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Weglot - New Way to Translate

Weglot Review: Translate Your WordPress Website in the Fast Lane

Translating your WordPress website into multiple languages can be difficult. Many plugin solutions are complex and hard to configure. In fact, many require manual translations which can prove costly unless you are fluent in many languages. And if you are, this task of manually translating content can become time-consuming and frustrating.

Nonetheless, today I am going to share with a freemium WordPress plugin that is almost perfect when it comes to ease of use and translation accuracy.

Enter Weglot Translate.

Hide My WP - Hiding WordPress Plugin

Hiding WordPress to Avoid Attack: An Extra Layer of Site Security with Hide My WP

With large scale cyber attacks happening more often than anyone would like to admit, you might think to yourself that the chances your small WordPress website will be hacked are slim to none. After all, who would hack your website when there are so many bigger and better sites to attack?

Using WordPress as your content management system already puts you one step ahead of the rest of the online world as far as security is concerned. However, that does not make your website immune to hackers.

Today I am going to share with you why securing your WordPress website is so important and how using a security tool called Hide My WP to well…hide WordPress…can be used to help secure your website from unwanted intrusions and hacks.

Minimal Blogging Themes

9 of the Best Minimal Blogging Themes on the Market

It is often said that in matters of design less is more. The same can be said about WordPress blogging themes. Clean, practical, and minimal blogging themes are often the best platforms for those looking to direct their readers’ focus on content and imagery without the showy sidebars, countless widget areas, and crazy design aspects.

If you are on the hunt for the perfect minimal WordPress blogging theme keep reading. Today I bring to you some of the best looking and most functional minimal blogging themes that will suit your desire for a website full of nothing but whitespace and your brilliant ideas.

Zen WP

Stop Wasting Time on Technical Stuff: A Look at the WordPress Maintenance Provider Zen WP

If you are a small business that uses the most popular content management system around, yes I am talking about WordPress, I think it is time you consider enlisting the help of a WordPress maintenance service to help you with the managerial tasks required to keep your website running.

If you are on the fence about whether to use a WordPress maintenance service I am going to help make your decision-making process a little easier by showing you how Zen WP can help you.

WPML - Multilingual WordPress Plugin

Why Using the WPML Plugin is Your Best Bet for Building a Multilingual Website

Here at WP Mayor we often talk about the best WordPress translation plugins and put them to the test, head-to-head, in a battle to crown the winner. And while we have mentioned numerous times how to use the WPML plugin and the many cool features it provides website owners, many in the form of additional plugins, today we are going to give you a different perspective.

Keep reading if you are interested in getting the inside scoop on the popular WPML plugin. Keep reading if you want to know both the good and the bad surrounding this feature-packed plugin full of plugins. Keep reading if you want to know why, despite everything negative that can be said about said plugin, WPML is still the winner when it comes to building a successful multilingual plugin.

SiteGround - Managed WordPress Hosting

Siteground’s Security, Support, and Speed Are All You Need in a Hosting Provider

Though many companies claim to be the top dog when it comes to providing security, support, and speed to its customers, the truth is many fail to make good on their promises. And for the unknowing WordPress site owner, this can result in wasted time and money, let alone frustration.

Today we will look at SiteGround, one of the leaders in WordPress hosting, to see what services they provide website owners and ways they do make good on all of their hosting service promises.

WooCommerce Subscriptions Extension

Get Started With WooCommerce Subscriptions and Subscription Force

Did you know that it takes upwards of seven times more money to gain a new customer than it does to encourage a loyal customer to make another purchase? Today I am going to introduce you to a premium WooCommerce extension by the name of WooCommerce Subscriptions. This extension will help you keep the customers you already have, those that know and love your products and services, by offering them the chance to purchase a subscription.

Callpage Widget

Connecting to Your Customers Using the CallPage Widget

Wouldn’t it be great if you could give your online customers the opportunity to reach out to you directly by phone?

Well, with the premium Callpage widget for WordPress websites you can! Boasting a 75% increase in calls from potential customers, Callpage is ideal for any size company that accepts phone calls.

Analyzing 9 behavior patterns of site visitors, the Callpage widget determines which visitors might be interested in contacting your company directly for more information. When a visitor exhibits user behavior the widget feels is in line with a phone call prompt, it will display a button that once clicked will display a pop-up form where your potential customer can request a callback.

ProjectHuddle - Commenting Example

ProjectHuddle – Feedback at Your Fingertips

Everyone vies for a spot on Google’s first page in hopes that their website will be a standout amongst even the toughest competition. That’s why so many people look to website designers to create one-of-kind projects for their brand.

If you have ever worked with a client designing any part of their WordPress website, you know that feedback is essential for client satisfaction and ultimately, client retention. You are probably also aware that receiving quality feedback is not always easy.

From web hosting to WooCommerce plugins and backup services, we have put together a collection of exclusive coupons and deals just for you.
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