30 Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes to Increase Affiliate Sales

Affiliate marketing WordPress themes are not a niche on their own. They’re regular WordPress themes that feature several different elements that make them suitable for affiliate marketing. These elements include built-in coupon options that allow you to add aesthetically-pleasing coupons to pages, reviews and even well-designed blogs.

Let’s talk about the different types of themes you’ll see in this collection so you can gain a better understanding of why we’re listing them in a post about affiliate marketing WordPress themes.

What are Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate passive income for your business. It’s used by a variety of different businesses, from the average blog to professional media companies. It provides a way for you to earn a bit of extra income, or even a lot of extra income, for the products you review and/or recommend. All you need to do is direct users to pages on your site where you promote the products you’re recommending.

Affiliate marketing has become so large that some businesses are powered by it. This includes blogs, magazine/news sites and media companies that don’t have a strong subscription model or their own products to sell. They write or record product reviews, produce tutorials as well as other types of content while inserting affiliate links for all of the products they recommend along the way.

If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing, the marketer will earn a commission if a visitor clicks one of the links on their site and uses it to purchase a product. It can even work with coupon codes. It doesn’t cost the user anything to use an affiliate link, which makes it a wonderful way to generate revenue from users without actually having to charge them money.

So, What are Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes?

Alright, let’s get to the actual explanation. Affiliate marketing requires an element of trust between you and your audience. Many consumers are cautious, and you won’t convince them to purchase a product you recommend if they don’t trust or respect your opinion. Having a well-designed website that’s easy to use is an easy way to establish a bit of trust with your audience.

Coupon themes, for example, make it easy for you to build coupon and deal websites similar to Groupon. You list the best local and global deals on your website, provide information about each business and product you’re promoting, provide a coupon or link to a deal, insert an affiliate link, and wait for the commissions to roll in.

The same goes for review and magazine/blogging themes. These themes were designed to be optimized for these niches, so they’ll allow you to publish product reviews, tutorials and other types of content, which contain promotions for affiliate products, that are higher in quality than your competition.

Let’s get to the collection so you can see exactly what I mean.

1. CouponXxL

CouponXxL WordPress Theme

CouponXxL is a coupon theme developed to help you build a website designed to showcase coupons, deals and discounts.

Details | Demo

2. Kupon

Kupon WordPress Theme

Kupon is another theme designed to help you build a marketplace for deals or coupons. It comes with multiple demos.

Details | Demo

3. Comre

Comre WordPress Theme

Comre is a WordPress theme designed for coupons and affiliate marketing. It’s also easy to use and customize.

Details | Demo

4. doo:

doo: WordPress Theme

doo: is another affiliate marketing theme designed exclusively for a coupon marketplace. It features a modern design and is easy to customize.

Details | Demo

5. Explicit

Explicit WordPress Theme

Explicit is a magazine theme designed for reviews. It uses a modern design and comes with a page builder so you can customize things on your own.

Details | Demo

6. Gamez

Gamez WordPress Theme

Gamez is a review theme designed for the entertainment industry, but its style is versatile enough to be used for tech reviews.

Details | Demo

7. Gauge

Gauge WordPress Theme

Gauge is another niche-specific review theme, but it also features a design and layout that can be used by a variety of different niches.

Details | Demo

8. TrueReview

TrueReview WordPress Theme

TrueReview is a magazine theme optimized for reviews. It features a modern and minimalist design, so it can be used by virtually any niche.

Details | Demo

9. ReviewPro

ReviewPro WordPress Theme

ReviewPro is another magazine theme optimized for review sites. It also features a design that’s versatile enough to be used by a variety of different niches.

Details | Demo

10. REHub

REHub WordPress Theme

REHub is a price comparison theme you can use to build a resource that allows consumers to compare prices for specific products across multiple stores and vendors.

Details | Demo

11. Publisher

Publisher WordPress Theme

Publisher is a multipurpose magazine theme that comes with different demos for different niches. It’s optimized for magazine, news, review and blog sites.

