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About WP Mayor


Our Founding

WP Mayor began back in 2010 when Jean Galea, our founder, wanted to document everything he’s learning about WordPress as he ran his web agency. It was a great way to keep track of what he’s learning, but also to share those lessons with others around the world. Slowly but surely, WP Mayor grew to one of the most popular WordPress blogs in the world.



Having run WP Mayor for many years, Jean involved Alyona Galea (Jean’s wife) and Mark Zahra (Jean’s cousin) to keep the website moving forward as he started to focus on other areas. During these years, WP Mayor kept providing readers with product reviews, tutorials, articles, and much more, ensuring that we live up to the reputation built by Jean himself. New ideas led to the creation of marketing services for WordPress business owners and an improved operations setup.


A New Leaf

A decade in, Mark and Tom now run the show alongside a team of experienced writers and reviewers, with Jean and Gaby helping guide the project. Our goal is still to providing the millions of WordPress users around the world with honest and ethical reviews and tutorials related to all things WordPress. From products to services and integrations, we do our best to keep everyone up-to-date with the best recommendations.

Meet the Team

Consider our team of experts as your personal WordPress advisors. We have an unwavering passion for building amazing websites and everything we do is aimed at bringing you the most accurate and helpful information to make your next web project the best it can be.

Jean Galea


Mark Zahra


Gaby Abela

Product manager

Tom Rankin

Content manager

Our Expert Contributors

Kevin Wood

Osheen Jain

Ian Derrick

Mandy Jones

Past Contributors

Donnacha McGloinn

Lindsay Liedke

Colin Newcomer

DJ Billings

Joe Fylan

Rafay Saeed Ansari

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