An introduction to WP Feedback: Communicating with your clients visually

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Are you looking for a way to increase efficiency and reduce friction with your client communication? If you’re an agency, freelancer or work anywhere in the web industry using WordPress, WP Feedback might be for you. WP Feedback is a plugin that has an array of great features which are geared towards getting you and your clients communicating efficiently, whether it be to get content, approve designs or provide support.
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If you’re an agency, freelancer or work anywhere in the web design industry, it can be difficult to communicate with clients efficiently, wouldn’t you agree?

There are many different platforms and systems out there that facilitate communicating with clients, such as Project Huddle, but how many are for the sole purpose of communicating effectively with web design in mind?

It can be a challenge to be on the same page as your client’s, whether it’s due to their lack of technical knowledge stopping them from being concise, or your current system for communication getting messy when long forms of contact are a necessity (huge confusing spreadsheets or ten different emails hitting your inbox at once).

By no means is this anyone’s fault, it happens. Fortunately, though, WP Feedback is a plugin that aims to deal with this problem.

WP Feedback is a tool that allows your clients to communicate with you visually, meaning your client’s limited knowledge will no longer hinder them when they need help. Not only that though, but it is also a tool used for getting content from your client’s and design approval.

In this post, we’ll take a detailed look at WP Feedback and how it can assist you in communicating more efficiently with your clients.

An Introduction to WP Feedback

WP Feedback is a plugin that is built entirely and specifically for WordPress.

Its main aim is to make it easier for your clients to communicate with you on their own website, without having to learn how to use any outside tools or login to other websites.

The plugin has an array of great features which have been developed in order to get you and your client’s communicating efficiently, whether it be to get content, design approval or provide them support:

  • Add comments to specific points on any page of a live WordPress website, which creates a task.
  • Assign specific user roles to a task, notifying them when it’s created.
  • Set the priority of a task, allowing your clients to let you know if a comment is critical and needs to be looked at as soon as possible or if it can wait.
  • Change the status of a task on the front-end, notifying everyone who is assigned to it.
  • See the technical details of the user that created a task: the resolution of their screen, the browser they were using and even their IP.
  • Want to add a screenshot of what you’re looking at to the comments? All it takes is one button that is on the front-end.
  • There is a sidebar that will show you all of the tasks that have been made on a particular page, you can even see it for all pages if you want.
  • All tasks are organised neatly in the back-end of the WP Feedback dashboard.
  • You can choose the primary color of the plugin and add a logo, making it yours or your client’s branding.
  • The plugin is being constantly worked on and updated.
  • It works with any WordPress Theme and any page builder on the market.
  • You become part of the WP Feedback Facebook community where you can talk with its creators and like-minded people and also request features for future updates.
  • Install and setup wizards for you and your clients.
  • No extra logins for you or your clients, it’s fully integrated into WordPress.
  • Zapier integrations allow many different types of apps to be used with the plugin.
  • For you, WP Feedback will help you understand your client faster and give them what they need more effectively.
  • For your clients, it empowers them by simply allowing them to choose a section on their live website, click and make a comment.

If you’d like to see how easy it is to use, you can try a demo right here. 

How to use WP Feedback on your client’s WordPress Site

As the plugin is used on your client’s website, WP Feedback offers a couple of different plans depending on what you need. You can see the plans here.

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate plan and signed up, on the thank you page, there will be a download link to the plugin. The license for the plugin is inside your account details.

Ensure that you validate the installation by adding the domain to the license in your account, and then adding that license to the settings in the WP Feedback of your desired domain.

WP Feedback have also provided an FAQ that goes into more depth about how to install the plugin and get it activated, you can view that here.

The first time you install the plugin, it will have a short wizard which will help you get it set up quickly. You choose which user roles should interact with the plugin and which notifications you’d like to receive. There is also a wizard for the users too on the front-end, to show them how to use the plugin.

In the settings, you can replace the logo and change the main color (which is dark blue by default).

Once all of the settings and wizards are completed,  it’s time for your clients to begin commenting.

The Holy Trinity

Getting content, design approval and providing support: the three main tasks you have to keep in mind when working on a project. At each of these stages, generally speaking, you are required to teach your client each step.

Speaking with the WP Feedback team, they want to nip this in the bud.

Instead of these 3 tasks being separate entities, the plugin aims to bring them all together. Once your client has learned how to use the plugin to communicate with you, they know everything they need to for each step of the process.

Need content? Pin a task on the exact spot you need it and your client can see specifically where it will go and how long it should be.

A new design needs approval? Your client can comment directly on the design on their live website and tell you changes they might want.

Your client has a problem and needs help? They can simply click and comment on the problem and the plugin provides you with all of the technical details you need in order to solve it.


There can be a lot of build up when communicating with your clients about their website,  it can take up to 5 different instances of talking to get something done. WP Feedback aims to get this down to 1, whether it’s for getting content, approving designs or providing support.

It’s all part of their website, empowering them to communicate with you in a single click, without their lack of technical knowledge holding them back from concisely conveying what they want. If you’re an agency, freelancer or designer, this plugin is worth a look.

Go here now to buy, or if you’d like to demo the plugin for yourself, you can try it out here.

Are you considering using WP Feedback? What difference do you think it could make with your client communications? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


Vito Peleg

Vito Peleg is the founder of WP Feedback and Ace Digital, a design agency in London. He once wanted to be a rockstar, but now dedicates his time to providing the best solution for client communications on WordPress websites!

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