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motopress hotel booking

16 Useful WordPress Plugins for Hotels and Property Managers

We’ve carried out research to help hoteliers and property managers find plugins for managing business operations on the WordPress website better at different dimensions: increase direct bookings through the property reservation system, boost your website visibility in search engines, improve pre-vacation guest experiences, sync availability calendars to OTAs and more!

realtyspace wp theme

Best WordPress Rental Property Themes with Multi-Location Search

Over the past few years, WordPress solutions for the exponentially growing real estate industry have significantly evolved. Seriously, the best WordPress rental property themes now offer not just an appealing design, but in the vast majority of cases, a suite of the powerful goal-directed tools provided by plugins. Ready to pick your theme?


MotoPress Hotel Booking or Hbook: WordPress Hotel Booking Plugins Compared

When searching for the most used WordPress hotel booking plugins dedicated to hotels and rental properties, you no doubt stumble upon two most recognizable solutions: MotoPress Hotel Booking and HBook. Both plugins have reached a broad public, have their fans and deserve to be called best in class. HBook plugin

wordpress hotel theme with booking plugin

10 Best WordPress Hotel Booking Themes with a Property Booking System

Looking for WordPress hotel themes with a reservation system? I found out that lots of the themes advertised as “hotel booking” ones, actually come with a simple booking form by email, when each reservation request should be processed manually. No good for hotel managers, all the more so for guests!

Using such a “book-via-email” system you might lose direct websites bookings (and money), because guest prefer going to OTAs like to make a quick and secure reservation that will 99 percent guarantee they won’t sleep under the bridge.

Creative Free WordPress Themes Featured in Real-life Websites

WordPress offers you a diversity of free themes for various niches. Do you also want to add a word “bewildering” to this “diversity”?  Especially if you are one of those perfectionists in search for the most reliable and attractive solution for the online presence, you may face a problem of

pricing strategy wordpress

Easy Marketing for Your First Commercial WordPress Plugin

If you are a developer who solely manages a product development and supports it, there is going to be a moment when you need to put some efforts in making your product/service popular. Sophisticated marketing strategies can take time, money and probably even involvement of a marketer. But still a lot of developers manage to achieve great results even without all those resources receiving publicity in a natural way.