Best CSV Import Plugins for WordPress

In today's post, we take a look at some of the most popular CSV importers for WordPress. These can be very useful tools for your if you want to quickly populate a site with content stored in other databases of formats.
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In today’s post, we take a look at some of the most popular CSV importers for WordPress. These can be very useful tools for your if you want to quickly populate a site with content stored in other databases of formats.

WP All Import


WP All Import, the option you should opt for first, has a four step import process and an intuitive drag & drop interface that makes complicated import tasks simple and fast. There are no special requirements that the elements in your file must be laid out in a certain way. WP All Import really can import any XML or CSV file.

WP All Import can be used for everything from migrating content from a legacy CMS to WordPress to building a store with an affiliate datafeed to displaying live stock quotes or sports scores to building a real estate portal.


WP All Import Pro is then the paid upgrade of this plugin, and includes premium support as well as a number of addition features. These include the ability to import date to custom fields, that to import images to the post media gallery, cron job/recurring imports, the ability to import files from a URL, as well as the execution of custom PHP functions on data.

It’s also got a number of premium add-ons available to add functionality to the importer and make XML and CSV import tasks simple. These are for the Advanced Custom Fields, WooCommerce, User Import and Link Cloak plugins

There are 3 packages available for the Pro version. The Standard package costs $99; the WooCommerce package including the WooCommerce add-on costs $ 139; and the Elite Bundle including all the add-ons costs $199.

Get Free WP All Import | Get Professional WP All Import

CSV Importer

This plugin imports posts from CSV (Comma Separated Value) files into your WordPress blog. It can prove extremely useful when you want to import a bunch of posts from an Excel document or the like – simply export your document into a CSV file and the plugin will take care of the rest. CSV Importer is one of the most popular CSV importers for WordPress, with over 145,000 downloads at the time of writing this post was updated.

The thing with this plugin is that you have to format the CSV file in a certain way for it to understand what data you are importing. This is more difficult for users when compared to WP All Import for example. WP All Import detects the fields from the original CSV file and lets you do what you want with those data fields, which is much more comfortable.

Get CSV Importer

Supra CSV Importer


Supra CSV is a WordPress plugin created to ingest and extract,create or update posts, custom posts, attachments, tags, keywords and custom post meta with CSV files. The ingestion engine of the plugin parses CSV records into posts by a mapping of columns that you can configure yourself from the plugin’s interface.

This plugin provides the functionality to upload data from the CSV file into the post meta records which themes and plugins create. This plugin also provides the ability to import images and associate them with posts as attachments or thumbnails. You can even manage existing CSV files and promote ease of use by creating presets for both post meta and ingestion mapping.

Here’s the video tutorial for it:


Get Supra CSV Importer

CSV 2 Post


CSV 2 Post is an adaptable data import plugin for professionals. It can import any CSV file (that’s properly formatted) then auto-blog the data into hundreds or even thousands of well designed WordPress posts.

It doesn’t throw data into WordPress core tables like some other importers, but rather it has a unique approach which allows it to offer more features. You can import data to WordPress from any properly formatted CSV file with clean headers.

Data will be imported to a custom database table automatically created for you, where it can be managed prior to creating posts. This will allow you to make any edits you want such as filtering out unwanted rows, changing monetary values and even cleaning up keywords, among others.

Get CSV 2 Post

Really Simple CSV Importer


This is an alternative CSV importer plugin that is simple and powerful. It offers category and tag support as well as custom field support.

Among its features list you’ll also find the ability to use advanced custom fields, custom taxonomies, custom post types, a filter hook for dry-run-testing, filter hooks to customize CSV data before importing to the database and even an action hook to update post data after importing to the database.

Get Really Simple CSV Importer

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Jean Galea
Jean Galea
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81 Responses

  1. I have to advise you people to stay away from WP-AllImport. It is a buggy plugin, it does not work as promised, it will mess your site. Only a part of the features work as promised, the author does not keep a log of updates, updates can lock down your site. The most important feature, recurring/scheduled imports in NOT working.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Nikos, have you contacted the plugin author about this? He seems to release updates quite frequently, and the plugin works very well for me, although I haven’t tried the features you mention.

