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AAWP Review: Best WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliate Marketing

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AAWP is a flexible plugin that displays Amazon Affiliate products on your site, making it a great option to increase commissions. It connects with WordPress and offers various options for customization. For those seeking to enhance their Amazon Affiliate commissions, AAWP is a valuable solution.

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Being an Amazon Affiliate can be a great way to make some extra money — or if you’re super dedicated, a full-time income. If you want to amp up your commissions, you should consider integrating your affiliate account with your website. Setting up Amazon Affiliate marketing for a WordPress site is surprisingly easy.

The best part is, you don’t need to be a developer or write any code to make it happen. With the AAWP plugin, you can set up a page showing off your favorite Amazon products in a snap.

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Increase the Value of Your Amazon Affiliate Page with AAWP

With the AAWP plugin for WordPress, you display your Amazon Affiliate products right on your website.

screenshot of AAWP website, showing Amazon Affiliate Marketing for WordPress

With AAWP, product information is updated automatically. That means that your affiliate links are generated for you, while prices and discounts are refreshed without any interaction.

Configuration of the plugin can be adjusted globally under Settings, or you can tweak things individually by enhancing the shortcodes. The design is also highly customizable. By using templates or adding custom styles, you can design the look and feel to match your site’s branding.

In addition to using shortcodes to display products, AAWP also offers a specific Gutenberg block. That means that your visitors can conduct product searches directly on your WordPress site — a feature that makes the shortcodes obsolete.

For theme developers, there are a variety of widgets and you can use AAWP functions inside your theme. More features of the AAWP plugin include:

  • Geo-targeting for your foreign visitors
  • PHP templating
  • SSL/HTTPS support
  • Google AMP support
  • Earn additional commissions for referred Amazon Prime customers

You also don’t need to worry about deprecation or security; the AAWP team releases updates on a regular basis. This is an actively maintained WordPress plugin with extensive documentation and direct support via email and live chat.

Get Started and Tour AAWP

To get started with AAWP, you’ll first need to purchase a license on their website. Once you have that squared away, you’ll be able to download the plugin.

Install AAWP

When you have the plugin zip file downloaded to your computer, head to your website and navigate to Plugins→Add New. Browse for the zip file to upload, then install and activate.

Once you’ve activated the plugin, you’ll find the AAWP menu in your left-side dashboard menu.

screenshot of AAWP menu

You need to enter your license information, which you can do in AAWP→Licensing. Obtain your license key in your AAWP account on their website, then paste it into the License Key field.

screenshot of AAWP menu

Connect Your Amazon Affiliate Account

Next, you need to enter your Amazon API Key and API Secret to connect your account to your website. You can do this under AAWP→Amazon API.

screenshot of AAWP menu

You’ll also need to choose your country and enter your Tracking ID. Without the Tracking ID, conversions can’t be assigned to your affiliate account. You may need to check Amazon’s guides for finding your API keys and Tracking ID, and AAWP provides several links inside the plugin to help you find what you need.

Those are the basic steps to getting your account connected, it’s a super simple process. Now I’ll give you a brief tour of the plugin to show you what’s possible.


There are a few other areas of settings you can configure in AAWP.


In the general tab, you can specify global settings for the plugin. For example, you can choose whether to use an Amazon-based or AAWP-based shortcode — if you decide to go that route, however, I recommend using their Gutenberg block instead.

There’s also a handy caching feature. This helps keep your database clean by dumping old products and lists automatically. This helps your site runs faster and you don’t exceed Amazon’s API request limit.


Just like it sounds, the Output settings help you control how things look on the front end. For example, you can limit the length of product titles if you wish. You can also set the size and image quality for thumbnails. Descriptions and Ratings also have their own settings for you to configure, or leave at the defaults.

AAWP allows you to control how pricing appears, including showing whether a product is available for Prime. You can also edit the style of the Buy on Amazon button, or hide it altogether.

screenshot of AAWP menu


There’s a lot more you can do to customize the look of your page and listings. Under Functions, you can do things like display an Amazon icon after single links — there’s even a preview under the setting to show you how it will look. Other Functions settings include:

  • Boxes
  • Bestseller
  • New Releases
  • Data Fields
  • Table Builder

As I mentioned earlier, AAWP has a Gutenberg block that makes shortcodes obsolete. Once you use the block, you’ll forget shortcodes ever existed.

To add a product list to a page, you only need to summon the AAWP block by searching in the new block menu. When selecting AAWP, you’ll see the block appear.

screenshot of AAWP Gutenberg block

From the right-side menu, you can add products using the ASIN or conduct a search right in the WordPress editor. For example, after doing a quick search for headphones, I selected a few products from the list, and they appeared on the page.

screenshot of AAWP Gutenberg block

You can further customize how the products appear in the block settings. This significantly speeds up the process of creating product pages and adding products to them.

There’s also a link shortener that, when using a free access token from Bitly, lets you shorten long links into an Amzn.to link.


There are four pricing tiers for AAWP, all of which provide excellent value. All tiers include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

screenshot of AAWP pricing table


This is best for a small, individual site. For just €49 per year, you get all of the plugin’s core functionality and a license for one site. One year of support and updates are also included.


If you need a license for a couple more sites, the Plus plan is your best option. At €129 per year, you can also use the plugin on multisite installations. One year of support and updates are also included.


The Pro tier could be a good option if you’re a freelancer providing development or design for WordPress clients. The license increases to 10 sites with multisite usage for €249 per year.


For €399 per year, your license provides for up to 25 sites, including multisite usage. And of course, one year of support and updates are also included.

For agencies, they offer an additional tier table, depending on the number of site licenses you need.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing for WordPress Made Easy

The AAWP plugin is powerful and allows for tons of flexibility in the way your Amazon Affiliate products are displayed on your site.

If you’re looking for a way to increase your Amazon Affiliate commissions, using AAWP to connect your WordPress site is an amazing solution.


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