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Free SEO for Beginners Course by Yoast

Would you like to learn what makes your site rank higher in Google? And understand how Google works? This is your chance, because today, Yoast is releasing its first completely free course: SEO for beginners! In this course, we cover the basics of SEO without

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The Best Beginners User Guides for WordPress

New to WordPress and have no clue where to start from? Wouldn’t it be good if WordPress shipped with a user manual? While there is no official user manual apart from the extensive documentation (which might not be so suitable for beginners), there have been

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6 Essential WordPress Tips for Beginners

Starting out with Wordpress can be pretty daunting though – and it’s not the easiest platform to get your head around in those initial stages. In fact, without doing a fair bit of research first, you might find yourself tripping up on even the simplest

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How to create a website with WordPress

How to Create a Website – A Step by Step Guide

If you’re interested in launching a website, you’ve probably heard about this “WordPress” thing. That’s because self-hosted WordPress now powers over 39% of the known web, making it by far the most popular tool to build a website.

But despite that popularity, many beginners still find

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A Beginners Guide to Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

RSS allows users to consume content easily by collecting new posts from your favorite sources and importing them to an RSS feed. In this beginner’s guide to Really Simple Syndication (RSS), we will introduce you to the absolute basics of RSS — what you need to know

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15+ Free and Premium Blog WordPress Themes

If you plan to build a user-friendly source that can be easy to edit and customize at any time, try WordPress. Featuring an advanced set of customization options, WordPress themes are affordable for both beginners and skilled users. If you like the idea of leveraging

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Affiliate Marketing Tools for Beginners

Affiliate marketing tools help beginners run their affiliate blogs more smoothly. Learn how to cloak your affiliate links, SEO your blog posts for more exposure, record videos for your affiliate products and use other affiliate tools out there.

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