Best Autoblogging Plugins for WordPress

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Autoblogging is a term bandied about very frequently in internet marketing circles. The whole concepts revolves around the ability to import content from other websites into your own blog in an automated manner. Let's take a deeper look at this concept and check out some cool plugins that can help you autoblog.
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Autoblogging is a term bandied about very frequently in internet marketing circles. The whole concepts revolves around the ability to import content from other websites into your own blog in an automated manner.

This enables you to build a well-populated blog with minimal effort. As you might imagine, this is a bit of a shady area, and there definitely is the possibility of abuse when working with such plugins. Despite what some unscrupulous internet marketers want you to believe, making money online cannot be automated by any plugin for overnight results.

It takes hard work, talent, and a genuine interest in helping out your readers. Put the latter ingredients into your mix and I can guarantee that you will be successful. Having said that, there are various legitimate uses for autoblogging plugins.

In the WordPress community, let’s look at WP News Desk, a WordPress resource site which uses this system in a good way. Let’s analyse what this site does, as it is a perfect case study for such plugins, and a good example to follow if you’re thinking of doing something similar.

Posts from WPMayor are regularly featured on WP News Desk. The autoblogging plugin will automatically import posts from WPMayor’s RSS feed and publish them to the site’s homepage. When a site visitor clicks on a post, it goes directly to the original source to make sure they get the credit they deserve for the content.

With such a system everybody is happy:

  • WP News Desk becomes a go-to site for the latest WordPress news
  • WPMayor and other sites get more inbound links and visitors

Why the system works on WP News Desk:

  • Only trusted sources are added to the site
  • Each post links to the original source, giving credit where it’s due

Doing this manually would require hundreds of hours a month. Using an autoblogging plugin takes this down to an hour or two a month just to check in on the site from time to time.

Having considered that scenario, let’s proceed in examining what plugins are available and which one is the best.

WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator is the most popular RSS plugin on, having more than 850,000 downloads. Using the core version you can display a list of feeds from as many sources as you want.

You can also find a number of premium add-ons available for it and they turn this plugin into a tremendous powerhouse that is ideal for importing content from other websites into yours via RSS. The add-ons enable you to do a lot, from enhancing the shortcode display of feed items to automatically turning feed items into posts. It is multisite compatible and can also be used on multilingual websites powered by WPML.

WP RSS Aggregator

Our top recommendation for auto-blogging with WordPress.

Get started today!

The distinguishing features of WP RSS Aggregator are its clean interface, flexibility and clear documentation. You can easily get support via the plugin’s ticketing system, and it is constantly being updated with new features.

Get WP RSS Aggregator

WP Robot

Automatically post Youtube Videos, Amazon Products, eBay auctions, Clickbank ads, RSS and much more to your blog without lifting a finger. WP Robot is capable of adding Amazon product posts, eBay auctions, Yahoo Answers questions and answers, Youtube videos, targeted articles, Flickr images, Clickbank ads and content from more than 10 other sources to your weblog automatically.

Of course you have full control over which kind of posts will be created. WP Robot’s capabilities are constantly expanded with new exciting content modules. There is no doubt that WP Robot is one of the top WordPress autoblogger plugins you can get your hands on. My main gripe with this plugin is that the interface is just too complex for my tastes, there are an infinite amount of options and I got tired just trying to understand how the whole thing works.

Having said that, somebody who requires the features offered by this plugin will probably close an eye to this and take the time necessary to learn how everything works. So I cannot say that the UI is a deal breaker, go ahead and get this plugin if you need importing of content from the sources catered for by WP Robot.

Get WP Robot


Currently the best autoblogger plugin for WordPress is WP RSS Aggregator. It’s a frequently updated plugin with a clean interface that does the job very well, while also being the most feature-rich platform with multiple premium add-ons available.

Get WP RSS Aggregator

Jean Galea

Jean Galea is an investor, entrepreneur, and blogger. He is the founder of WP Mayor, the plugins WP RSS Aggregator and Spotlight, as well as the podcast. His personal blog can be found at

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36 Responses

  1. Hi, i absolutely got tons of value from your post. Please i have 2 quick questions.
    1. What is the number of plugins every blogger shouldn’t exceed? I currently have about 18 installed, would you consider that number outrageous. Please could you also check out my site and offer me a
    2. Your font is really beautiful. would you suggest plugins that would give me beautiful fonts just like yours?
    Finally, would you spare a few seconds to check this site and offer me your candid advice

    1. Hey there, I’m the Team Lead for WP RSS Aggregator. Contact us on the link below and we’ll be more than happy to help 🙂

  2. All these plugins are rather simplistic and Google will penalize sites that just scrape from RSS feeds. If you want to try a real auto blogging solution, try ARGO content generator! I use it since about 2012 and it works great. Its a desktop application that lets you remotely control WordPress, install themes/plugins and of course creates content with images and video. The text is scraped from article directories and spinned internally with its own synonym and phrase database. Its honestly the most advanced SEO tool i have ever seen! I use it mainly to create my PBN’s, so if you look for a real powerful auto blogging solution that can post to many blogs at once, then try ARGO!