      1. Jean,
        I have contacted the author repeatedly and I must say that he always replied promptly to my requests which, in most cases, led to plugin updates. It felt like beta testing. As I mentioned before, the author was not providing log information about the updates. In addition the plugin could not process relatively big xml files so we had to limit the import down to 150-200 records. But most importantly, recurring imports were not working. After about 2 months we decided to ditch it and try other ways to do this job.

    2. Google is still indexting this page, so I thought I’d add my 2c…

      It’s way better than the smackcoders one that runs on every page of your site, not just it’s own pages, and not just in it’s namespace… and yup it uses ioncode so it screws your whole site.

      I have to say in 2015 the WP-All Import is by far the most usable plugin.

  2. Hey Nikos,

    You’re right, we apologize, our plugin was buggy. We’ve devoted a ton of resources to development over the last month and we’ve ironed out almost all of the issues.

    It’s very stable now, and works 99% of the time.

    In the last month we fixed the issues with recurring/scheduled import functionality and added support for cron jobs.

    Today, we’ve just released a new version, 2.29, which adds support for files of unlimited size and unlimited records. We’ve tested it with files larger than 500Mb on shared hosting with no problems.

    We hope you’ll take another look at our plugin.


  3. I have the same opinion as Nikos, I bought the WP-AllImport Pro to import big files and is not working. I contacted the author and he said version 2.29 would fix the problem….have tested version 2.30 now and still not working with big files…….

    Have tried to contact the Author many times by his Support email and NO ANSWER at all.

    Would love to have a contact and fix the problem.

      1. Hi Raoni,

        We’ve replied. Please check the ticket URL for our updates as it appears for some reason you are not receiving our responses via e-mail.


        1. Hi, since here the reply is must fast, I will post here as well as the support system.
          Since I bought the plugin I could not use it. Every time is something different that happens….but you guys are looking to fix it…….I just would like to use as soon as possible, since I bought this plugin 20 days ago!!!

          I found another problem.

          If I upload the CSV file without the “Import Large File” checked, the content appear right with no problem.

          BUT if I check the “Import Large File” the same file the content appear with characters problem like the image attached. The accents are not coded right…….

          Can you have a look, please?! I really need this plugin working…

          Another question?

          If I choose Recurring Import > Daily, At what time will be triggered? Then I can schedule a cron job in my server.
          Also, this Recurring Import will be ok for large Imports????

          1. I’ve again replied to you via e-mail. Please check the ticket URL I pasted for you above for your responses.

        2. Hi, and I also replied yesterday that still not working large imports with accent characters. Could you have a look please?! I still cannot use the plugin since i bought many weeks ago!!!

          1. Yes, I know this. We look into your issues and we reply. We’ve replied to all of your e-mails as fast as we can. Our developers are looking into your issues, and we’ll get back to you with a fix. Please check the link in my comments above, because it appears you don’t always receive our e-mails when we send them.

  4. Hello, thanks for this article. I’ve installed Wp all import, looks amazing until…processing never ends, “Importing may take some time. Please do not close browser or refresh the page untill process is complete.”. It’s with the free version but I dropped an e-mail to ask if there was a solution before buying the premium plugin. No answer = not a good sign so far,so instead of buying I’m still looking for another XML reader. Have you tried DigitalQuill datafeed import?

    1. Sophie, we don’t have a support ticket from you. Send me an e-mail at [email protected] and I’ll give you a free copy of the paid edition to try.

      The free version hasn’t been updated in some time. We’ve recently updated the paid edition to be able to handle much larger files and import records more quickly.

  5. Hi Sophie, maybe Louis can give you some advice on that issue you are having. Sometimes it is problematic when importing many records, especially on certain hosts. I am going to take a look at DigitalQuill datafeed import as well.

  6. Hi
    I am using free version of wp all import

    it is working perfect


    I also use myreviewplugin and “all in one seo”

    myreview plugin created a field on post edit page named “affiliate link” and “address field”

    wp all import can’t support to upload data to myreviewplugin created fields and “all in one seo” fields

    so I didnt prefer to buy it

    wp all import only support standart wordpress fields

    is there any way to import data on to plugin created fields, when uploading the xml file to wordpress ?

