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  1. Gary Davey
    Gary Davey June 16, 2017 at 08:56 | | Reply

    Love that you’re launching into something new for your team. The challenge is, when you say “you’re building a plugin thats intuitive and user friendly experience”… it really comes down to reality of the end users experience. I’m sure you can do it, but then what will the customer think. Are you building this for WordPress only or are you going to branch out to ecommerce platforms like shopify so people like myself can use it on our sites? Thanks for the post and best of luck with developing things.

  2. Andreas Eder
    Andreas Eder June 23, 2017 at 13:33 | | Reply

    Hey! Good to hear someone is taking the challenge of a really good appointment booking plugin. We are working for two years now with “Bookly Appointment Booking” plugin, which is actually quite good already and maybe something you could basically build on from the way it works. But it still lacks some essential functionality and features. But compared to all the others I think it is at the moment the best on the market. And we tried almost every single one of them, I guess. Invested so much time in installing, testing and removing everything again. Finally we kept “Bookly”. What we like is the easy way it does bookings for clients on front-end. Step by step, simple and well designed (what is essential in our opinion). Not looking like a backend UI. Related to functionality it is simple but effective and convenient for both clients and admins. You have a graphical UI for both, easy to manage everything (employees, clients, appointments, notifications etc.). However, to make it short, we still criticize some aspects. I.e. there is no possibility to make appointments with multiple services. A big lack of efficiency. And as far as we noticed probably one of the most complicated things to do in such a plugin. Then there is the connection with WordPress users to use other WP functionalities. And then there is the payment issues. Payments are not refunded automatically, if an appointment is cancelled. And then there is the notifications stuff. We need a very flexible notifications system which should easily integrate with service providers like SMS services, or zapier or ifttt to maximally customize our notification system. This is actually all things where Bookly lacks. But these are the difference between really good and great or even perfect. However, we have a lot of experience with appointment bookings from both sides (managing the booking system on our servers ourself and using the system for our own clients – so not an agency working for a client, we do all technical stuff ourself).

    Anyway, if you’re really going to create a great booking plugin, we are your customers. And if you like to get more detailed feedback or any other input from our experience and knowledge, pls. just ask whatever you like. We’d really like to provide you with whatever we can contribute.



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