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WooCommerce is becoming a huge player in global online e-commerce, and online bookings are an important sub-niche. Hotels, travel operators, tours, spas, personal trainers, etc all need a booking system for their website.

The below WooCommerce extensions will help you set up your online bookings without too much hassle. Although they all do a great job at offering plenty of features, they may not necessarily meet your exact needs. If that’s the case, we recommend working with a trusted and experienced WooCommerce developer to get exactly what you need. Below is our top recommendation right now – Progressus.

Hire a WooCommerce Expert

Progressus is a verified WooCommerce expert that can help you develop or customize the booking system your website really needs.


If an extension is all you need, these are the cream of the crop

So which WooCommerce extensions are best for bookings at the moment?

Yith Booking & Appointment for WooCommerce

YITH Booking & Appointment for WooCommerce was built upon request by, and keeping in mind, Yith and WooCommerce customers. It integrates a regular WooCommerce store with a simple booking system which can be used by both customers and vendors.

It can be used for estate agencies, travel agencies, hairdressers, doctors, business consultants, and anyone else who may benefit from integrating a booking system into their WordPress site.

It creates a dynamic booking system where the price is processed in real-time according to your customers’ requests. This allows you to arrange your bookings by date, period, or season, a number of people involved, and much more.

Here are some of its great features, among many others:

  • Create unlimited bookable products
  • Configure All Day bookings or et monthly, daily, hourly, and per-minute booking products
  • Let users set the duration of the booking.
  • Automatically approve all new bookings or review them before confirmation
  • Allow users to cancel their booking until a specified term before the start date of the booking
  • Set the booking location (using Google API: towns and cities worldwide will be available)
  • Increase or decrease the booking cost based on the following factors:
    • pre-set time frames (e.g. high season and off-season)
    • number of people in the booking
    • duration of the booking
  • Set the first and last date available for the booking
  • Provide info about check-in and check-out
  • Ask for the type of people during the booking process
  • Offer additional services either for free or for an extra cost
  • Add the map pointing to the location of the bookable product on the product detail page
  • Create custom search forms
  • Create a booking manually from the WordPress backend
  • Export bookings in CSV or ICS
  • Integrate Google Calendar to be synchronized with admin calendar
  • Auto-sync the calendar with services like Booking, Airbnb and HomeAway

Get Yith Booking & Appointment for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin

WooCommerce Booking & Appointment plugin transforms your WooCommerce shop to a full-fledged Booking platform. It lets you capture the Booking Date & Time for each service.

It is “fully integrated” with WooCommerce. It can be used to create & manage all types of booking services. You can sell tickets, tours, hotel bookings, appointments and much more with this plugin.

Some of the salient features of this plugin:

    • The Booking Process will be “fully integrated” with your WooCommerce shop.
    • Flexible labels to name your bookings the way you want.
    • Choose the booking calendar of your language.
    • It allows you to sell vacation rentals & volume discount rentals.
    • You can accept booking orders over the phone or emails.
    • You can easily sync your bookings with calendar applications.
    • You can take advantage of more than a 100 payment gateways available with WooCommerce.
    • You can get real granular with the way you set booking options for each service.
    • You can set Global & Product Specific “exclude days” rules. It is similar to blackout days. You can prevent bookings for some of the dates.
    • You can create time slots, e.g. bookings can be made only from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM & so on.
    • You can specify the date and time of availability. This makes it useful for services that are available for a limited time periods such as a play or movie.

Get WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin



Booknetic is a multipurpose WordPress appointment booking plugin that comes with handy features. This plugin allows customization and automation of online booking.  You can create an attractive booking form and integrate different payment gateways. Once you receive the booking, the plugin automatically stores all the customer’s details in a systematic order and notifies both the customer and employee of the scheduled appointments through email, SMS, or app notification. It’s a time-saver plugin that enhances your workflow and helps you keep track of overall performance through its comprehensive dashboard. You’ll also receive an extensive report on sales stats, employees contribution, and a comparison of different sources of revenue.

Some major features of Booknetic:

  • A mobile-ready and responsive design means your booking website will look great on multiple devices. 
  • Beginner-friendly – Booknetic is amazingly easy to set up and customize for any business. 
  • A drag and drop form builder – that allows you to add extra fields to the default booking form. 
  • Detailed reports – with actionable data to help you stay on top of business. 
  • Customizable email and SMS notifications for your customers and staff. 
  • Support for PayPal, Stripe, and WooCommerce Payments. 
  • Detailed documentation and great personalized support. 
  • A streamlined booking page that reduces bounce rates. 
  • Fully automated – Set once and save hours. 
  • Unlimited number of staff members. 
  • Multiple currency options. 
  • Unlimited number of services. 
  • Unlimited categories. 
  • Great UI all around.

Get Booknetic

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments from PluginHive evolves your WooCommerce into a self-sustaining Bookings management system. This plugin seamlessly attaches a booking calendar to your existing or new products/services where clients can book, mention their details, and pay the amount – all in one place. With this plugin, you can offer bookings and also sell products all in the same WooCommerce store.

You can rent out your porch for ceremonies, offer appointments for advice on taxes, schedule appointments with patients, offer bookings for organizing birthday parties, etc. With this plugin, you’ll be able to set up working hours and non-availability including holidays in between as well as easily manage booking prices.

The plugin is supported by a team that responds quickly to customer queries and issues.

