin of your Style Blog with WordPress is a smart thing. WordPress styles that are specifically designed for fashion blog site could help them create a decent as well as useful blog or website. These are very nice wordpress themes. Helpful article for readers.

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