20 Top Themes and Plugins for Your Elementor Site

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Are you using Elementor to build your WordPress website? If so, there are a lot of themes and plugins that complement the page builder and enhance your site. In this post, we’ll introduce 20 of the best Elementor themes and plugins you can find!
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Elementor is a fantastic tool for WordPress users of all types. This page builder makes it simple to create highly-customized layouts and content. However, if you want to get the most out of it, you’ll need to pair it with the right tools.

Fortunately, there are plenty of themes and plugins designed to work alongside Elementor. They take advantage of its functionality and provide additional options for designing your site. In other words, you’ll get even more control over your site’s features and look.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to 20 themes and plugins designed for Elementor users. Let’s jump right in!

Elementor Themes

First up, let’s look at some theme options for your website. Each of these themes comes with Elementor bundled in.

1. Imperion

The Imperion Elementor theme.

If you’re running a business, you need a theme that will make your site look clean and professional. Imperion provides modern looks that are flexible enough to fit nearly any business niche or industry. Plus, you can design your site using image carousels, post sliders, and other advanced features.

2. Allbrite

Allbrite is  Elementor Template Kit for a painting & wallpapering websites. This template has a vintage design. You can easily build construction and renovation companies, and painters’ websites with this Elementor Template Kit just by drag and drop, no coding knowledge is required. Allbrite’s vintage layout will allow your content to shine and draw your visitors’ focus. This painting & wallpapering template has all the features that the website in its niche needs.

It’s a 100% responsive design and tested on all major browsers and devices. Allbrite comes with everything you need for your painting & wallpapering business, including a range of unique page layouts focused on the services you offer for your site visitors, service how we work, gallery projects by filtering categories that are fully developed with Elementor, and 18 stunning premade pages and sections.

3. Photto

The Photto Elementor theme.

Every photography website needs a way to ensure that its images stand out. The right theme, such as Photto, can make this an easy task. This theme offers a wide variety of ways to display and organize your images, including customizable grid and masonry layouts.

4. Fancy Me

The Fancy Me Elementor theme.

WordPress is an excellent choice for your fashion blog, particularly supported by the Fancy Me theme. Its designs feature bold colors and imagery, along with creative layouts that will appeal to a fashion-conscious crowd. Plus, it comes with pre-built post category and single post pages that you can personalize.

5. Medici

Medici can be considered the finest example of a hospital Elementor template kit. Of course, it’s not without a reason this pre-designed web layout is regarded that way. It comes with a comprehensive set of components that can be modified as per needs.

Not only does it allow you to edit the existing elements, but you can also compose a brand new page layout by simply employing the drag-and-drop page builder. As previously stated, it doesn’t require a profound understanding of programming language to operate this medical Elementor template.

6. Visuelle

The Visuelle Elementor theme.

No matter what your site’s niche and goals are, it needs to stand out if you want to build a strong audience. Visuelle, a theme with a unique style based on the works of Dutch painter Piet Mondian, will certainly help grab a first-time visitor’s attention.

7. Richard Gore

The Richard Gore Elementor theme.

Writers and other aspiring creatives need to showcase their work online if they want to get noticed. If you fall into that category, Richard Gore is a theme to check out. It simplifies the task of putting together an online portfolio, and comes with pre-built pages for your works, biography, and upcoming events.

8. Journez

The Journez Elementor theme.

Travel blogs are an incredibly popular niche – one that can be challenging to break into. However, Journez can help give your site a running start. This travel-focused theme makes it easy to showcase photos and stories of your adventures.

9. Adverocking

The Adverocking Elementor theme.

Minimalism is a popular concept in web design for good reason. Sometimes, the best theme is one that gets out of the way of your content. Adverocking is a simple yet stylish theme that puts your work front and center, and even comes with a dedicated portfolio page.

10. Elegacy

The Elegacy Elementor theme.

Much like the previous theme on our list, Elegacy is a clean and minimalist option. It’s a strong choice for creative agencies that need to show off their work and services in a professional fashion, without distracting visitors from that content.

11. Exibitico

The Exibitico Elementor theme.

If your website is designed to showcase artwork, its look needs to live up to the works themselves. Exibitico helps you shape your site itself into a piece of art that will complement any art gallery or other exhibition. You’ll also get access to a large library of highly-customizable layouts.

12. CPM

The CPM Elementor theme.

Sometimes, you don’t want your site to look like anyone else’s. CPM – Creative Photographer Mondrianism – provides a unique and creative appearance for your pages. Its dynamic layouts can help you catch a visitor’s eye – the rest is up to you.

13. Dezingo

The Dezingo Elementor theme.

If you’re looking to start your own small business, you have a lot of decisions to make. Dezingo can save you crucial time and effort, by providing a look and layout that’s well-suited to a creative online startup. You can use the many default pages to get started quickly, and add your own personalization.

14. De Couture

The De Couture Elementor theme.

You can design your fashion website with a lot of frills – or you can keep its look simple and elegant. The latter approach, found in the De Couture theme, keeps the emphasis on your work or products, helping them stand out for maximum effect.

Elementor Plugins

Once you’ve chosen a theme, all that’s left is to complement it with the right Elementor add-ons!

15. Crocoblock Elementor Add-ons

The Crocoblock Elementor Add-ons collection.

Elementor comes with a library of pre-built elements. However, you can expand that library and get a lot more options. The Crocoblock JetPlugins collection does exactly that, by adding in a wide variety of new Elementor tools. You can get the full set as a bundle, although we’ll also highlight some of the best individual add-ons below.

16. JetElements

The JetElements Elementor plugin.

JetElements provides access to new and advanced elements for your Elementor site. It gives you a ton of new options to play with, including carousels, pricing tables, sliders, maps, animations, image galleries, and much more.

17. JetMenu

The JetMenu Elementor plugin.

One thing Elementor doesn’t enable you to do by default is create a dynamic menu. With JetMenu, that’s no longer the case. This plugin lets you create fully-customizable mega-menus, which can contain whatever Elementor elements you like.

18. JetTabs

The JetTabs Elementor plugin.

While Elementor does include tab and accordion elements, their design is very basic. JetTabs adds new tab and accordion widgets that organize your content in a stylish way. Plus, you have a lot of control over the layout and appearance of these elements.

19. JetWooBuilder

The JetWooBuilder Elementor plugin.

If you use both Elementor and WooCommerce, JetWooBuilder is a must-have. This plugin provides custom widgets that help you design better WooCommerce pages and products. For example, you’ll be able to create category and product grids, product lists, and taxonomy tiles.

20. JetBlog

The JetBlog Elementor plugin.

While WordPress is a versatile platform, one of its most common uses is still for blogs. JetBlog offers modules that enable you to put together a modern and feature-rich blogging site. These include smart lists, tiles, videos, and even tickers.


Using Elementor to build your WordPress site is a smart move. However, you won’t want to stop there.

You can supplement this popular page builder with specially-built themes and plugins, and benefit from new layouts and features that take advantage of Elementor’s functionality.

There’s much more you can do and many more plugins to consider. For example, use Scrollsequence to add scroll animation in Elementor or Toolset to filter search results.

Have you used any of the Elementor themes or plugins on this list? Share your experiences in the comments section below!

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