20 Highly Effective Websites for Small Businesses

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Pre-built websites provide ideal solutions for building small business websites. They enable you to react quickly and positively to the way small business teams tend to operate. These 20 websites show you what can be done. The first three prove how fast you can create working websites.
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What small business clients look for in a website isn’t necessarily unique, but is still all important. How do they operate? We’ll get to that in a minute.

What small business clients want and expect:

  • A high-quality design.
  • A website that offers a good UX.
  • A website-building tool that provides the necessary customizability to effectively promote their brand.
  • A responsive website (critically important).
  • Pages and features that are compatible with their business model. They also address their specific needs.

With this popular WordPress theme, you’ll have a tool that is the ideal solution to these design challenges.

You have over 220 innovative, professionally-designed pre-built websites to work from. And you can easily choose one that will best fit your client’s needs, and customize it to get an exact fit.

45,000+ users have placed their trust in this theme. They will testify to its ease of use, the quality of its design, and the great support they receive. With Be Theme, you can handle anything a small business client may choose to throw at you.

Be Theme, a top five ThemeForest seller:

  • Requires zero coding skills
  • It’s 220+ pre-built websites reflect the latest design trends
  • Key UX functionalities are incorporated
  • Offers modern, user-engaging special features
  • Is built on solid design principles

20 Pre-Built Websites That Will Revolutionize How You Design Small Business Websites


Pre-built websites provide ideal solutions for building small business websites. They enable you to react quickly and positively to the way small business teams tend to operate.

–       Teams that represent small business tend to be small, quick to respond, and flexible. Pre-built websites allow you to skip the mockup stage. You will provide them with a realistic version of what they are looking for early on.

–       As you receive feedback or new directions, you can provide quick turnarounds. Because edits and modifications are so easy to make thanks to the Visual Builder or the Muffin Builder.

–       You will be able to incorporate fine details quickly. There is no need to struggle with code to provide you client with exactly what he wants.

–       Your productivity will improve. And your small business clients will be delighted, and your income potential should increase.

These 20 websites show you what can be done. The first three prove how fast you can create working websites.


Be Tiles


  • This pre-built website focuses on high-quality interior design.
  • The image elements are well centered, and help bring attention to the message.



  • The imagery and text have been customized to meet he client’s requirements, yet the UX elements are kept intact.
  • The hero image engages the user, the UVP is front and center, and navigation is simple and intuitive.


Be Farmer


  • This pre-built website is destined for use by a farming operation, or a produce distributor.
  • It conveys a certain warmth, with its focus on a hands-on business operation.
  • The images are large and clear.
  • How might you transform it?



  • The image has been completely changed, yet the theme – freshly harvested produce, has not changed
  • The font is remains unchanged and a logo is added.
  • The message: – how quickly and easily these changes can be made to suit a client.


Be Tailor


  • A vintage vibe for building a tailor shop website.
  • The graphical elements are consistent with the concept of a fine tailor shop.



  • Starting with Be Tailor, the initial concept is followed, but the vibe becomes manly, chic, and focused on a call to action.
  • The basic structure is not significantly changed, except for the lack of a hero image.
  • Note the subtle difference in tone that changing the font can produce.

This video shows you just how fast and easy it is to start with a pre-build website and build the website you client has requested.

Check out these additional 17 pre-built websites that come with Be Theme. Imagine how you could use them to meet the needs of a small business client operating in a given niche.

Having viewed the video, note how they make it so easy for you to meet your client’s needs, while at the same time working to your own quality design standards.

Be Watch


  • Although destined for a smart watch shop, this pre-built website could be used for a variety of shops or specialty stores.
  • The hero shot is particularly engaging with its clean design, and its focus on the images.
  • This relatively simple design conveys a sense of casual luxury.

Be Architect 2


  • An abstract design and an architect’s website go hand-in-hand.
  • The image is suggestive of a business that is well organized, innovative, and highly creative.

Be Lawyer2


  • There is a certain heaviness to the image that suggests trust and authority.
  • The design is intended to provide a picture of rich corporate elegance, and that of a successful business.
  • The image elements, seemingly placed at random, are actually a picture of symmetry.

Be Barber 2


  • Destined for a barbershop.
  • The focus is on quality of service.
  • Simplicity is the rule throughout this website, with plenty of white space to focus on the content.

Be Kebab


  • Destined for a local eating establishment.
  • The menu is tucked nicely on the side.
  • An excellent example of how a parallax effect can add depth and flow.



  • A well-structured, corporate look with a whimsical touch.
  • Just right for a serious IT business in need of a light, friendly look.

Be Bistro


  • Sharp images, a good use of white space, and a subtle parallax effect typify this website.
  • A good UX is embedded and ready to be put to use.

Be Car


  • This pre-built website has a particularly engaging hero image.
  • Note the clever use of color and white space.
  • When scrolling down, the header does not scroll up – it is covered; a nice effect.

Be Medic 2


  • Professionalism, friendliness, and trustworthiness are conveyed in this image.
  • The healthcare clinic’s staff is introduced in photographs; contributing to the good UX.

Be Minimal


  • A favorite design type for creative agencies.
  • The background video is particularly appealing and engaging, and the minimalist approach rules throughout.

Be GoodFood


  • Dedicated to a food or dietitian’s service.
  • The smart use of vibrant colors is always a good choice for a food-oriented website.
  • A parallax effect gives scrolling an ultra-smooth, floating feel. 

Be Carver


  • A simple header design that delivers a straightforward message.
  • An abundant use of white space focuses on individual product images while a hover effect is used to present product-related information. 

Be Hotel 2


  • This pre-built website uses images to good advantage, in addition to slideshow and hover special effects.
  • The essential sections are included, nicely structured, and provide the user with the necessary information. 

Be Burger


  • Be Burger features a slideshow banner, a well laid out menu, and a ton of information in a minimalist setting.
  • This pre-built website could be used for any food delivery business.

Be Horse


  • For a stables, equine center, or riding academy.
  • Slideshow banner, special pages, and a well-structured list of services are highlighted.

Be Decor


  • This pre-built website is destined for an interior designer or interior design agency.
  • Hover effects are skillfully employed to present calls to action.
  • Proposed design concepts are illustrated in the product section and gallery.

Be Tea


  • For a tea shop, simple and to the point.
  • Plenty of white space and an excellent use of luxurious colors highlight the minimalist design used in this pre-built website.

Why Be Theme? Because it has everything you need to create a beautiful website – for any type of business.

Be comes with more than 220+ customizable pre-built websites. And each of which embodies the latest in design trends and special effects. It should be obvious that Be Theme offers tremendous value for money.

These pre-built websites cover almost any type of business. From the entrepreneur, to the shop around the corner, to the corporation. Topics include medical, automotive, sports, creative, cosmetics, entertainment, and on and on.

These pre-built websites can also be used for blogs, magazine-style websites, and portfolios. And you will find them superior to mockups for making presentations to clients early in the design phase. 22

Each has the features mentioned earlier, plus a one click install. Besides this huge selection of pre-built websites, Be Theme has all the core features needed to build high-quality websites. You will deliver them to your clients well before deadlines.

Be Theme is an especially good choice for working with small business teams. Responding fast to their requests for edits or modifications should never be a problem.

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