1. Greg Winiarski
    Greg Winiarski January 13, 2014 at 02:17 | | Reply

    Wow ThemeMatcher looks great, i can see it being used for proof of concept sites, landing pages and turning simple HTML templates into WP themes, however when it comes to my main site i would still go with option #2 (or #3).

  2. Lynda
    Lynda January 15, 2014 at 12:20 | | Reply

    I’ve used ThemeMatcher. I think the simpler your original site is, the more likely the conversion will be smooth. However, that doesn’t mean don’t use it. I converted a site that was in Dreamweaver with extensive server-side-includes used as well as a fairly complex template. Using ThemeMatcher, it was much easier to open the resulting page from TM and delete the stuff no longer needed.

    Note that if you are scrapping most of the CSS from your old site, you will have clean-up to do there as well. But it is STILL easier than trying to do this all yourself. MHO, OC.

  3. marcemile
    marcemile February 20, 2015 at 12:51 | | Reply

    I have created a similar service that’s 100% free. If you think ThemeMatcher is a bit pricy, you can have a look at http://importintoblog.com/create-wordpress-theme-from-site/ My service works the same way and lets you easily convert your website design to a WordPress theme.

    1. Melkiades
      Melkiades April 14, 2016 at 17:54 | | Reply

      Marcemile, your service seems amazing. ThemeMatcher was blocked on a site and your site was able to get it. But I would need help from you if possible. Is there a way I can contact you?

    2. niv
      niv September 18, 2017 at 03:12 | | Reply

      Your service isn’t free

  4. Kamlesh
    Kamlesh October 13, 2016 at 12:58 | | Reply

    Nice Tutorial Admin
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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