    1. Hey Andy, in what way is, for example, WP RSS Aggregator simplistic? It’s got a bucket-load of features for your autoblogging solution, and you can easily use WordAi or SpinnerChief add-ons if you really want to spin the content.

      I never recommend scraping others content and using it all for yourself. The best thing to do is to either link directly to the original sources from the titles, or import a snippet of the post to show what it’s about, then link back to the original source.

      This ensures that the original author gets the deserved credit for their work, rather than just spinning it all into your own version and taking full credit for it.

      You also mentioned that it “can post to many blogs at once” – I didn’t really understand how it works. Would you mind elaborating on it? Does it import the content from multiple sources, or share it to multiple websites?

  3. you know a plug-in that creates Articles post on facebook wp? … Thanks? ….. Currently on the 4.6.1 version of wp I have not found even one that functions ok? let me ….. thanks know

    1. FeedWordPress was omitted on purpose. The reason is that it is not actively supported and hence I cannot recommend it.

  4. Hi, i looked at the 3 links above and it didn’t mention whether we should no index the page with the ‘duplicate’ content and whether the links out are no index to be safe or not? Thanks for the info though, this looks promising!

    1. Hi Louisa, while WP RSS Aggregator itself doesn’t control the aspects of robots handling, you can use plugins like Yoast SEO for that. The decision as to whether to noindex imported posts or not is up to you, however there would be little business value for those posts if you decide to do so.

      While there are the benefits to allowing the index of so-called “duplicate” content, there are also the risks, which is why we offer the services of SpinnerChief and WordAi through additional add-ons.

      Of course, we don’t encourage anyone to duplicate anyone else’s content, which is why our settings always include the option of crediting the original source or even limiting the amount of content imported so as not to copy full posts. If you have further questions please feel free to contact us.

    1. Hi, feel free to check out the below blog posts and the respective comments for more information on how and why it’s safe 🙂

  5. i think is better a fresh content than a scraped content … try to make your own articles or posts even pages than steal others ! 🙂

    1. Hi there, why did you assume that using a plugin such as WP RSS Aggregator is stealing content? While I agree that creating your own content is always a good idea, there aren’t always the time or resources available. The idea when using such a plugin is not to steal anyone’s content and make it your own, but rather to add more value to their content and your own website. The links or posts imported onto your site should always credit the original author and source.

      A couple of good examples of this are WP News Desk and Travel Blogger Community, both of which make use of the WP RSS Aggregator plugin and its add-ons.

    1. Hi Tommy, while WP Robot provides content from a number of sources, WP RSS Aggregator allows you to import content from any valid RSS feeds you want, no matter the topic or source. You’re free to test out the Advanced Feeds Bundle Demo (link below) to see its full potential 🙂

  6. I personally have been using WP Robot on my websites. It’s a great plugin but it can be tricky to use. I really haven’t found a autoblogging plugin that does exactly what I need…

    1. Hi, have you given WP RSS Aggregator a go? You can try out the free demo for its Advanced Feeds Bundle here:

      You can check out what others have created with it in the showcase:

  7. Hello thank you for the post .. very useful
    I justed wanted to ask for some help .. I am using wp-robot but it doesn’t show the entire post .. it shows only an excerpts with no pics no videos .. so sad tnx for helping 🙂

  8. IFTTT is a free service that allows you to autoblog without any plugins or any other paid addons.

  9. Hi Jean, I installed the WP RSS Aggregator core plugin but the ‘RSS Aggregator’ option does not appear neither on my dashboard menu or the settings options. How do I fix this?

  10. Thank you for the information here. Ever since I switched to WordPress my website has not generated the amount of visitors I used to have. My Google rank was 3 but barely ranked 1 now. I have been desperately looking for something to really help my blog and found this post today. I will try the autoblogged and hope for good results. Thank you again.

  11. hello sir
    i want to ask what is the best auto-blogged to use if i want to get 10 post and i have 100 RSS feed URL with spacing time between them is 5 minutes also with full text
    please can u help me because i have now AutoBlogged product but it does not meet my criteria

    1. Sounds like WP Robot’s RSS and Article modules would be your best bet. You’d have to convert your 100 RSS feeds into a list with one of them on each line.

  12. Great article. All of your selections presented their products in a comprehensive way, and one even offered a mini-user manual. Consequently, I have decided which of the plugins best suits my needs.

