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5 Best Instagram Feed Plugins for WordPress in 2021

Having an Instagram feed integrated directly into your website will increase engagement, drive conversions, and grow your follower-count while saving you time uploading and updating photos in multiple places. Check out our top recommended Instagram feed plugins.

With so many people investing time and energy into Instagram, an Instagram feed is now an essential part of every website. Not only do you benefit from a new method of content curation and a constantly fresh image gallery, but you will also increase social engagement.

We’ve scoured through countless plugins to find the best free and premium Instagram plugins for WordPress. We’ve paid special attention to the ease of installation and use, customizability, and customer support.

Top 5 Instagram Feed Plugins

Here’s a quick look at the 5 plugins we’ve tested for this comparison:

Plugin Name



Embed Methods Available



Block | Shortcode | Widget



Block | Shortcode | Widget



Shortcode | Widget








With most of these plugins, you will be able to easily embed your Instagram feeds anywhere on your site – from your sidebar to your footer and an entire landing page.

While the free versions will work for most users, upgrading to premium versions will give you many more options when displaying your Instagram feeds. These include the filtering of posts, displaying tagged Instagram posts, or even photos and videos that use specific hashtags.

Here’s a more in-depth look at the 5 best Instagram feed plugins for WordPress in 2021.

1. Spotlight Instagram Feeds

Spotlight is the easiest to use and fastest-growing Instagram feed plugin for WordPress right now. It can do everything from embedding a stylish Instagram gallery to an automated shoppable Instagram feed!

It also distinguishes itself from the rest of the plugins by offering a super helpful live interactive preview editor right in your WordPress dashboard. It’s incredibly easy to use in the block editor and has its own Elementor widget where you can design your feed within Elementor itself.

The on-boarding process is quick and the plugin lets you connect multiple accounts and set up unlimited feeds. You can even connect your client’s Instagram accounts using Spotlight’s Access Token Generator to avoid sharing login details.

Spotlight Instagram Feeds - Connect Multiple Accounts

The free version of Spotlight Instagram Feeds allows you to display your feed in a grid layout, adjust sizing, number of photos, and order by date, popularity, or at random. You can also use your feeds for further social proof by showing your Instagram like and comment counts when hovering over images.

Additionally, the plugin lets you display your images in a pop-up lightbox for free – something which other plugins tend to reserve for their premium alternatives.

Spotlight is completely responsive by default and it also gives you the option to design your feed for each individual device. This will be second-nature for users of the block editor or page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder that also use this technique.

Spotlight Instagram Feeds Demos

Spotlight PRO includes many more options such as the ability to display hashtag feeds, to filter by keyword, phrase, or hashtag, moderation to hand-pick the posts shown or hidden, as well as promotions – something unique to Spotlight that allows you to create shoppable Instagram feeds or add call-to-actions of any kind to your website’s Instagram feed.

Main Features:

  • Easy to set up in under 2 minutes.
  • Live interactive editor with feed preview.
  • Connect multiple accounts and embed unlimited feeds.
  • Composite feeds from multiple accounts.
  • Show or hide Instagram like and comment counts.
  • “Follow on Instagram” and “Load More” buttons.
  • Pop-up lightbox to display photos and videos on your site.
  • Completely responsive. Design your feed for each device.
  • Include Instagram stories. (Pro)
  • Filtering and moderation. (Pro)
  • Masonry, Highlight & Slider layouts. (Pro)
  • Hashtag and Tagged feeds. (Pro)
  • Shoppable Instagram feeds. (Pro)
  • Automated Promotional Feeds. (Pro)

Spotlight is regularly updated and supported by a dedicated team. The average 5-star rating on WordPress.org is a testament to the work being done on this plugin to make it the best solution for Instagram feeds.

2. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

Smash Balloon Instagram Feeds plugin for WordPress

Smash Balloon’s Social Photo Feeds is the most popular Instagram plugin on the WordPress directory having been around for many years. It’s a shortcode-based plugin that doesn’t offer the same simplicity as Spotlight, but still includes most of the options you may need.

The plugin is simple to configure and responsive on any device, although the responsiveness options are somewhat limited. It allows you to display feeds from any non-private Instagram account in customizable displays. You can set up multiple feeds to be displayed on any post or page using a shortcode or the block found in your block editor – no coding required.

The free version comes with a number of customization options to help you display your photos the way you want them. You can add a header to your feed and sort your photos chronologically or in random order. The plugin also features the “Load More” option and “Follow on Instagram” button as we saw in Spotlight above.

The Pro version gives you the option to display posts by hashtag and display photos and videos in a popup lightbox. Additional appearance options include carousel, masonry, and highlight layouts. For further social proof, the Pro version also allows you to display the comments and likes for every photo in your feed. If you’re interested in moderating your feed, Smash Balloon has the option to do that from the front-end of your website. It allows you to block posts by certain users and filter by hashtag or word, and you can also create shoppable Instagram feeds by using the links already present in your Instagram posts’ captions.

