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Jessie is a former Editor at WP Mayor. With her vast WordPress experience having used it since its early days, she has a knack for knowing which products and companies are worth your time.

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Combining Notion and WordPress: A New Way to Manage Content & SEO

In the digital content realm, the right tools are pivotal. Notion excels in planning and teamwork, while WordPress is renowned for user-friendly publishing. By integrating both via Notion WP Sync, we’ve streamlined content creation: plan in Notion, publish on WordPress. This seamless blend requires understanding databases, plugins, and data connections, ensuring a smooth transition from content planning to publishing.

Mastering Event Management: Synchronizing Notion and WordPress for Enhanced Community Engagement

Streamline your vendor sign-ups for local events using Notion WP Sync and Advanced Custom Fields. This comprehensive guide provides a step-by-step tutorial on setting up these tools on your WordPress site, creating a custom vendor sign-up form, and managing your vendor data directly from Notion. Transform your event management process with this powerful integration.”

10 Steps for WordPress Accessibility_ How to Improve Digital Compliance

10 Steps for WordPress Accessibility: How to Improve Digital Compliance

Unlock the full potential of your WordPress site by embracing accessibility! As the digital world grows, ensuring your website is inclusive for all, including the visually impaired, isn’t just a noble goal—it’s a necessity. Dive into the world of WordPress accessibility, where design meets inclusivity. Discover why it’s crucial, from enhancing user experience to boosting SEO. Ready to make your site universally welcoming? Let’s embark on this transformative journey together!

SureTriggers WordPress Automation

SureTriggers: Revolutionizing WordPress Automation

SureTriggers, your multifaceted solution, transcends the role of a mere integrations tool. It’s a comprehensive site automation powerhouse, adeptly bringing together numerous facets of your business for seamless management and enhanced efficiency. Discover how SureTriggers revolutionizes WordPress Automation. Experience seamless app integration and transform your WordPress journey today!

Introducing Redis: Boosting WordPress Performance and Scalability

Introducing Redis: Boosting WordPress Performance and Scalability

Redis is revolutionizing caching with its rapid performance and scalability. Ideal for WordPress sites with high user load requirements, it optimizes read and write operations. Whether it’s small-scale cache or a full-blown backend solution for static content, Redis has you covered. Learn to harness its power for a faster, more responsive website.

The Instagram Formula_ The Trick To Gain Likes & Followers

The Instagram Formula: The New Trick To Gain Likes & Followers Fast In 2023

The Instagram Algorithm Formula is a powerful tool that can be used to gain more likes and followers on Instagram in 2023. Keeping up with the most recent trends and tactics is crucial to make sure that your account stands out amid the competitors in the age of constantly evolving algorithms.

How To Fix High CPU Usage In WordPress

High CPU usage from your WordPress site is never a good sign. At best, you’ll see loading times drop to a snail’s pace, and at worst, your site can become inaccessible to visitors. 

Scary stuff, isn’t it? Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to sort out your CPU issues once and for all!

Creating a Winning Customer Support Strategy for Your WooCommerce Store

Creating a Winning Customer Support Strategy for Your WooCommerce Store

In this article, we will guide WooCommerce store owners through the development of an effective customer support strategy. We’ll cover essential concepts, practical steps, WooCommerce-specific tools, and metrics for success. By the end, you’ll have the knowledge to enhance your customer service, setting your store apart from the competition. Let’s get started!

WordPress 2FA Authentication: The Lowdown on This Essential Site Security Element

The battle for your online personal information is between you on the one side and bad actors on the other. While you can’t control what security provisions other sites have, you do get to control your own site security. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is one way to protect yourself from breaches, and WordPress 2FA authentication can help you implement it.

Mastering Your Content Strategy with a PublishPress Editorial Calendar

Mastering your content strategy with a WordPress editorial calendar is crucial for any serious content creator or marketer looking to streamline their workflow and enhance productivity. This guide will introduce PublishPress as one of the most popular content calendar plugins. Additionally, it will explain how to customize it for your website’s needs.