    1. Caglar, If I were you, I would not buy this plugin…..Since I bought I have only problems………they try to fix it, but takes to long and every update they break everything. Not recommend!

      1. Every update we fix bugs, and it works for 99% of customers. Each time we’ve asked you to provide details about the problems you are having you haven’t, or you have posted here complaining first, before providing steps for us to duplicate the problem.

        We’re truly sorry for all the problems you are having. And if you provide us with exact steps to duplicate them, we can solve them.

        1. The problems is so many bugs. I tell you all the problems and give you access to my website. I know you are looking at the bugs, but there is so many and you take to long to fix. This last bug you already know what it is, but still not fixed for a week!! That’s the problem.. But it’s ok. I wait the fix again. And you already know the problem as you told me in the suport

    2. Calgar, the paid version of WP All Import does support Custom Fields, so you can import to plugin-created fields to fill MyReviewPlugin and AIOSEOP fields.


  7. Hi Louis
    I wanted to buy your plugin, but hesitated bacause of the some comments
    I have sent a ticked about myreviewplugin created fields (ticket #29568)
    but myreviewplugin support didnt answer my questions

    so now I cant insert data to myreviewplugin created fields,
    if I can give you my wordpres admin details, ( or on teamviewer )
    would you like to show me how to upload data to myreviewplugin created fields ?

  8. I haven’t tried this plugin, especially the paid one.
    I have been searching for some time now to be able to get a good plugin.
    I have been a member of Digitalquill for two years and had been using their plugin alongside a Shopperpress script.
    There appears to be parsing errors. I have been emailing, calling and skyping Matt Houldsworth the owner, but so far have had no reply since Christmas when he was going to look into it and all the while I am left unable to import.
    I am tempted with WP All Import, but before I shell out any more money I want to know it can cope with the file imports.

    Does it import automatically, and is it easy to set the auto import? What files can it import? RSS, CSV and XML? Finally how many products can it import at one time? I am currently limited to 500 using the Shopperpress theme, and can’t set the theme up to import the SEO factors.

  9. It works with XML and CSV. RSS is a type of XML so it will work with RSS.

    There’s no limit to the amount of products you can import at one time.

    You can configure it to import on a schedule using cron jobs.

    Let me know if that answers your questions.

  10. Thanks for the post.

    I really like WP All Import. I have not done any previous work with XML, but I am getting the hang of things. I need the pro version. At the moment I am using the lite version to test and see how it works on a test blog.

    But I am worried.

    I have sent support two emails (See email address here

    The first email was 14 Nov 2012, the second 24 Feb 2013. @Louis has not responded to any of the emails. ;-(

    Forking out $99 is a risk but it’s a greater risk if there’s no support. Sad really sad.

  11. Hi Johan,

    There is support, and its also not a risk because we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. We respond to almost all tickets in less than 24 hours, and fix the majority of bugs reported to us in well under a week.

    Our support e-mail address is [email protected]. If you send an e-mail to [email protected], you will get a receipt e-mail with a ticket ID confirming we’ve received your ticket. If you did not, check your spam folder.

    If you don’t get a ticket ID e-mail, it means we never received your request.

    You can send it again directly to me, [email protected].


    1. Hi Louis

      Thanks for the quick response. It’s great to know that you do respond 😉 And that’s more important to my than getting my money back.

      I believe my emails to you [email protected] probably ended up in your spam box. I have sent you my support questions from two different email accounts.

  12. The likely reason that your e-mails never got through to my support desk is because they had 15+ images and 15+ links… enough to set off even the most forgiving spam filter.

    I received your e-mails to my address [email protected] and I’ve responded. I’m also posting here because I’d like everyone reading to know that I take pride in the quality of support we provide – especially the quality we’ll provide going forward when we release version 3.

      1. That’s great, glad you’ve got this sorted Johan, happy to help in this case. Let this also be a perfect example of good communication from a developer’s end. Thanks Louis for your prompt reply and taking care that the case is resolved.

