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Henry Rise

How to Make a Real Estate Website in Less than 20 Minutes: Detailed Walkthrough

It’s not a secret that a bespoke website costs money. Sometimes the price can rise up to $1,000 or even more. Admit it, this doesn’t actually motivate. Moreover, it doesn’t make any sense. If you’re a serious Real Estate Business owner who wants to be the leader of his category, just know you have another choice.

20 Premium Business and Consulting Agency WordPress Themes

Are you a businessman seeking to establish an online presence for your company? Don’t know what to begin with? Well, if you’re planning on launching your first website, a good idea would be to pick a premade template. They come in all shapes and forms and vary immensely by design and functionality. Today we have collected 20 Premium WordPress Templates for all sorts of businesses and agency websites.

30 Premium Home Maintenance WordPress Themes

In every household, there’s always plenty of things in need of maintenance or even urgent repair. So, as an owner of a renovation or repair business, you must be aware of your competition. Handymen are not scarce, so how do you attract customers to your company? How do you stand out from the crowd and look trustworthy? Today, the best idea is to get a website for your business. The Internet is usually the first place people go to when they need something. So, once you establish your presence online you’ll notice a considerable increase in your customer base.

20 Newest WordPress Themes of Summer 2017

Ready to check a collection of 20 Newest WordPress Themes for your business? It’s not a secret, that the most effective way to help your business grow is to build a website. To ensure the credibility and ensure your business works as well as it possibly can, create a professional looking website. Every business differs and strives to stand out.

Why Should You Find Your Web Design Niche & How To Do This?

This article is recommended for freelance web designers. Here we will talk about choosing a web design niche. Why should you make a choice? Because if you are not one of those big vendors on ThemeForest like ThemeREX, who focus on developing niche themes for more than 5 years. niche themes for you are not able to cope with developing multiple niche website templates. so here comes the opinion of the experts.

How to Create High Converting Call-to-Action Buttons

Just look all around you! As you can see, our world is full of the bright possibilities and various chances that let one do their best. That is why the newest possibilities allow you to share your thoughts and ideas, show your creativity to the whole world or introduce your products or services in the most attractive and even advantageous way.

Top 20 Bestselling Niche WordPress Themes 2022

Good day everyone and welcome to our latest collection of bestseller templates! The themes we are showcasing today have proven to be quite popular amongst customers from all branches of businesses. They are all different templates made for different needs, but they have one thing in common: all of them are WordPress themes. So, why WordPress?

Learn to Customize Your WordPress Theme Like a Pro

There is no better way to boost your business in our digital era than establishing a website that will reflect the spirit of your brand. But simply installing a theme is not enough to build a professional website – you will also need to make it unique and adjust its design to the style of your company. But how a non-developer can cope with this task? In fact, the customization process nowadays is not that complicated.

Top 20 Multipurpose WordPress Themes for Your Project

Hi everybody who likes one-size-fits-all solutions. You will find quite a number of them in this article as it features top 20 multipurpose WordPress themes suitable both for entrepreneurs and professional designers.

10 Bestselling ThemeForest Themes in 2022

Presently, WordPress is the most popular CMS worldwide. Being originally designed as a CMS for bloggers, it has quickly overgrown these limits. Due to the great demand, its functionality was enriched with lots of plugins and features, which made it the most powerful platforms for manifold projects. Today lots of corporate websites, online portfolios, blogs, and even online stores run on WordPress. Of course, this is not surprising taking into account the fact that it is still the most intuitive and user-friendly content management system. It allows you creating a multi-function website without leaving the familiar environment.

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