5 WordPress Mobile Design Trends that are Going to Stay

Written by Alyona Galea
Written by Alyona Galea

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WordPress for countless bloggers and content rich websites is still the first choice. Now with easy plugins for mobile conversion WordPress seems even hotter. With device optimized view, accessibility of contents and least time consuming navigation WordPress mobile apps have already become popular for people and businesses.

This increasing mobile focus has also given rise to certain design trends that are partly necessitated from the overall app and web design trends and partly introduced to create a unique look and feel. Here below we would have a look at the 5 great WordPress mobile design trends that are going to stay.

Parallax Scrolling

Gimmicky, trendy, vaguely stylish and even distracting, these are some of the adjectives often used to describe parallax. But even after saying that no one cannot disagree with the huge potential lurking in parallax scrolling. There are two opposing sides of it. If you use parallax in a way that distracts attention from content and instead just stuns users, it would have no value in the long run. On the other hand parallax can be used to engage users with the content more effectively by unfolding the brand or product story gradually.

The visual tricks involved in parallax should not be overdone but should be used intuitively with user reaction and engagement in mind. A minimum use of parallax often creates a positive impression while long drawn parallax effect that exhausts the patience until the whole thing gets unfolded leads to boredom. Use parallax to your advantage and to bring a storytelling effect but obviously in moderation.

  • Use parallax partly and where it suits best to tell a story or describe a thing.
  • While using parallax always offer a visual mix of design elements, graphics, animation, photographs and texts to make it continuously interesting.
  • While using parallax always ask does it help users to give attention to your content and if yes how and to what extent. Remember, drawing attention to your content should be your first priority.
  • Always make sure that your parallax should not distract attention of the user from the content to the design effects.

Modular design

Modular design is a design principle that segments or divides web apps into small, self sufficient parts. This design performs really well for websites with wide variety of contents. In dealing with large amount and wide variety of content this design presents contents in such a way that users can quickly access their required contents and skip the unnecessary ones easily. Modular design also goes well with the flat minimalistic design which already became an established trend for websites and apps.

  • Modular design is efficient, easily predictable, and easy to maintain.
  • Modular design makes accessibility of contents easier in content rich sites.
  • Along with flat design this design trend offers a simple look and useful as well as easily accessible features for users.


Dry data until presented in a meaningful way has no story to tell and there is no better way to coherently organize and present data than with infographics. They make visualization of data easier and a meaningful experience. Infographics just quickly let one grasp what is being said.

But the power and potential of infographics apart they are also used indiscriminately making it a fun design manoeuvre devoid of objective approach. Overdoing of graphics can ruin the readability of contents and can prove to be distracting.

Good infographics are created by incorporating information to tell a really convincing story. You can offer infographics to suggest something, convince users or to let users know about anything by detailed graphic presentation of information.

  • Logically coherent information is presented on a graphic interface to grab user attention.
  • Through infographics one can quickly access crucial information.
  • Infographics being fit to various mobile screens can offer quick access to web contents.

Grid layout

Pinterest is a great example of how grid layout can be effective to organize and present contents. Especially for content rich sites that need to update contents frequently grid layout is ideal. Obviously this design is not for all. If your website has static contents it would be of no use to it. But if you have wide variety and volume of contents and want to display an array of contents just for single glance, grid layout will be ideal.

Grid layout demands some technical considerations as well. Loading time is a crucial consideration. Another consideration is the grid sizes and types of contents. Always make sure that the grids do not look cluttered and clumsy.

  • Grids are clear and visually appealing way to present variety of contents.
  • This design is helpful to let users quickly take a look at variety of user contents.
  • Grids should be appropriately sized according to the content size and should not look cluttered.

Sliding images

As mobile web design is increasingly leaning on visual effects, large full screen images continued to get preference for creating meaningful background. A contextual or funny or intuitively suggesting image that directly or indirectly conveys the brand or service can just make ideal backdrop image in mobile web apps. There are too many WordPress themes to incorporate this design element in an effective manner. But to give the app a storytelling effect a bunch of sliding images can be more effective.

Images, animated characters, graphics work and other visual elements can be combined in visual slides to tell the brand story. Visual slides often induced with the right emotion are capable to connect users instantly.

  • Visual slides quickly orient the users with the app purpose and objectives.
  • It grabs quick user attention and makes a better appeal to engage users.
  • Used with text, animation, graphics and other design elements it facilitates quick engagement.

Obviously, we skipped some of the common WordPress mobile app design trends like Flat design or material design, because they have already become norms and no longer holds the intriguing flair and charm of a recent design trend.

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Alyona Galea
Alyona is a WordPress enthusiast, focused on sharing interesting things she comes across during her work with this great CMS. She loves exploring new destinations and maintains a travel blog at www.alyonatravels.com



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