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Carma Leichty

The Auditor – The Bird’s Eye View on Your WordPress Website

If you have clients updating their own WordPress sites, no doubt you’ve had to ‘fix’ a broken site. The client may have changed a setting or made an easy update, or installed a plugin..and suddenly the site is broken. Where do you start troubleshooting? Enter. The Auditor. The Auditor is a recently released plugin for WordPress.

Are You In Danger of Losing Your Website Forever?

What is the best WordPress backup option? Learn about the top WordPress backup plugins and backup services available today. Find out what each option offers and how the options differ.

Multiple WordPress Websites, One Management Dashboard

Manage multiple WordPress sites from one dashboard. Managing multiple WordPress websites can become not only tedious, and confusing.  Use one of these multi-site management tools to manage all your WordPress sites.

How to Use Windows Live Writer for Offline Writing

Offline writing gives you the convenience of being able to write and publish blog posts directly from your desktop, without having to sign in to your WordPress dashboard. In this post we look at how to install and use Windows Live Writer.

Best Advertising Management Plugins for WordPress

Placing ads strategically and effectively on a WordPress site requires effective management of the ads. Ad plugins for WordPress handle these management activities. Some WordPress themes provide ad management, but if you need more functionality, or your theme doesn’t have ad management features, consider an Ad Manager plugin.

The Best WordPress Custom Post Type Plugins: Types and Views

If you want a lot more power and flexibility in capturing and displaying data, check out the recent release of Types and Views WordPress plugins. WP Types and Views are plugins that let you build virtually anything without coding. In a nutshell, the Types plugin defines custom post types, taxonomy and custom fields. Views displays it.

SEO with WordPress

It’s not enough to just have a website or to just publish a blog post. One must also consider SEO to really have your website and blog post noticed by others. In this post, we’ll explore not only best SEO practices, but explore best SEO practices within WordPress and include a quick review and demo of two SEO WordPress plugins.

WPTouch Pro Mobile SIte

WPtouch Pro Plugin

WPtouch Pro is one of the most versatile WordPress plugins for converting a website to a mobile site. Customized formatting to selective menu options to integrating your ad service, WPtouch Pro offers a huge set of options and features.

Showcase: A Gallery WordPress Plugin

Showcase is an easy-to-use gallery WordPress plugin that has very nice features for showcasing your creative work. Preview this video to find out more.

WordPress Post Formats Admin UI

The use of Post Formats, introduced in WordPress 3.1, has had limited success and adoptability by WordPress users. With the introduction of this Admin UI for WordPress Post Formats, using post formats becomes more intuitive and easier to use. It may be just what’s needed to spur on more interest and use of Post Formats.

A WordPress Developers Dream: DesktopServer

DesktopServer creates multiple “virtual servers” for development sites. This product installs and sets up WordPress sites on your local computer in seconds, creating local development test sites right on your desktop.

Search WordPress Plugins

A Better WordPress Plugin Search Engine

If you are a WordPress developer or a WordPress user you’ve spent time looking for plugins. We are familiar with the Plugin Directory at WordPress.org, the go-to directory for free WordPress plugins. However, there is also a little known alternative that is arguably a more efficient way of finding plugins. Enter SearchWordPressPlugins.com!

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