4 Good Examples of Pre-Built WP Portfolios

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Whether you own an online shop, a brick and mortar business, or an agency that advertises online, a portfolio can be a highly effective in attracting clients and customers. The portfolio is in fact, one of the most important advertising tools you can have at your disposal in the world of online marketing.
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Whether you own an online shop, a brick and mortar business, or an agency that advertises online, a portfolio can be a highly effective in attracting clients and customers. The portfolio is in fact, one of the most important advertising tools you can have at your disposal in the world of online marketing.

Web design agencies and other creative industries are but a few examples of those businesses for whom having a professional, attention-getting portfolio is, for all intents and purposes, mandatory.

To be successful in attracting customers or clients, a portfolio needs to tell a story. It needs to artfully, yet emphatically, present the skills of the owner, it needs to instill trust, and it needs to show that the business behind it is legitimate.

Why a Well-Structure Pre-Built Portfolio is a Definite Asset

Image source: Be Digital Pre-Built Portfolio

Let’s look at a pair of examples of using pre-designed portfolios for creative industries’ representatives; including web designers. A skillful use of imagery is of course all important for businesses in these sectors, as images can tell you a great deal about the skillsets these businesses bring to the table.

Web designers have been somewhat late in the game as far as creating portfolios to showcase their best work. This has in fact been the case with the IT sector in general. Times have definitely changed, and today, those working in this sector have come to recognize just how effective a portfolio can be for attracting clients or customers.

What is it you need then, to make your portfolio an effective marketing tool?

  • It has to be rock-solid. Your portfolio needs to showcase the best possible examples of what you do. It needs to show examples that will leave your viewers with a clear understanding not just of your work, but of your skills and business practices as well.
  • It has to be filtered before it is published. Filtering simply involves removing anything that anyone might view as mediocre work.
  • It has to be well organized, and easily navigable. Categorizing the contents helps viewers find what is most interesting or important to them.
  • You should include testimonials. Place them where they can have the greatest impact. Testimonials provide a great way to build trust.
  • Keep your layout as simple as possible. Simplicity is a virtue when it comes to showcasing your wares, or advertising your skills.

Be Web Design


These two Be Theme pre-built website examples illustrate how it is possible to manage the use of space to achieve simplicity in design and overall elegance in a presentation. These examples also demonstrate how best to allocate space to display a business’s unique value proposition. A clever use of space helps visitors focus on what you believe is important to them and tends to draw them in.

What Clients Want to See in Your Portfolio

Your portfolio’s content should naturally reflect on what your business is about, and much of that content will be unique. There are certain portfolio characteristics however that potential clients often look for, and that you would be wise to address.

  • Clients are not only interested in something you’ve done, but the skills you used to do it. Let your portfolio tell your story.
  • Highlight portfolio elements you believe will be of greatest interest to the viewers. Be careful not to highlight too much – that’s not the purpose of highlighting.
  • Focus on details. Attention to detail equates with professionalism. This is an area where Be theme will be helpful.

Be Parallax


You can do wonderful things with a theme that includes a parallax feature. Parallax, when properly applied, can be a powerful attention getter. You can use a parallax-creating feature to entertain, enlighten, or assist in telling a story.

Be Portfolio


Creating a solid, professional-appearing portfolio does not need to be a difficult if you have the right portfolio building tool to work with. This pre-designed website demonstrates how easy it can be.

Have these four examples given you a few useful ideas? There are many more where these came from, along with all the portfolio-building features you will ever need to put them to good use.

Your Website and Portfolio Building Solution – Be Theme’s Pre-Designed Websites


Each of the above pre-designed website examples is completely customizable, so you can build anything you want with any one of them. Nevertheless, depending on what you want to show your customers or clients, you would be better served by having a large selection to choose from.

Be Theme, the biggest WordPress theme ever, holds that distinction because of its more than 170 pre-designed websites. Any one of them can serve as a foundation for a stunning portfolio.

Depending on your specific needs, some can be expected to work for you better than others, but finding a good match will never be a problem.

Installing and Editing a Be Theme pre-Built Website is Easy


Add paying a visit to the Be Theme website to your to-do list. Better yet, head over there right now. You’ll be impressed by the huge selection of pre-designed websites. You’ll also be impressed by the portfolio, website, and blog-building features and capabilities this premium theme offers, and you’ll understand why over 28,000 copies of this theme have been sold since Be Theme’s initial release.

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