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Pankaj Solanki

Pankaj Solanki lives in Jodhpur. He started his WordPress journey 2 years ago and runs his own website development company. He became a fan of WordPress the first day he used it. Now he enjoys helping other WordPress developers. He also loves coding, books and movies.

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Speed Up WordPress Website

How to Speed Up WordPress Website (7 Elements Tested)

I remember the first time I heard about website’s speed. I was a newbie Website developer back then.

All I thought people cared was a beautiful website. But when I read further, it became clear that I myself never waited to load a beautiful website. You never know that a website is beautiful until it loads up.

So, why would some random dude, who has just seen your website on random google search results, care if your website is beautiful, when he could not load it? What was more frustrating was, in HTML you have to optimize every page.