Details | Demo

12. Newspaper

Newspaper WordPress Theme

Newspaper is one of the most popular newspaper themes available for WordPress. It comes with a number of different features and several demos.

Details | Demo

13. Markety

Markety WordPress Theme

Markety is an SEO and digital marketing theme that comes with powerful marketing and blogging capabilities.

Details | Demo

14. SmartMag

SmartMag WordPress Theme

SmartMag is a modern magazine theme suitable for a variety of different niches, including general news, technology and lifestyle.

Details | Demo

15. Valenti

Valenti WordPress Theme

Valenti is a stunning, chic and modern magazine theme designed for any niche. It even comes with page designs for reviews.

Details | Demo

16. Extra

Extra WordPress Theme

Extra is a modern magazine theme. It comes with the Divi Builder, Elegant Themes’ page builder plugin, so you can build unique page designs.

Details | Demo

17. Divi

Divi WordPress Theme

Divi is a multipurpose WordPress theme, and the theme that gave birth to the Divi Builder. You can build any type of website anyway you like with this theme.

Details | Demo

18. Veggie

Veggie WordPress Theme

Veggie is a food blog theme. It’s a wonderful choice for food bloggers who want to generate revenue from the kitchen tools they recommend or grocery lists they build.

Details | Demo

19. Suarez

Suarez WordPress Theme

Suarez is an elegant blogging theme. It’d be a great option for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers.

Details | Demo

20. Salt and Pepper WordPress Theme

Salt and Pepper WordPress Theme

Salt and Pepper is another theme that’d be great for food blogs. It’ll allows you to generate revenue from the recipes you post.

Details | Demo

21. The Core

The Core WordPress Theme

The Core is a giant multipurpose theme by ThemeFuse. It comes with 20 homepage concepts, giving you different niches to generate revenue from.

Details | Demo

22. In Shape

In Shape WordPress Theme

In Shape is a niche-specific WordPress theme designed for the gym and fitness industry. It allows you to generate revenue from the equipment, supplements and food you recommend.

Details | Demo

23. Expert

Expert WordPress Theme

Expert is a professional blog theme designed for online marketers. This makes it perfectly suitable for affiliate marketing.

Details | Demo

24. Vogue

Vogue WordPress Theme

Vogue is a blogging theme designed for the fashion industry. It can help fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers generate revenue from the clothes, makeup and other products they showcase.

Details | Demo

25. Camila

Camila WordPress Theme

Camila is another blogging theme designed for the fashion, beauty and lifestyle niches. This one’s design is a little less minimalist than the previous theme.

Details | Demo

26. Lolipop

Lolipop WordPress Theme

Lolipop is another fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogging theme. It uses a minimalist and feminine appeal.

Details | Demo

27. Highend

Highend WordPress Theme

Highend is a multipurpose theme best suitaed for a professional blog. It uses a minimalist design that’s highly customizable.

Details | Demo

28. Everly

Everly WordPress Theme

Everly is another minimalist blogging theme suitable for feminine and lifestyle industries. It even comes with advertising capabilities.

Details | Demo

29. ConsultPress

ConsultPress WordPress Themes

ConsultPress is a business theme designed for consulting services. It comes with powerful blogging capabilities.

Details | Demo

30. Wunderful

Wunderful WordPress Theme

Wunderful is a chic and minimalist blogging theme designed for the fashion, beauty and lifestyle niches.

Details | Demo

Final Thoughts

Building your website to a point where it’s generating a sizable amount of revenue from affiliate marketing is tough work, but it’s worth it when you get there. It’s all about creating content that solves problems for your audience while showcasing great products that help solve those problems along the way.

Many of the themes in this collection don’t feature many elements specifically designed for affiliate marketing, but they certainly do have certain features that enhance your ability to generate revenue from affiliate marketing. What you mainly want to look for is a modern, responsive design that allows you to publish blog posts with a well-designed layout. Additional features can include built-in review plugins for review sites, built-in coupon options and even well-designed homepage layouts, especially if you’re running a news or magazine site.

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