  13. I wanted to stop by and mention that we released version 3 of WP All Import today. It’s a HUGE upgrade. It’s much easier to use than 2.x, and it’s much more reliable.


  14. Dear All

    i want to import my csv content into the page of wordpress with accordion in the existing page.. Is it possible or not if it is possible then please tell me the name of plugin i am suffering from a weak with this prob…Please rply me on my e-mail

    Thank You in advance

  15. We’re using the pro version of WP AI including the Woocommerce Add On and it seems to be working fine though we’re still in development. I am running into an important issue:

    1. I want to be able to auto populate different tabs on the product page. At this point I can create the tabs (using Woocommerce Tab Manager Pro) but I can’t see how to import the XPath elements to the different tabs.

    Many people customize their product pages (Description, Additional Information, Features, whatever) and it would be important to be able to auto populate these tabs.

    In addition, we want some tabs to come from one source and some tabs to come from another source.

    I’m actively exchanging emails with [email protected] but they haven’t produced anything yet. At their request we purchased the Woocommerce Tab Manager Pro as they said we needed it to accomplish our goal. I sure hope it was worth the $99.

    I’ll be happy to report the solution if one presents itself.

    Jean I am new to your videos and so far they have been very informative and helpful. Thanks!

  16. Soflyy, please be aware of this company. They are not trustworthy. They promise you one thing and then, once you help them, they stop communicating with you …
    In this case I am talking about Louis, who treated me unfair.

    1. This is Louis. Can you tell me the specifics of what happened? If we’re in the wrong, we’d be happy to make it right.

  17. I think this speaks for itself:

    Here’s a comment from Louis Reingold, where he starts by calling a user a ‘jerk’, left on today in response to a bad review:

    Review (by flyfisher842):

    The one star is because the plugin can’t be tested adequately without spending 99 to 200 dollars. The free version only allows for testing of simple products and no variations. Apparently the developers could not figure out a way to allow 5 variation products to be input before the plugin would not allow any more.

    While the plugin does work, don’t waste your time on the free version. It is a waste of time for the reason stated above.

    Response (by Louis Reingold):

    Hi flyfisher842,

    Firstly, you’re a jerk.

    Secondly, you can test the full version right here:

    Thirdly, hard-coding an arbitrary limit into a plugin, as per your suggestion, is frowned upon by

    Lastly, this is official notice to not do business with us, ever. Even if you try WP All Import and like it, do not buy it. Keep your money, or spend it elsewhere. If you do buy it and we find out about it, we’ll cancel your account, terminate your license keys, and refund your money.

    -Louis Reingold
    Founder, Soflyy

    1. Firstly, we’re not immune to criticism. Some people have legitimate complaints about WP All Import. Sometimes we mess up a support ticket. Sometimes bugs are found in our plugin. We’re not perfect. We’re always working to be better, and when we get legitimate criticism, we take it seriously. That’s why we’ve been constantly improving WP All Import for the last four years.

      You can read 80 five star reviews on, read testimonials from well-known developers on our website, or simply e-mail us a support question if you want to know more about the level of service we provide.

      We have 9000 customers, and most want to engage in a win-win relationship with us. They give us money, and we give them great software and great support.

      But, when you’re dealing with 9000 people, some people just aren’t nice. Many companies have a policy of trying to make every customer happy – even the customers that try to take advantage of them.

      We’re different. We won’t waste any time on bad people, because we’d rather:

      1) Make WP All Import better.

      2) Provide high-quality support for existing customers.

      Most of our customers are awesome, and we prefer to devote our time to them than to waste it on the few bad apples that we inevitably run into.

      So when a jerk shows up at the door, we tell them to leave.

      Giving us a 1 star rating because we charge money for our pro version is like writing a 1 star review of a bakery on Yelp because they don’t have free samples of every pastry. It’s bad behavior, and people that do that are not welcome as customers.

      And in the case of Mastafu above – you can read the details here and decide for yourself: – in short, he tried to sell us copyrighted content and bully us into paying him for it by making threats to post negative comments about us online.

