Be Theme: How to Use Productive Procrastination to Get Better Results

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As a freelancer, you might have struggled with procrastination at one time or another. So did everyone else in your profession. You may feel a sense of relief by putting something off for a later time. However, this feeling is usually short-lived.
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As a freelancer, you might have struggled with procrastination at one time or another. So did everyone else in your profession. You may feel a sense of relief by putting something off for a later time. However, this feeling is usually short-lived.

  • Sooner or later, and usually sooner, you find yourself being sucked down the online rabbit hole.
  • You’ve postponed your work until you’re up against a deadline.
  • You compensate by doing a rush job.
  • The result? Substandard work, an unhappy client, and a stain on your professional reputation.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

How Be Theme Boosts Your Productivity – by Procrastinating!

If you have trouble shaking a bad habit, you might as well use it to your advantage. Be Theme makes it possible to turn procrastination into a useful and productive art form.

Their method is called Productive Procrastination. We agree this may seem counterintuitive. Yet, this approach can help any web designer/developer finish the work faster. At the same time, do it better, and make clients happier. Sound good, doesn’t it?

Be Theme is a top 5 Themeforest best-seller. It features a huge number of pre-built WordPress websites. Moreover, it offers 3 ways in which you can turn “wasted time” into productive time.

1.Scroll through Be Theme’s 270+ Pre-built Websites

Be Theme’s 270+ pre-built websites come with a 1-click installer. It is the largest collection of templates of this kind on the market.

More than 30 different website styles and niches are covered. This makes it easy to find precisely the right website theme to suit your client’s needs.

Do you feel the desire to put off a task until later suddenly kicking in? Why not practice a little Productive Procrastination? It’s time well spent, and you won’t have to feel one bit guilty.

Here is a sampling of choices open to you:

Starting with a collection of more than 60 templates for creative industries

Here are 6 great templates if you have clients working in the creative industry. They are perfect for building a website to showcase your own work.


Ad Agency





As you can see, one or more of these templates could be perfect for a blogger, a video maker, a photographer or visual artist, or a web designer. There’s also templates ideally suited for ad agencies and marketers, fashion and interior designers, architects, and even beauty salons.

Each template is unique in its own way, but all have several things in common, including:

  • Interactive galleries to showcase products or portfolio items
  • An emphasis on eye-catching and engaging images
  • Intuitive navigation, irrespective of the size or complexity of the website
  • A structure designed to make you client’s brand stand out

Moving on to 30+ One-Page Pre-Built Websites

Be Theme has you covered here. It’s not always easy to find a one-page template that fits a client’s peculiar needs.

Landing Page




There’s plenty of room to experiment here. Whichever template you pick, you’re sure to get:

  • A responsive website that addresses the needs of device users
  • An attractive design, with an emphasis on the adroit use of white space
  • The flexibility you want to structure your content any way you choose
  • The speed required to create a complex website that will be up and running in less than 4 hours

You’ll also find 9+ Pre-built Websites especially designed for eCommerce





These pre-built websites’ features include product galleries, easy to work with order forms, and easy to use menus.

You’ll also appreciate how effectively the designs highlight the products, image quality, and how your websites can integrate perfectly with Shopify.

Templates to match a client’s niche include 20+ for Health and Wellness


12+ for Fitness and Nutrition

Sports Club

More than 16 for Events and Nightlife


Over 9 great choices for Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes


10+ for IT Services and Products


and, 7+ for Financing and Bookkeeping


Spend some time right now for a little Productive Procrastination. Scroll through Be Theme’s 270+ pre-built websites.

2.Watch Interesting and Informative Video Tutorials on YouTube

Be Theme has an impressive library of tutorials Be Theme, ranging from guided tours,

to a mini-tutorial on using their 1-click installer,

… and even a tutorial on how to import one of their 270+ pre-built websites

3.Read Creative and Useful Infographics

Perhaps your tastes run more toward watching images rather than tutorials. No problem there. Grab a cup of coffee and scroll through a few hundred infographics. They are filled with relevant information. They also feature little-known yet important data. And in fact, they often offer more than a few surprising facts.

You’re also likely to come up with more than a few infographic formats you can use to add pizzazz to your websites.


Do you feel like banging your head against the wall to completely get rid of procrastination? Instead, use it to follow Be Theme’s lead, and give Productive Procrastination a whirl.

  • Is browsing through galleries your thing? Be Theme’s 270+ pre-built websites should keep you occupied long enough for an extra cup or two of coffee.
  • Watching videos should satisfy any craving for entertainment. It also can teach you new skills, refine existing ones, or provide a few productivity tips.
  • Do you prefer lots of images to videos? No problem – you can scroll through a large collection of infographics without a tinge of guilt. Call it “research time.”

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