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Jean Galea is an investor, entrepreneur, and blogger. He is the founder of WP Mayor, the plugins WP RSS Aggregator and Spotlight, as well as the podcast. His personal blog can be found at

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How to Remove Product Categories in WooCommerce

When WooCommerce displays the single product page, by default it shows the products categories. If you’re not using categories to organize your products, it’s usually a better idea to remove this meta information altogether.

Best Plugins for Handling EU VAT for WooCommerce

From January 1, 2015, the European Union has put into effect the new rules about the taxation on the purchase of digital goods (software, electronic, e-book, telecommunications and broadcast services) for European citizens. In the business to consumer sale, the shop must apply the VAT of the country of the

WP Mayor is 7 Years Old!

WP Mayor is 7 years old!

The site was created in November 2010 as a way of sharing our WordPress knowledge.

Thanks to all the people who have followed this website for the past 7 years, and of course all our clients and partners without whom coming so far would simply not have been possible.

Best Free & Cheap Email Providers for WordPress Websites

Many WordPress hosting providers moving away from hosting email accounts or generally discouraging it. WP Engine, for example, is one of the leading WordPress hosting companies and they do not provide email hosting. On the other hand, you will find much cheaper shared hosting solutions which do provide email hosting

How to Set Up a CDN for Your Site on WP Engine

WP Engine is one of my favorite web hosts for WordPress and I host a number of sites with them.

This week I wanted to set up a CDN for one of my sites that was gaining considerable traction on a worldwide basis. A CDN is very helpful if your traffic comes from several continents as the users will get served images and scripts that are close to them. Hence a user from Australia will get served your site’s assets from a server in Australia rather than having them travel all the way from the United States, assuming your site is hosted in the US with WP Engine.

Create a Community-Based Website with UserPro WordPress Plugin

f you have a community website wherein you would like your members to sign up and interact with each other – WordPress’s inbuilt login/registration won’t suffice.

Enter UserPro – a front-end user profile plugin that helps you manage your community effortlessly.

UserPro allows you to create any number of custom profile fields, giving you complete flexibility in designing your registration form. In fact, it allows you to create multiple registration forms and give each registration form a default assigned user role (subscriber, customer, manager, etc.)

Best Resources on How to Create Your First Website

A lot of people tend to ask me for resources that they can use to create their first website. The priority here is that the resources should cater for absolute beginners.

Here are the two I refer most people to…

WordCamp Europe 2017 – An Awesome Event

This year’s WordCamp Europe, held in Paris, was in my experience the biggest and best ever.

With the number of attendees approaching 3000, there is no doubt that this was the biggest event yet. This year’s venue was in my opinion laid out much better than last year’s and way better adapted to handle this amount of people.