Awesome Websites to Create Using RSS Feeds

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There are many ways you can make use of RSS feeds, but the one you'll be reading about today is their use for content aggregation purposes. What does that mean? Most (if not all) blogs also have their own RSS feeds, and these can be used to import their content, or a part of it, onto your own (or your client's) WordPress site. How do you do this? This can be accomplished very easily using the WP RSS Aggregator plugin and its invaluable Premium Add-ons.
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RSS feeds might be considered something of the past by some, however they’re still very valuable tools for many.

There are many ways you can make use of RSS feeds, but the one you’ll be reading about today is their use for content aggregation purposes. What does that mean?

Most (if not all) blogs also have their own RSS feeds, and these can be used to import their content, or a part of it, onto your own (or your client’s) WordPress site. How do you do this?

This can be accomplished very easily using the WP RSS Aggregator plugin and its invaluable Premium Add-ons.

WP RSS Aggregator

What can you do with WP RSS Aggregator?

This question is best answered with one phrase:

With WP RSS Aggregator the possibilities of what you can create are limited only by your imagination. Once set up, WP RSS Aggregator does all the work for you.

Choose your ideal theme, set up the basic structure of your WordPress site, and let WP RSS Aggregator populate your site with some of the best content from around the world. It’s as simple as adding the RSS feeds of your choice, setting the options you need, and watching the content roll in.

Now, it’s important to note that some sources wouldn’t allow their full content to just be displayed on anyone else’s site, and this is why we always recommend linking back to the original source, possibly displaying only excerpts and thumbnails, or even trimming the full content. What this does is it sends the reader to the original source for the full content, ensuring that the original author always gets credit for his/her work.

What sort of website can it be used for?

Well, there are endless ways that this sort of content aggregation can be implemented onto a WordPress site. Here are a few simple ideas to get your juices flowing:

Curate articles on a particular topic

Are you a big sports fan? Or maybe you’re obsessed with cars? With WP RSS Aggregator you can create a beautiful website that will contain all the latest news from all your sources, such as the site below that focuses on an RV community.

There’s no need to follow each individual source, all the fans or aficionados have to do is come to your site and find all the latest news and updates relating to the favourite team as well as their rivals.

Convert any old website or import from any other CMS into WordPress

Perhaps not one of the first use cases that comes to mind, however, using WP RSS Aggregator with the Feed to Post add-on makes it very easy to export content from your SquareSpace (or other CMS) blog and into your new WordPress blog/site. You can even import an RSS feed from any other old website.

All you need to do is locate the full RSS feeds for your old site and insert the feed URL in WP RSS Aggregator. Then voila! Your content instantly moves over to your new WordPress site.

Copy WordPress posts from one blog to another

Switching websites? Want to duplicate content from a companies’ sub-site to the main corporate website? All this is possible using WP RSS Aggregator and the Feed to Post add-on.

Having a main site that brings together all the latest posts from all its sub-sites is a great way of providing your followers with a main hub where they can find all the latest news relating to all the possible subjects.

Display all your YouTube videos

Have you got your own YouTube channel or follow a particular category of videos? Display them right on your site and let your followers enjoy all the latest antics in one place. A good example of this is the SkateFlix website below.

Create a job listing website

Round up all the latest jobs on offer for your company or for a particular profession.

Create a news website

Bring in all the latest news for your home country, or your favourite sports league, or even news regarding a particular subject such as the war on terror, and have it all displayed in one place for your readers to get quick access to.

Promote upcoming events

Create a website that shows off all the upcoming events in your city, including the event details, posters, and more. The Secret Tel Aviv website below is a good example of importing and displaying content relating to events in a particular city.

Give a boost to the local community

If you’re involved in setting up a local community for any topic, it’s a great idea to set up a simple website that aggregates content from all the local stakeholders.

Say you want to set up a blogging community for your city; you could import all posts from the bloggers involved onto the community website. This can prove to be the initial keystone for creating that community.

Publish a weekly newsletter

With the Feed to Post add-on installed, you can easily set up a newsletter to go out every week. To do this, you will need the MailPoet newsletter plugin or similar. The process is simple. Set up a custom post type and import all items into this post type.

You can set up a custom post type that is not shown on the front end, but serves purely to store the imported feed items. Then when setting up the weekly newsletter, you can just drag and drop posts from this custom post type into your newsletter.

Create a Website that Aggregates all Your Online Activity

Nowadays we tend to create content not only on several of our own WordPress websites, but also on social networks, forums etc. It is therefore useful to create a site which aggregates all your online activity.

A perfect example is the personal homepage of Ben Gillbanks (below), a WordPress developer. On his personal homepage he pulls in feeds from his blogs, Twitter, and other places around the web. Now you can also do this very easily with WP RSS Aggregator.

Create a latest posts portfolio page

Want to show off all your latest posts? Create a portfolio page on your WordPress site to show them off in an organised fashion.

Create an affiliate marketing opportunity

Some online retailers (such as a Amazon) let you create a feed of items with your affiliate ID appended to the links of those items. This means that you can create a page on your site with, say, the latest WordPress books (including the book cover and introduction to the book).

Then when users click through and purchase you will get your affiliate commission. This makes it much easier than building the page manually, plus it’s always updated.

Many websites advertise posts on their partner sites right below every article. A great example is Mashable which displays a section beneath each of their articles, showing the thumbnail and title of related posts as well as the source website, as you can see below.

You can very easily build such a display using the Views plugin in conjunction with WP RSS Aggregator.

Existing WordPress sites using WP RSS Aggregator

There are thousands of websites worldwide that make use of WP RSS Aggregator and the premium add-ons. For a sneak peak at what has been created using this great tool you can check out the WP RSS Aggregator Showcase.

Here you’ll find a very small selection of some of the best websites that this plugin has been put to good use on. There are some that simply use the free core version to display a list of feed items, while others have gone all out and imported full articles to display on the beautifully-looking websites.

Have you got a WordPress site of your own that makes use of WP RSS Aggregator, with or without any of the add-ons? Have it featured in the Showcase and possibly selected as next month’s featured website in the WP RSS Aggregator newsletter by simply filling in this short form.

Find out more …

There’s a lot to learn about WP RSS Aggregator and what it can offer, so why not have a look around the website and scroll through the available add-ons and their respective documentation to see what features best suit you.

Have you thought of a new feature that can be added to WP RSS Aggregator to make it even better than it is? Submit it to the team and they’ll be sure to discuss it further, possibly including it in the Public Roadmap if its selected as a possibility for a future update!

If you have any questions related to WP RSS Aggregator, the support team is at hand to help you out any way they can. The team prides itself on providing great support both at a pre-sales stage and for existing customers. See for yourself by taking a look at the reviews in the WordPress plugin repository.

Get WP RSS Aggregator today!

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    1. Hi Stephen, you sure can. There’s no code needed as such, you can simply use the WP RSS Aggregator plugin:

  1. I think WP RSS Aggregator is a great tool. Super easy to use and very functional. I would totally recommend it.

  2. I client just informed me that their site was acting a little differently on the RSS feed. After a quick look, I noticed at least some of the settings were reset when I recently updated WPRSSAggregator. Duplicate feeds began appearing and feed item title links were opening in current window rather than spawning a new one. I was somewhat embarrassed that this happened and I didn’t know about it until my client pointed it out. I assume this is not a common occurence and wonder if any other WPRSSAgg users ran into this.

    1. Hi, sorry to hear that. We’ll be more than happy to help you out. Please contact our support team via a support ticket on the link below and we’ll look into this for you.

      WP RSS Aggregator

  3. Its nice post. And good information about create a awesome website with using of rss feed.

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