How to AutoPost from one Site to Another with WordPress

If you want to automatically post content from one site to another this can easily be done with WordPress and RSS feeds. You will need a WordPress plugin that automatically creates posts from an RSS or Atom feed. That's exactly what the WP RSS Aggregator plugin in combination with the Feed to Post add-on do.
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If you want to automatically post (autopost) content from one site to another this can easily be done with WordPress and RSS feeds.

You will need a WordPress plugin that automatically creates posts from an RSS or Atom feed. That’s exactly what the WP RSS Aggregator plugin in combination with the Feed to Post add-on can do.

The original site can be a WordPress site, non-WordPress site or any other web-enabled app that can produce an RSS feed. That’s the key, the RSS/Atom feed will be used as the source for your imported content.

Simply get WP RSS Aggregator and Feed to Post, then follow the instructions below to have your content streamed automatically into your site.

The Best Tool for the Job

AutoPost from one site to another with WordPress and the WP RSS Aggregator plugin.

Get the Plugin

The first thing we need to do is to add a new feed source, so head over to RSS Aggregator > Add New in your WordPress dashboard (wp-admin). Then enter the feed URL of the site you want to extract feeds from. You can also set a limit of items to be imported during every update.

Add New Feed Source ‹ WP RSS Aggregator Test Site — WordPress
Auto-posting with WP RSS Aggregator – Adding a new feed source

There are many more options you can set but I will skip those as they are pretty intuitive and full knowledge base, as well as the WP RSS Aggregator site, explain the rest in detail.

Once we have that source set up, you can continue adding more sources. You have all the flexibility you could want when importing content with the Feed to Post add-on.

You can then display the posts within your site using your theme or also by building custom views with plugins such as WP Views if you are not a developer yourself and don’t want to mess with any theme code.

If you prefer page builders, tools such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Divi all offer sleek displays for posts that can be modified to your heart’s content.

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44 Responses

  1. I installed the plugin, but when I got to the Feed to Post add-on, I realized it cost $60 for a single site. That would have been nice to know before I installed this. Time to uninstall.

    1. Hey Phids, yes, Feed to Post is a premium add-on. This is an old post so I’ll head in and update some details and add the price to make that more clear.

      Nevertheless, we strongly believe our add-ons are great value for money. If you’d like to know more about them or have any questions about your use-case, please contact us on the link below. We’ll be more than happy to help.

  2. Hello,

    Thanks a lot for this informative article. I have a question though. after i import the RSS feed from website A to website B, using feed to post. now if I am sharing a post from website B in a social media, when the users click on that link, where will he be navigated to? website A or website B. I need the user to get navigated to website A(i.e the source website of the RSS feed)
    Is this possible??

  3. does the post created from RSSAggregator and Feed to post from Site A to Site B contain all the formats as available in the original post in Site B

  4. WP RSS does not work as described in the article. After purchasing the premium plugin to do exact this (post from site A to B) we have found WP RSS does not retain the same format, in fact we have found several flaw such as not retaining the featured image from the original post from Site A). For several months I have written WP RSS regarding this exact issue only to be met with “we only handle the importing, not the exporting”. I have been a long time user of this plugin until wanting to do exacting what the article states “how to auto post from one site to another”. .no more.

    1. Hi John, sorry to hear about this.

      Are you referring to the WordPress Post Format here? What happens exactly?

      As for the featured image, this would depend on whether the RSS feed provides it or not, unless you opt for the Full Text add-on. Even if so, some sites have strange page structures with the featured image outside the content area, which our plugin cannot reach.

      I’m not sure what you’re referring to when you mention “not the exporting”. Do you mean the display of the imported content?

      I’ll look into the support requests you sent us to see what went wrong. Please reply to them and ask for me directly, referring to this comment.

  5. Hi, is this the same for outoposts from website to an app (our own app) will this work to publish from the site blog to the apps’ feed?

  6. I have an RSS feed subscription site that requires that I log in first before I can get the content to post on my site. how do i use the plugin to get the content from the site where I have to login first

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