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How to Automatically Get Notified When a Plugin is Updated

One of the major problems with security on WordPress sites is the fact that many people are careless with the updating of plugins. When there is a security vulnerability in a plugin and it gets fixed, it is very important that we update it, else we are leaving the door open to potential hackers. You might have many blogs or be using many plugins, so keeping track of all plugin updates is not always an easy task. Thankfully there is a plugin that sends you an email whenever one of your installed plugins is updated.

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Options for Creating a WordPress Website

Today we’ll be taking a look at the different options you have for creating a WordPress-powered website. Your ultimate choice will probably be based on your level of expertise in WordPress and coding in general, as well as the budget you have for developing your site.

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Getting Started With HTML 5 and WordPress

HTML 5 is now more like the present than the future, and WordPress theme developers should stand up and take notice. Why not try and implement HTML 5 in your next WordPress project. We bring you all the resources you will need to get started immediately with HTML and WordPress.

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Best IDE for WordPress Development

In this article we explore the various PHP IDE options available for editing WordPress files and building themes and plugins. We expand on our two winners: Notepad++ and Netbeans for PHP.

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Top 10 WordPress Blogs to Follow

As we start another year which promises to be very exciting for the WordPress community, here are the top 10 blogs to watch out for. Whether you are just starting out in WordPress or are an experience developer, these resources should be in your feed reader. We also hope you add WPMayor to your favourites!

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