All About Gravatars

Your visual Identity across the world wide web is your  Gravatar – short for Globally recognized Avatar. The very idea of this service is to have consistency across all the online platforms that you choose to associate with. You will be identified with your Gravatar whenever you surf the Internet. In other words, an image that you choose as your Gravatar will feature next to every comment or post that you make on any site that supports this service.

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6 Essential WordPress Tips for Beginners

Starting out with Wordpress can be pretty daunting though – and it’s not the easiest platform to get your head around in those initial stages. In fact, without doing a fair bit of research first, you might find yourself tripping up on even the simplest of tasks – that may not have been overly obvious to you. Here I’ve tried to put together some tips for WordPress beginners (because we all have to start somewhere). These tips will help you create an attractive website using WordPress, but most importantly – a functioning website too that works well and does it’s job.

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Most Useful WordPress Beginner Tutorials – 2013

As you may already know, WordPress is the world’s most frequented publishing platform. In fact, it’s estimated that nearly 18 percent of all websites utilize WordPress for their publishing needs. It’s easy to use, highly customizable, and last but not least, it’s completely free.

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WordPress Widgets: Why to Use?

In WordPress development widgets help developers create functionality within a website. For instance developers can easily add content and features to the sidebars. Now widgets can be used in different parts of a website and these are popularly known as the wigetised area.

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Question & Answer Session 01 – Video

A few weeks ago I spoke about having a weekly Question and Answer session here on WP Mayor, as a means of us being able to interact more with the community that has now formed itself around this site. The video is finally ready, so take a look!

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Search that Site – Understanding WordPress Search

Our entire lives resolve around search. Can you imagine a day without using Google or Yahoo or any other search engine of your preference? It boggles the mind! Search is integral to your blog or site, especially if you have more than just a few posts or pages. Without a good search engine backing you, your site will become a large cosmic black hole, with every post going in, but nothing of value coming out of it.

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