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin features:

  • Offer bookings in time slots of minute(s), hour(s), day(s) or month(s)
  • Unlimited number of bookings with no monthly subscriptions
  • Offer bookings for a fixed duration of time; e.g.: 3 hours appointments or 2 days workshop; or allow clients to choose a flexible duration of time, so customers get to choose a start and an end
  • Set up booking availability – configure working and non-working hours, days, etc. Plan your vacations and set them in the calendar as non-bookable
  • Set up a fixed booking window
  • Add flexible buffer between your bookings
  • Flexible pricing – Set up multiple combinations of pricing rules and vary them timely
  • Offer dynamic booking price calculation in real-time
  • Manage staff or team availability and offer bookings accordingly; e.g.: a salon with bookings for multiple hairdressers
  • Confirm a booking request or choose to automatically accept them as they arrive
  • Allow users to cancel their bookings themselves
  • Allow customers to choose the number of items or people participating in a time slot and charge them accordingly
  • Offer additional items or resources along with the bookings and charge them accordingly
  • Customers can mention additional information in the notes along with their bookings
  • Admin can manually create bookings for a new or existing order
  • Manage your bookings in the Bookings Management area where the admin can create, cancel or confirm bookings and view all the bookings in one place
  • Automatically sync your bookings with your Google Calendar
  • Convert the calendar into an accommodation booking system by allowing to book per night basis. Here the calendar displays the check-in and check-out dates and calculates the price considering the nights booked.

Get WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments Plugin

WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings

The first plugin we can take a look at is the official extension from WooCommerce itself. It works very well and is more flexible than some other plugins, but is also more expensive.

This powerful extension allows you to sell your time or date-based bookings, adding a new product type to your WooCommerce site. Perfect for those wanting to offer appointments, services, or rentals.

Notable Features:

  • Create booking slots
  • Multi-person bookings
  • Customer email notifications
  • Have bookings made either right away, or sent to you for approval.
  • Filter and update bookings, as well as booking availability, directly from your WordPress admin.
  • Create bookings manually via the WordPress admin, mirroring the frontend bookings from your customer’s see.
  • There is huge flexibility in defining costs per booking, resource, block, people, or duration.
  • Define when your booking is available to your customers.
  • Resources” per bookable product for added flexibility. Resources can also be created globally, to apply to multiple bookable products.
  • Define global availability rules for all bookable products.
  • Integration with the Product Add-ons extension lets you add extras for each booking.
  • Send custom email notifications to people who have booked a product.
  • View bookings in either list or calendar format.

Get WooCommerce Bookings

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WooCommerce Appointments


Setup appointable products for WooCommerce with the WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin. It is perfectly integrated into WooCommerce, WordPress as well as Google Calendar.

It’s one of the best appointment scheduling software you can get right now. You can request payments or just confirmations, and it even allows you to receive payments for appointments. You’ll be able to keep a perfectly organized calendar and reduce no-shows with advanced notifications and reminders.

It is very easy to add a new appointment manually for a customer. Besides adding a new appointment in your website admin, you can also add a new appointment to your Google calendar and it will be automatically synced. All email templates are also integrated with the WooCommerce notification system and can be edited the same way as default WooCommerce email notifications, while templates can also be edited in your child themes.

For a better overview of your appointments, you can view and edit your appointments inside a flexible calendar, and manage it in a weekly or daily view while being synced with staff as well as Google calendar. In addition, not only can you accept payments/deposits for your appointments, but you can also receive appointment requests. This way, you don’t accept payments for your appointments upfront and have better control over the schedule.

Get WooCommerce Appointments


All these plugins offer you the ability to take bookings on your site via WooCommerce, which you might have already invested in to sell other products from your website. If you have not yet invested in the WooCommerce ecosystem, you might also take a look at Easy Digital Downloads and its EDD Bookings add-on.

Have you tried out the above plugins? What are your thoughts? Did you find them lacking in any area?

Jean Galea

Jean Galea is an investor, entrepreneur, and blogger. He is the founder of WP Mayor, the plugins WP RSS Aggregator and Spotlight, as well as the podcast. His personal blog can be found at

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  1. buenas tardes estoy buscado un plugin con reservas, búsqueda,fecha entrada y fecha salida, ubicación para sitios turísticos

  2. not free! there Pro version.

    And Do we know of a WordPress Booking plugin which will integrate with and other popular online booking and reservation platforms?

    1. Check the Yithemes one which is linked in the post, it has integration with other systems.

  3. Hello!

    Try this plugin:

    Its the only FREE plugin that provides bookings in fixed blocks and calendar range in days/minutes/hours and months and all this with availability check !!
    Very good for a free plugin.


  4. I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought youd have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy looking for attention. I use RnB – WooCommerce Rental & Bookings System, this one is cheap ($29)

  5. Nice review. Do we know of a WordPress Booking plugin which will integrate with and other popular online booking and reservation platforms?

  6. Hi,

    I’m looking for a solution to merge WooCommerce Bookings and purchases onto the same page. In other words, I might offer someone the option to buy a voucher (plugin bought already) or book an appointment for the same thing. Would this plugin be suitable?

  7. How about Woo Commerce Easy Bookings – . That one is free on the wordpress directory. Haven’t tested it but would be good to know how it compares, especially as its free!

  8. Hi All,
    This is a very interesting article and the replies even more so.

    Are there any major updates regarding these technologies since these postings?

    Thanks in advance

  9. Shoutout for Tychesoftware – the way it works does also not hinder you from using it in certain countries. WooCommerce Bookings is for example *not* to be recommended for Germany.

      1. It because how the cart / bills are structured.

        Whereas WooThemes bookings displays for a booking of 6 people
        “1x (quantitiy) | 6x Appointment (product)”

        TycheSoftware displays
        “6x (quantity) | Appointment (product)”.

        It makes it also easier to change attendance later on,

  10. Just wrote on another of post of yours about my plugin WooCommerce Appointments – , which is way better than the two listed – test yourself, don’t take my word for it.

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