Best Cron Plugins for WordPress

Cron runs a lot of useful functions in the background for us, but WordPress Cron can sometimes be limiting for us. So here are a few plugins that help take cron to the next level and make things easier to manage.

Cron runs a lot of useful functions in the background for us, but WordPress Cron can sometimes be limiting for us. So here are a few plugins that help take cron to the next level and make things easier to manage.

WP-Cron Crontrol

This plugin allows you to take control over the execution of cron jobs. It’s mainly useful for sites that either don’t get enough comments to ensure a frequent execution of wp-cron or for sites where the execution of cron via regular methods can cause race conditions resulting in multiple execution of wp-cron at the same time. It can also help when you run into posts that missed their schedule.

This plugin implements a secret parameter and ensures that cron jobs are only executed when this parameter is existing.

Download WP-Cron Crontrol


EasyCron ( provides reliable online cron job service worldwide. Its insanely easy-to-use webcron have helped thousands of users who’re fastidious on task scheduling perfectly configure cron jobs.


  • Support Standard Cron Expression
  • Email Notification
  • Cron Job Execution Logs
  • Run Time Prediction
  • Random Cron Jobs
  • Timezone Adaptable

Download Easycron

Run External Crons

This plugin enables using WordPress as a cron system that would hit external URLs (ie. any URL) on a scheduled basis. User can submit URL and interval in which that URL should be opened by WordPress.

This can be used, for example, for other WordPress sites that are on hosts that don’t have native cron system or where it’s complicated to set it up.

Download Run External Crons

Cron Debug Log

When active, this plugin logs unsuccessful results of wp_remote_post calls from wp-cron to a sites’s options table with an option name of ra_http_WP_Http_Streams + timestamp. The option_value contains the results of the call.

This plugin is intended to be enabled only on sites that are experiencing cron issues as a troubleshooting aid. Once the cron issue had been identified and corrected, the plugin should be deactivated. When finished troubleshooting you should also remove the option records created by this plugin using your database management tool.

Download Cron Debug Log

Simple Cron

Simple Cron Plugin for WordPress is a tool to Manage and Monitor WordPress Cron Scheduling System.

Download Simple Cron

Improved Cron

Cron not running when you expect? This plugin may help. Also provides insight into WP Cron exactly like the Cron View plugin.

This plugin will visit your site every minute and thereby ensure that your cron jobs run on time. It is mostly intended for people who can’t use real cron for some reason.

Download Improved Cron

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Jean Galea
Jean Galea
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  1. Waw… Nice Article, great share Jean! I like that Because I’ve been looking for such article for long but yet found… Thanks once again

  2. I’d like to recommend you my Advanced Cron Manager plugin. It can add, edit and remove tasks. Also there’s also logger so you can know when cron tasks are executed exactly.

  3. Hi Jean.
    Thanks for grouping all this WP cron info together.
    Our hosting service has advised that they don’t support cron jobs (yep, I know….!!) but can anyone advise me if WP cron jobs run independently of “normal” server crons?
    Thanks in advance

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