7 Best Marketplace Themes for a Professional, Digital Marketplace

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Setting up a marketplace is just one of the many things you can do with a powerful e-commerce platform and WordPress. The first thing you'll need is a robust theme to help you get started. Check out our list of the best marketplace themes and their offerings in this post.
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Money makes the world go round and a marketplace is a driving force behind it.

Online marketplaces have been around for ages and many businesses choose to sell their products and services through them. Although marketplaces differ from one another based on their business models and target markets but there are certain elements that remain constant throughout.

With an online marketplace website, webmasters enable vendors to create accounts then go on to sell their products and the marketplace receives a commission for each sale.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some marketplace themes for WordPress and cover the features they have on offer to help you create a professional, online marketplace.

Let’s begin!

  1. Checkout


Array Themes’ Checkout is an incredibly flexible digital store and marketplace theme for WordPress that comes with a wide range of customization options right out of the box. Combine this robust theme with Easy Digital Downloads and you’ve got yourself a full-fledged online marketplace up and running with minimal effort.

Managing and distributing both profits and commission payments are a breeze with Checkout’s fully automated transactions module that makes it simple for webmasters to operate a multi-vendor marketplace. In addition to the powerful e-commerce functionality, you also get handcrafted typography from Typekit, pricing tables, a testimonials page, and sliders and galleries to make your customers’ shopping experience memorable.

The fully responsive Checkout theme lets you create a state-of-the-art marketplace to sell all kinds of products – stock photography, videos, e-books, audio files, and much more.

  1. Social MarketPlace

Social MarketPlace
Social MarketPlace

Social MarketPlace leverages the functionality of powerful plugins like WooCommerce and WC Vendors to create your own online marketplace without having to touch a single line of code. With WC Vendors, you can allow your site’s registered members to set up their own digital e-stores and customize it however they’d like.

To ensure that the entire marketplace remains under your control, the Social MarketPlace theme comes with a customizable sign-up form which members have to fill out to get your approval before they start selling products. Vendors can manage their products, track orders, create coupons, and integrate commissions once they’ve been approved.

One of the best features about this premium theme is that it caters to the needs of vendors, too. Through the vendor dashboard, your marketplace’s vendors will be able to get a complete overview of their store. This creates transparency between the marketplace owner and the vendors.

  1. FreelanceEngine


Drive your freelance marketplace to success with the Engine Themes’ FreelanceEngine. This niche-specific theme is one of the best out there for webmasters who want to build a freelance market with WordPress. It’s got all the right functionality in place including job posting, advertisements, project bidding, and escrow system.

The fully functional escrow system allows freelancers who’ve signed up on the website to bid for projects and allows employers to invite specific freelancers to bid on their tasks – all while knowing their money is safe with the system.

FreelanceEngine can be customized to fit your freelance marketplace needs without you having to code a single line. Its built-in drag and drop editor make page layout customizations seamless and intuitive to the core. The theme also comes with the added functionality of graphing site revenues, projects, and new registers so that webmasters can see how well their marketplace is doing without having to leave the WordPress dashboard.

  1. SquareCode


Paired with Easy Digital Downloads, the SquareCode theme lets you build, customize, and sell all sorts of products in your online marketplace from digital goods to physical goods and even services. The theme comes with a filterable portfolio section and a staff profiles page right out of the box to attract new publishers and e-store owners to join your online marketplace.

If you’re planning on targeting a multilingual audience then you can integrate SquareCode with WPML to reach a global audience effortlessly. The theme is fully customizable and enables webmasters to alter between one of the two page layouts – boxed or full width – depending upon their preference.

SquareCode is one of the best multi-author online marketplace themes for WordPress and it owes its popularity to the powerful functionality and flexible theme customization options it features.

  1. Marketify


Marketify is quickly gaining popularity as a digital marketplace theme for WordPress that’s compatible with the latest Easy Digital Downloads extensions (Frontend Submissions, Commissions, Recommended Products, Wallet and more!) and updated to deliver optimal performance to users. The premium theme comes with a ton of pre-designed templates for webmasters to try out on their marketplace site’s pages. The best part about this is that the templates are designed with widgets which make it easy for users to customize later on by simply dragging and dropping them.

Those of you who aren’t technically minded won’t have any trouble setting Marketify up on your WordPress sites. Each license comes with extensive documentation and access to the author, Astoundify’s, dedicated support team. Jam-packed with powerful functionality and an eye-catching design, Marketify is definitely worth a shot!

  1. Stocky


As you might have already guessed from its name, Stocky is a marketplace theme for WordPress that focuses on creating an online marketplace for stock photos and images. The theme can be extended to support multiple users who’d like to create their own e-stores in your marketplace.

Stocky comes with registration and login functionality for webmasters who’d like to add external e-stores to their marketplace and a vendor portfolio to display the items different vendors have on stock along with details about the vendor. The theme is translatable and fully responsive with a retina ready display.

One of the features we like best about Stocky is that it can be extended as per the webmaster’s requirements to ensure that you only add the functionality you need. This eliminates the risk of a bloated or slow website. Webmasters can pick from the wide range of extensions on offer in the Marketplace Bundle.

  1. Makery


Makery is a feature-filled marketplace theme for WordPress sites that is loaded with amazing functionality. Webmasters can add users to their online marketplace and allow those users to add their own shops complete with products to sell, orders, and a full-on payments module.

The theme options panel enables users to customize every design element on the theme without having to dive head first into code. You can mess around with the color palettes, typography, sliders, and even switch between different page layouts to see which one works best for you.

No marketplace is complete without a set of vendors to keep it running and Makery provides a separate dashboard for vendors to allow them to keep track of orders and managing their sub-stores.

Wrapping It Up

If you’re interested in setting up an online marketplace then the first thing you’ll need is a robust theme for your site. We covered some of the most powerful and feature-rich marketplace themes in this post and hopefully you’re in a good place to take things further yourself.

Which freelance marketplace themes have you tried out on your WordPress site? Which features and functionality do you look for in a marketplace theme? We’d love to hear what you have to say so let us know in the comments section below!

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