Main Features:

  • Customization settings list.
  • Responsive.
  • Multiple feeds.
  • “Load More” option and “Follow on Instagram” buttons.
  • Display posts by hashtag. (Pro)
  • Lightbox. (Pro)
  • Carousel, Masonry, Highlight layouts. (Pro)
  • Instagram comments and likes. (Pro)
  • Front-end moderation. (Pro)
  • Basic shoppable Instagram feed. (Pro)

3. 10Web Social Photo Feed

10Web Instagram Feed plugin for WordPress

10Web’s plugin is a good option for bloggers who are looking to display their feed or multiple feeds on their website. Like the two previous plugins, it is fully responsive which means that your photos will be perfectly displayed on any device.

The free version allows you to display photos from your account and a single hashtag. It also gives you the option of choosing between Thumbnail and Image Browser layouts, as well as image sorting options.

The Pro version, of course, comes with a lot more features. Layout styles include Masonry and Blog style. The plugin also gives you the option to display image metadata which is a great way to gain social proof. Moreover, it allows you to display composite feeds of user accounts and hashtags with fully customizable themes and lightbox transition effects.

The plugin’s pro version features conditional filtering option, which allows you to display filtered feeds with the preferred condition type (username, hashtag, mention, description, Instagram media link), filter logic (hide or display posts), and source of filtering. You can even add social sharing buttons to allow your readers to easily share your photos to any social media platform.

Main Features:

  • Multiple feeds.
  • Display photos from your account and a single hashtag.
  • Thumbnail and Image Browser layouts.
  • Masonry and Blog style layouts. (Pro)
  • Display image metadata. (Pro)
  • Composite feeds from multiple accounts and hashtags. (Pro)
  • Themes and lightbox. (Pro)
  • Filtering. (Pro)
  • Sharing buttons. (Pro)

4. WPZOOM Social Feed Widget

WPZoom Instagram Feed plugin for WordPress

The WPZOOM Social Feed Widget provides you with a WordPress widget that you can then place on anywhere on any page or post in your website.

This free widget does not have any pro or premium features, however, it comes with plenty of customization options. Choose between a full-width widget area to display a banner of photos across your page, or 1, 2, or 3 column layout which mimics Instagram’s interface. As with most plugins, you can choose the number of photos to be displayed, their size and spacing, as well as whether or not to display a “View on Instagram” button. Once you set your options, your feed can then be displayed in your sidebar, footer or header, or directly into a specific page or post.

Main Features:

  • Full-width widget area.
  • 1, 2 or 3 column layout.
  • “View on Instagram” button

5. Social Slider Widget

Social Slider Widget - An Instagram Feed plugin for WordPress

The Social Slider Widget is easy to set up and uses only widgets where you can adjust your settings before placing it anywhere on your website using shortcodes.

The free version lets you display your feed using a slider or thumbnail layout. The plugin lets you choose the number of photos and columns to display, adjust image spacing and size and order by date, popularity or random. It is fully responsive and ready to go!

The Pro version gives you the ability to display several accounts in multiple feeds throughout your website. In order to increase social engagement, the plugin lets you display the number of likes and comments on each post. You can also choose between Carousel, Masonry, or Highlight layouts for your feeds as well as a pop-up lightbox to allow users to view your content in full-screen without leaving your site.

Main Features:

  • Slider or thumbnail layout.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Multiple feeds connected to several accounts. (Pro)
  • Display likes and comments. (Pro)
  • Carousel, Masonry, and Highlight layouts. (Pro)
  • Lightbox. (Pro)


The above list includes the best Instagram feed plugins that you can find for your WordPress site. They range from having simple settings lists to all-out feed editors that take your Instagram game to the next level.

While the free versions may be enough for some of you, it’s worth taking a look at the premium features on offer to make the most of your Instagram content. After all, Instagram locks its content behind a walled garden of sorts, so adding your feed to your website is the only way to share it with the entire world.

Recommended: Spotlight Instagram Feeds

The fastest-growing of all the plugins we've tested in this comparison, and with good reason! You can have your Instagram feed ready in under 2 minutes.

Get Spotlight Instagram Feeds

Here’s a final look at the full list of plugins one more time:

If you’ve used one of the plugins mentioned above, or any others, please share your thoughts on why you found it to be the best option in the comments section below!

Gabriella Galea
Gabriella Galea
Gabriella is the Content Manager at WP Mayor. Architect by profession, designer by nature, she is dedicated to helping readers navigate the online world of WordPress. You can find her on Twitter @GabriellaGalea.

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