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Sourav is a digital marketeer and a WordPress enthusiast. He's passionate about the intersection of technology, empathy and humanity.

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SeedProd Coming Soon Pro Review – Best Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin?

SeedProd Coming Soon Pro is a customizable landing/coming soon page, and maintenance mode WordPress plugin with a multiple features. SeedProd Coming Soon Pro helps you create and design multiple landing pages, maintenance mode pages and “coming soon” pages, with ease. It has a number of built-in templates which help you kick start your design process. Add your product’s logo, change the copy and you’re good to go.

Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics Review for WordPress

Ever since the moment Internet traffic from mobile devices exceeded traditional computers, marketers and analysts noticed a monumental shift toward the “mobile first” world. The time for monolithic desktop PCs were slowly coming to a standstill.

Best Pinterest Style Themes for WordPress (Mega Collection)

Pinterest is one of the most popular and elegant social image sharing websites today. Compared to its older brothers like Flickr, imgur and Photobucket, Pinterest has seen considerable growth. Critics argue the reason behind this is the element of “social sharing”. Integrating Pinterest with Facebook led to just that. People tend to interact more when they see a real name or a face – someone they can subconsciously create a connection with.

Visual Composer for WordPress Review

Visual Composer is the best selling WordPress visual page builder plugin in CodeCanyon, with over 29,000 sales. It is used in over 70,000 websites and comes integrated in many commercial WordPress themes. Released in 2011, Visual Composer and has been improving with every update. It

WP Mayor Guide to WordPress Content Delivery Networks

A comprehensive guide to using content delivery networks in WordPress – how they work, their benefits, and benchmark results of an experimental site with and without using a CDN. We then list some of the best free and premium CDNs for WordPress.

Directory Theme Review from Templatic

Have you ever wanted to create your very own “yellow pages” website? Thanks to WordPress and the Directory theme from Templatic, deploying a directory site or a top notch travel guide is easy is a 1-2-3.

No need to write complex code, just install the theme and load the demo data with just one click!

Read the full review of the Directory theme to see how you can benefit from this awesome directory WordPress theme.

HitTail – Long Tail Keyword Research for WordPress

HitTail is a long tail keyword research tool which suggests relavant keywords based on your site’s current content, making it extremely useful for gaining targeted organic traffic and improves long term SEO.

This article takes a look into long tail keywords and explains how HitTail can be useful in your SEO efforts.

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