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Ads Pro – a Powerful WordPress Ad Manager Plugin

Ads Pro is a WordPress plugin that provides website publishers and ad managers with a variety of different options for creating, purchasing, managing, of selling advertising. More than anything else, this plugin has automated these processes, making them far less error prone, while at the same time functioning as a significant time-saver.

How Can Ads Pro Help You

Ads Pro is a WordPress plugin that provides website publishers and ad managers with a variety of different options for creating, purchasing, managing, of selling advertising. More than anything else, this plugin has automated these processes, making them far less error prone, while at the same time functioning as a significant time-saver.

Included in the overall package is a selection of responsive ad templates which, when used in conjunction with the many features embodied in this tool, enables a wide range of ad types to be created, in concert with number of space and configuration options. This plugin’s back end ad management functions give the user complete control over when and how ads will be displayed.


Where Ads Pro Really Shines

The outstanding feature of this plugin is not mentioned in the list of features, but it will become readily apparent once you have gone through the list. Ads Pro takes all of the processes that ad creators and managers have performed manually in the past, and has automated them, giving the user complete control over the ad management process from start to finish.

Ad campaign management no longer needs to be a tedious, step-by-step, manual process, nor do website developers or ad managers have to rely on another party to manage their ad campaigns. Ads Pro has created an alternate approach that is easy to manage, fast, and reliable.

With this tool at your disposal, labor intensive ad management processes have been streamlined and automated, your ad campaign is now fully under your control, and the buying, selling, and ad creation processes, normally looked upon as separate entities, have been integrated into a single package. A wide variety of options, together with click-by-click functionality, and lightning fast response, gives the user a degree of flexibility once thought impossible.

Let’s start at the front end, where much of this activity begins, and move toward the backend, where everything comes together.

Starting at the Beginning

Ordering an ad is not complicated at all, but ease of use is true of Ads Pro in general. A minimal amount of information is required, including of course an image of the ad itself (text and video ads are also acceptable). Select your billing option, and the ad management function takes care of the rest. If you want to test the ordering procedure, simply submit a test order form to see how it works.


Multiple Ad Display Options – When you take a number of interrelated processes, automate them, and are able to decide which of a number of options that are available with the speed of a single click, another feature comes to the fore, and that is flexibility. Ads Pro offers more than 20 types of ad display options. This ad plugin covers the bases as far as the variety of ways an ad, or a group of ads, can be displayed on website or blog pages.

An ad can be displayed as a tailored to fit single entity. Ads can be shown in a space as a group, or arranged on a grid. Placing ads in sidebars or sliders is not a problem at all, and for the more creative designer, floating, hovering, and corner peel ads are options. Google gives users of its Adsense ads several display options to choose among. Ads Pro significantly increases the number of ways Adsense ads can be displayed.

Controlled Access to Ads

Ads Pro gives the ad campaign manager a powerful set of tools to with. Ad buyers can be given editing privileges, which is normally the case, while unauthorized parties will be denied editing capabilities.

Ads can also be protected from being blocked or hidden, and a recent upgrade (V 1.1.7) allows an ad manager to add and control the number of free ads assigned to a given user. These capabilities are accessed through Ads Pro’s multi-functional Admin Panel, through which every ad campaign is managed.

Pre-Defined Ad Templates


The more than 25 mobile-friendly, 100% responsive, pre-defined Ad Templates gives the ad designer more than plenty of room for creativity. These templates have been grouped in 7 categories, one of which, a set of Standard Ad templates, can easily be edited and customized. An eCommerce client, especially one who operates a global enterprise will appreciate this plugin’s multi-language and multi-currency features.

Ads Pro Dashboard


Users can track ad status and statistics though use of the Ads Pro Dashboard. Ad buyer stats and ad order details can be displayed, along with critical information such as numbers of impressions and clicks, ad conversion ratios, and earnings.  It is via the Dashboard that the means to create and preview a new ad is initiated.

Payment and Billing Options


Access to PayPal and Bank Transfer are the payment options offered, and Cost per click, cost per thousand impressions, and cost per day, are the three available billing options.

Other Features – One of the nicer features Ads Pro brings to the table is it enables you to display an ad space via Visual Composer. Another useful feature is the pre-defined HTML template, which enables you to add your own HTML/JavaScript code.

Overall, this is an extremely user friendly plugin to have at your disposal. New features and other improvements are constantly being added, the latest of which are included in V.1.2. You will also appreciate Ad Pros’ support team, which has received high marks from other users.

Is Ads Pro the Right Choice for You?

Ads Pro definitely brings with it a number of impressive features and capabilities, and it is definitely worthy of consideration as an extremely useful addition to your website or blog development toolkit.

If you have been managing your an ad campaigns using more conventional methods, you will find this plugin will be a huge time saver. It is an excellent business management tool to have at your fingertips, and it is especially useful when integrated with Visual Composer and  Google Adsense.

You are invited to submit an order form to test the front end capabilities and to see how this plugin functions. What you have seen here is of course only a review of Ads Pro key features and highlights. Visit the Ads Pro website to see for yourself the details its many useful features.


Alyona Galea
Alyona Galea
Alyona is a WordPress enthusiast, focused on sharing interesting things she comes across during her work with this great CMS. She loves exploring new destinations and maintains a travel blog at www.alyonatravels.com

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