How to Add Featured Images to Categories and Tags

Did you think featured images were limited to posts? As always, WordPress is infinitely extendible, so some plugin developers have given us plugins that let us set a featured image/thumbnail for categories, tags and all types of custom taxonomies.

Categories Images

wp categoris

The Categories Images Plugin allow you to add image with category or taxonomy.

Download Categories Images


Featured Images for Categories

featured images

Featured Images for Categories will add WordPress Featured Images to both categories & tags. You can easily assign an image to each category or tag and then display a gallery style block of images via a widget or shortcode.

Download Featured Images for Categories

WP Category Images

This simple plugin permits you to upload images to categories, tags and custom taxonomies just like to posts. This feature is very useful when you want to show unique image in header to every category or even some slideshow of images. Also you can show a list of categories/subcategories with a little thumbnail am much more.

Download WP Category Images

WPCustom Category Image

The WPCustom Category Image plugin allow users to upload their very own custom category (taxonomy) image to obtain a much more personalized look and feel.

Download WPCustom Category Image

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  1. daniel
    daniel March 17, 2014 at 13:41 | | Reply

    Hello there,

    How can be shown those images on template?

  2. Alessandro Benoit
    Alessandro Benoit April 18, 2014 at 02:38 | | Reply

    With ACF { fontIconPicker you can even associate fonticons to categories & tags 😀

  3. Koemsiely
    Koemsiely January 3, 2018 at 19:53 | | Reply

    Thank for your sharing, I will try implement to my website.

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