How to Auto Post from WordPress to Google Plus

Social Networks Auto Poster is hands down the best WordPress plugin for auto posting from WordPress to the Google Plus network. It also gives you the added bonus of Pinterest and Linkedin Company Pages posting.
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Today I am going to share with you what is probably the only way to auto publish posts from a WordPress site to Google Plus.

Everyone seems to be leveraging the power of social networks nowadays, and sharing their content, obviously there is a big reason for that. Social networks hold a lot of SEO juice, not to mention many eyeballs ready to devour your new content.

The problem with Google+ is that its API is read-only, which means that other applications and sites can only read content from Google+ profiles, and not post to it, and least not through its official API. Presumably this was done this way in order to keep the quality of content on Google+ high, and prevent spammers from ruining this social network in its earlier stages.

This didn’t stop developers from attempting to find ways of automatically publishing posts to Google Plus, and we now have a great plugin that makes it work perfectly.

Introducing the Social Networks Auto Poster by NextScripts, the best WordPress plugin for auto posting from WordPress to Google+.

This is a premium plugin costing $49 but is well worth its cost, considering that you can not only post to Google+, but also to most of the other popular social networks. This includes also Pinterest, another social network which does not have a write-enabled API. So with this WordPress to Google Plus plugin, you are actually gaining access to two big social networks you wouldn’t otherwise be able to connect to.

Download Social Networks Auto Poster

I have been using Social Networks Auto Poster here on WP Mayor and also on the other blogs I own, and I am very pleased with this plugin. I made away with some other plugins I were using and now manage all my social network sharing from this one plugin.

It is worth mentioning that there is also a free version of this plugin, however with the free plugin you don’t get the option to auto post to Google+, Pinterest and Linkedin Company pages.

For those of you who are using Multisite, there is yet another version which works in this setup, and costs $149.

SNAP for WordPress Multisite gives you the following extra possibilities:

  • Super Admin can auto-post to main blog
  • All Blogs/Sites autopost to networks configured by Super Admin
  • Each Blog/Site Admin can configure own networks
  • Super Admin can enable/disable and manage auto-posting for each Blog/Site

Social Networks Auto Poster is highly recommended, especially because its features are unique and no other plugin can provide the social network connectivity features it can provide.

The documentation and integration instructions are complete and it is very easy to follow the steps to set up each network. If you get stuck, you can also touch base with their support staff, which I’ve found very helpful.

Here are all the social networks you can auto post to with SNAP (Social Networks Auto Poster):

Blogger/Blogspot – Autopost to your Blog.

Delicious – Auto-submit bookmark to your account.

Diigo – Auto-submit bookmark to your account.

Facebook – Autopost to your profile, business page, community page, or Facebook group page. Ability to attach your blogpost to Facebook post.

Google+ (with third party library) – Autopost to your profile or business page. Ability to attach your blogpost to Google+ post.

LinkedIn – Autopost to your account. Ability to attach your blogpost to LinkedIn post. Autopost to LinkedIn Company pages (with third party library)

Pinterest (with third party library) – Pin your blogpost’s featured image to your Pinterest board.

Stumbleupon – Auto-submit bookmark to your account.

Tumblr – Autopost to your account. Ability to attach your blogpost to Tumblr post.

Twitter – Autopost to your account.

vBulletin – Auto-submit your blogpost to vBulletin forums. Could create new threads or new posts.

WordPress – Auto-submit your blogpost to another blog based on WordPress. This options includes,, etc..

Download Social Networks Auto Poster

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Jean Galea
Jean Galea
Jean Galea is an investor, entrepreneur, and blogger. He is the founder of WP Mayor, the plugins WP RSS Aggregator and Spotlight, as well as the podcast. His personal blog can be found at

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  1. i already used this plugin. and its works to me, thank you so much for information.. awesome

    1. Hey Dieunk! are you using the paid version or the free version of the plugin? and can you please recommend me whether it’s working they way it’s promised?

  2. Thanks for putting this great list of automation tools together for G+. It was the one piece of the social media management puzzle that I was missing.

    1. Hi Ariemci,
      There is also one more wordpress plugin named Blog2Social. It has an advantage that there is no corn job to be done. There is no server side installation.

  3. I need just facebook and G+ autopost. So I would have to pay 50$ a year for havin G+ autopost using SNAP – 50$/y is much for I am having a non-profit project. So screw that.
    Much respect for the WP devs and the service and the project, not meaning to be rude – just tacheles: it is a poor thing that WP still has no native autopost for the most important social media sites.

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