A Guide to HTML Post Comments in WordPress

WordPress is great for blogs, and of course commenting is an essential part of blogging. Your blog readers can post comments with HTML tags. For their convenience, you can display a list of all allowed HTML tags in the comments form using the following PHP code in functions.php:

Allowed tags: <?php echo allowed_tags(); ?>

Change Allowed HTML Tags

You can also change what HTML tags are allowed in your comments form.

Edit functions.php (located in your wp-content/themes/ directory) and append the following code:


* only allow <strong>, <em>, pre, code, and <a href=""> tags
add_action(‘init’, ‘my_html_tags_code’, 10);
function my_html_tags_code() {
define(‘CUSTOM_TAGS’, true);
global $allowedposttags, $allowedtags;
$allowedposttags = array(
‘strong’ => array(),
’em’ => array(),
‘pre’ => array(),
‘code’ => array(),
‘a’ => array(
‘href’ => array (),
‘title’ => array ())

$allowedtags = array(
‘strong’ => array(),
’em’ => array(),
‘pre’ => array(),
‘code’ => array(),
‘a’ => array(
‘href’ => array (),
‘title’ => array ())

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About Jean Galea

Jean Galea is a WordPress developer, entrepreneur and padel player. He is the founder of WP Mayor, the plugins WP RSS Aggregator and EDD Bookings, as well as the Mastermind.fm podcast. His personal blog can be found at jeangalea.com.

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