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There are a number of WordPress plugins that allow you to customize the WordPress dashboard. Some have more features than others. In this post, we’ll look at two plugins that let you customize the dashboard and improve efficiency. The highlight of both plugins is that they have fly out or drop down menus, saving you time by letting you get to any page with one mouse click.

Fluency Admin

Some of the niceties for the Fluency Admin plugin includes adding color, incorporating fly out menus, and integrating keyboard shortcuts.


Dashboard ColorsThe background color of the dashboard menu can be changed to any color. In the setting options, a very hand popup color wheel lets you select the desired color. Or, you can enter the hexadecimal code for the desired color.

Change Cashboard Color

Flyout Menus

Flyout Menus

Instead of having to click twice to get to a menu item, Fluency does it in one click. Hover over the desired option and choose the desired option from the fly out menu.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Every menu item now has a keyboard shortcut, usually the first letter of the menu item. Each submenu item also has a hotkey associated with it. For example, press A then 1 to get to the Themes options.

Customize Login

Customize Login

Fluency Admin lets you easily add a logo to the login screen. You can also link the logo to a website, if desired. A custom logo can also be set for the top of the dashboard menu.

Menu Width

The one additional feature of Fluency Admin that might be helpful is the option to change the width of the menu. If you have menu items that wrap to multiple lines, increasing the width of the menu will eliminate the extra lines.

All in all, Fluency Admin brings in some nice features for the dashboard menu, improving the look and feel of the standard dashboard menu and making it easier to use.

Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu

The Ozh Admin plugin does a great job of maximizing screen real estate. Among its features are a horizontal menu, a compact menu, and the option to customize color.

Horizontal Menu

Ozh Admin Menu

It places the dashboard menu across the top of the window and also shows drop down menus upon rollover.

Icons Only

Menu shows Icons Only

In keeping with the idea of maximizing screen real estate, this plugin also has an option to show only the icon (vs icon and text) on the menu.

ColorSet Color for Ozh Admin Menu

You can also change the background color for the Admin Menu.

What other admin plugins have you found to be useful?

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