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10 One Page WordPress Themes To Kickstart Your WordPress Site

If you need a website with a simple, but beautiful design, this post is for you. I am going to show you beautiful one page WordPress Themes. Single page website are very popular nowadays, they have all the information in one page. One page WordPress themes are mostly clean with an elegant style. In the list below you will find 10 themes, which can be used as a personal blog, portfolio, or a corporate website.

Advanced Ads Plugin

Easier Ad Management with the Advanced Ads Plugin

Advanced Ads is an ad management plugin that lets you integrate and optimize ads on your WordPress website. It enables you to auto-insert ads in all desired positions, and target ads to content and visitors for better conversions and user experience.

Swagger Affiliate Theme for WordPress

Best Affiliate Themes For WordPress

Creating affiliate sites is one of the most popular ways of making money online. Surprisingly enough, following some research, there doesn’t seem to be that many WordPress themes catering to this niche, especially when compared to other niches theme builders target very frequently.

It is a fact, however, that many affiliate marketers are looking for themes to build their sites quickly and effectively, as WordPress is the CMS of choice for affiliate marketing due to its ease of use and SEO goodness. Today we present you some of the best affiliate marketing themes we found, hopefully you will find one or more which will be useful for your scenario.

4 Good Examples of Pre-Built WP Portfolios

Whether you own an online shop, a brick and mortar business, or an agency that advertises online, a portfolio can be a highly effective in attracting clients and customers. The portfolio is in fact, one of the most important advertising tools you can have at your disposal in the world of online marketing.

Nonprofit Volunteer Management with Ease

For many nonprofits, volunteers are not only a fantastic way to help provide services to the community, but also an opportunity to develop a group of loyal supporters. Unfortunately, the process of recruiting, managing and tracking volunteers can become exhausting. And with so much else on your plate, the last thing you want is to pore over a spreadsheet of volunteers or spend your time tirelessly sending out reminder emails.

Reflections on WordCamp US

Last month was the inaugural WordCamp US in Philadelphia, bringing together more than 1,800 WordPress users, designers and developers. GoDaddy announced the launch of its WordPress Plugin Partner Program at the event, providing a variety of benefits to plugin authors to help them create world class experiences for their plugins.

Christopher Carfi, Product Evangelist for GoDaddy, attended WordCamp US and joined in on the conversation. We spoke with him about some of the event’s highlights and his primary takeaways from the two-day conference.

Evolution to Twenty Sixteen Theme, and What It Means for WordPress Users

People using WordPress for sometimes may know about these official themes releases named after years, namely Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve, Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Fifteen and Twenty Sixteen. To find out more just google those terms.

Most users try them for at least once, while they start using this cms. As of now more than 3.4 million websites have them installed actively. If you check popular themes, you will see top 6 themes are these official themes. In spite of so many marketplaces and premium stores with free templates in repository, these generic blog themes are most used.

How to Achieve a Google PageSpeed Score of 90% or Higher with Your WordPress Website

In this article I’m going to explain two major speed measurement standards Google Page Speed Insights and GTmetrix, the factor they both consider when assessing and benchmarking websites and the best practices to improve them in your WordPress-based website. I will also provide a list of how major WordPress themes compare against it in the market now.  

PopUps: Powerful Lead Generators or a Slippery Slope to Spam?

Since the birth of the internet, popup ads have come in storm. At Christmas time it is the full force of a tornado. They have become everyday interruptions to our browsing and it often feels like the internet would be a much nicer place if they didn’t exist. But should companies continue to make use of them? Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of using popup ads to generate leads and build mailing lists.

How to Find Best Cheap WordPress Hosting?

Throughout the hosting marketplace, almost all web hosting companies offer solutions and supports to WordPress, the most popular blogging software and content management system. This situation makes it difficult to choose a reliable and affordable hosting service for hosting WordPress websites.

Create a World Class Social Network with WordPress and Boss. Theme

Do you want to take your online community to the next level? It’s easy.

Just create a social site. Yeah – a site like Facebook. Exclusively for your community. Why, of course, your Facebook business page is great. But…It can’t live on your WordPress site, right?

Building an Awesome WP eCommerce Site: 5 Key Principles for Devs and Owners

WordPress is not only the top content management platform in the world: it is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms.

Out of the 16 million sites using WP worldwide, over a million use WooCommerce , WP eCommerce and other WP-based eCommerce templates. That means that whether you are an eCommerce business owner or the developer he hires, there are lots of plugins, community support and documentation available for almost every eCommerce feature you could want.