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For Bloggers and Developers: How to Improve User Experience on Your Website

When it comes to judge about a website we usually take a number of factors into account. We look at its content, layout, speed, navigation, colors, images, font and readability, etc.  These aspects do matter when we first come across a particular website, but there’s still one simple, yet very important thing, that we do pay very much attention to.

The Top Appointment and Booking Plugins for WordPress

Does your business require your clients to make appointments or book services ahead of time? Managing appointments and bookings on paper or through emails can become time consuming and inefficient over time – especially when your business starts to take off.

Whether you’re operating a hair salon, a consultancy or a bed and breakfast, you’ll need an appointments management system sooner or later.

Create a Universe of Quotes and Forms with ez Form Calculator

Today’s businesses are bound to provide fast and efficient feedback to customer’s enquiries, yet these often take too much time off one’s hands. If you’re a business owner and are in a similar situation, why not make things easier?

Tips for Developers on How to Work with WordPress Effectively

There is a reason why most developers are enamored by WordPress and perhaps it is why you are a WordPress developer yourself. WordPress is one of the best, most comprehensive and highly intuitive content management systems in the world.

Tips to Follow for Increasing Traffic to Your WordPress Blog or Site

Today, many businesses are adopting an advanced way of promoting and marketing their businesses. In the era of Internet technology, most of the people are creating a fully-functional websites on the WordPress to boost the reputation of their business across the nation.

How to Move Your Site From to

Your blog is now popular – you probably didn’t even expect this when you first launched it – and you consider moving it to because the latter gives you complete control over everything.

Focus on Blogging with This Featured Image Plugin

If you run a blog, it’s because you have a message you want to share. You’re passionate about spreading that message. So you labor over articles about that thing which you love, carefully crafting each word together, because the message you want to share is important. And then, after all the labor of love that you’ve put into your blog post, you realize that you’re not done yet.

How to Turn Your Blog into a Mobile Web Application with WordPress Mobile Pack

As a blogger in today’s world, targeting your mobile users can be a daunting task, especially considering the fact that most of them spend their time using apps: 86% of the average US mobile consumer’s time, or 2 hrs and 19 minutes per day. It’s clear that solving the screen-size issue (responsive web design) is not enough to keep mobile readers engaged, hence the need to evolve beyond responsiveness.

WooCommerce Plugin that Removes “/Product” and “/Product-category” from All Urls

Always wondered why you can’t remove the /product and /product-category slug from the WooCommerce urls? Well, there is no need to worry about this anymore. The Perfect SEO Url plugin is here to save your day. After 1.5 year of development the most complete and fully automatized permalink plugin is has arrived. And best of all: the plugin has proven that it increases your traffic and rankings within months.

Getting Started with WooCommerce: The Beginners Guide

Setting up a new online business—or moving an existing business to the web—is a daunting process for most people. Not least due to the seemingly large and troublesome task of developing your own e-commerce store.

Thankfully, there is a solution out there that has helped over 1 million users in the exact same position to easily set up and operate their own e-commerce store. Enter WooCommerce.

The Must Have Menu Plugin for WordPress

The menu is the go-to point to navigate a website. It’s like having directions on a map for your users to navigate your site. It has always been like that but it was never as important as today to make sure that your menu looks super amazing under different circumstances.

There are various ways of customizing your menu especially if you know your way around html, CSS, Java Script and coding. You would have to make sure that you code your own menu browser friendly, with great looks and mobile-friendly i.e. responsive; which will ensure that your menu would look and respond properly on various devices.