  13. Hi Jean,
    (you’re more than welcome to put my reply into a post rather than this long comment if you wish) 🙂

    Thank you very much for featuring LatestWP on this article. I was really happy when I read the article on my RSS feed and I would like to respond to your questions. (Note, this might be a long reply, so bare with me please!) 🙂

    – A short introduction to the idea behind LatestWP
    LatestWP, Latest on WordPress is a website that aims to be a central daily visiting destination for any WordPress related people, i.e. bloggers, users, developers, designers…etc.

    The idea behind the website that started on October 2010 is so simple. Providing a single place for all the best WordPress related articles. LatestWP visitors will find the best (and only the best) WordPress resources from all over the internet in one place. To be more specific, they will find “links” to the best WordPress resources online such as, Tutorials, Free and Premium Themes, Free and Premium Plugins, Reviews, and much more. So one can think of it as a WordPress Digg! Although with the latest Digg sinking thins may not the best example hahah!

    – How are articles get featured on LatestWP?
    There are actually two ways for articles to make their way up to the website.

    1- Article Submission: When an author writes something interesting in WordPress and would like to notify the world about his writing, they usually come to the website and submit their articles using the following link: [No longer available]

    Or, somebody read an interesting related WordPress stuff and would like to share it with others, so they submit those articles to LatestWP.

    Once I receive an article submission, I analyze it carefully, if it is of a super quality and will be useful to our readers base, then I add a link to the article to our feed with a short description, and a score that is based on many factors that differ depending on the submission (i.e. a tutorial, a new plugin or theme, a freebie, a news story…etc)

    2- RSS Feed Readers & Emailed Saved Google Search
    This was not the case from day one. Actually it started with using a auto RSS feed plugin called FeedWordPress which would read many RSS feeds and create corresponding posts waiting for the my moderation. However, after a while, I decided that this route will not add any value to the whole process. So after only a couple of weeks since the website launch I’ve decided to dump the plugin and go the manual way. Yes this might seem a bit awkward, but I’ve decided that there must be a human touch in the whole process. So what happens next? I started collecting the best WordPress RSS feed links into my lovely RSS feed reader and on daily basis for almost two years now, I go through them one by one. Only the best, the Crème de la Crème make their way up to be featured.

    So far, as of writing this reply I have manually reviewed over 2000 articles of the best WordPress resources the human race has produced. A goldmine of WordPress super goodies. I have also written LatestWP’s own content including news, reviews and more.

    We have a wonderful users base of over 5000 people spanning across Twitter, Facebook, RSS readers, and Google+ and growing.

    – The future of LatestWP
    As you may imagine, if I didn’t have a passion for WordPress I wouldn’t have spent that time doing what I love the most, reading almost anything written on WordPress. This will never change. Long ago, I have decided that the whole process must stay manual. However I would like to expand it in so many ways. So, if you may allow me Jean, if anybody shares the same passion for WordPress and would like to join in, they’re more than welcome to drop me a line and I would be more than happy to have them on board. Actually a dear friend of mine, Sufyan bin Uzayr is actually joining in LatestWP editorial staff in the coming few days.

    I would also like to increase the original content that LatestWP produces. so far, only 50+ articles were written, so I would like to increase the ratio of LatestWP’s own content by double at least within the coming few weeks.

    I would also like to add a forum where people can speak their minds out about their interaction with WordPress, the problems they might be facing, or simply anything related to WordPress.

    I would also like to start a WordPress Websites Gallery, where people can view and submit beautiful WordPress websites explaining how they utilized WordPress in a unique way here or their and starting a debate about each website.

    On the pipeline I’ll also start testing the water making free themes through LatestWP or by others. I have already started a few ideas and in the coming few weeks I will release it to our wonderful readers.

    One last feature is actually a little secret but I will reveal it within a few months that hopefully will help the WordPress community to produce better themes quality. But that’s another story!

    Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to reply. Questions and comments are most welcome!



  14. Jean,

    If blog owner using those plugins add some value to the article and use the post excerpt, this is fine. However, majority of people using those plugins plan to steal the content. This makes it difficult for the original content owner to get the benefits as search engines sometimes have difficulty in figuring out who owns the content.

    1. Agreed Frank, that is why I started off by using LatestWP as an example of good usage. Unfortunately some people don’t add any value at all, and try to use these plugins as some get rich quick scheme. That rarely works however, and is detrimental to both the original content creator and the one stealing the content.

      One idea I’ve found useful in such cases is to insert a line in your RSS feed directly after your post, saying something like “Best Autoblogging Plugins for WordPress is a post by on Jean Galea on WPMayor.” Of course the title is generated automatically for each post. That way the original content creator gets a link back for sure when his RSS feed is reposted on other sites. You can see this system at work on WPMayor’s feed.

      1. Thanks for your comment Ayman, I’m sure it will add further insight to our readers. Good luck for the future, looks like LatestWP will get even more exciting and beneficial to the WordPress community!

      2. Jean,

        Thank you for the tip. RSS footer plugin from Yoast can put a link back to original content and this is definitely a good method. But some scrapers also remove all the links from the original article.

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