      1. There’s no doubt that there is a minority of stupid, rude, and unreasonable users/customers…. however:

        1. You have a lose-win business model, not a win-win business model. From a perspective, your model is: ‘waste the time of 10+ users to get 1 paying customer’. ratings represent the experience on (the merits of your business and/or your pro plugin are immaterial). IMO, you should count yourself lucky to only have 1 star ratings sitting at around 10%.

        2. Your plugin is deliberately crippled so as to funnel users to the pro version. If you want to use a bakery analogy, then it equates to missing ingredients (like flour and yeast) in your free bread samples. The review you got translates to ‘it didn’t taste good’ for that user and they didn’t want to pay $1-200 for a loaf of bread to begin with. Your response was a Seinfeld-esque ‘no bread for you’!

        1. Our free version is crippled? What world do you live in? It’s one of the most comprehensive import solutions out there and we have waaaaaaaay more ACTIVE free version installs than we do of the pro version.

          A waste of time? No way.

          Anyway, most of our free version users disagree with you.

          >> ratings [should] represent the experience on

          Maybe you’re right. I’d love it if the plugins directory was more awesome. There are tons of things the meta team would like to do, but they don’t have unlimited time and resources.

          Want to make it better? Do it:

          1. I live in this world:

            * 170000+ downloads, only 20000+ ‘active’ installs (let’s round it up to a 15% acceptance rate). Hardly supports your assertion that ‘most of our free version users disagree with you’. On the contrary, it seems that 85% of users agree with me.

            * Over 40% of that 20000 haven’t bothered to update to version 3.2 (released 4 months ago I think)

            * That leaves 12000, but remember that ‘active’ is just a status, it doesn’t mean that the user loves the plugin and uses it every day. Have you seen many typical dashboards? Usually I find lots of ‘active’ plugins that haven’t been used in months if not years.

            * Now let’s consider your avg daily downloads of about 150-200. If the average user keeps your plugin ‘active’ for 7 days before removing, then that would further reduce the figure by about 1200. Let’s make it 1000 on the basis that some probably do like it and keep it longer than that.

            * So, now we’re at around 11000. That doesn’t fit with the number of a’s you used in ‘we have waaaaaaaay more ACTIVE free version installs than we do of the pro version.’ I’d probably use between 1.2 to 1.3 a’s in the word ‘way’ in your situation. For 8 a’s, I’d expect it to be at least 8 times as many active users over paid users. At least that’s how we do it here.

            * As I already mentioned, +10% of your reviews are 1 star. Most businesses would be alarmed at such a high dissatisfaction rate.

            * Seems to be lots of disgruntled free and paid users in this thread too.

            I stand by the term ‘crippled’, and for the reasons above I doubt I’m alone in thinking so. We both know that users can’t get far without custom fields. What about compatibility with the excellent free plugin ACF? How do I import to a custom post type with the free version of your plugin? Maybe I bought a theme and I want to populate a portfolio or team member custom post type. Can I do that with the free version (genuine question, haven’t tried yet)? I’m migrating 300 posts in a simple blog with some wordpress seo custom field data. Using the free version, I need to manually re-enter all the WordPress SEO data for each post don’t I?

            What rating should a user give when they find that the free version is impractical for whatever their real world usage scenarios are?

        2. You lack an understanding of the way plugin download counts work on, so let me educate you:

          The download count is not measuring unique users. The count includes plugin update downloads. So the actual total downloads number is almost completely irrelevant. And the rest of your argument is based on that number. Oops.

          Then you claimed we have a “high dissatisfaction rate” based on our reviews on, even though our average rating is 4.4 stars and we have almost 100 5 star reviews. Who exactly are you comparing us to?

          WooCommerce? We are tied.

          Jetpack? We are doing better.

          And WooCommerce and Jetpack are arguably the two greatest WordPress plugins in the history of WordPress.

          Let me reiterate that again.

          You claimed we have a “high dissatisfaction rate” and should be “alarmed”.

          Yet, our “satisfaction rate” (based on your nonsensical calculation of what a satisfaction rate should be) is HIGHER than Jetpack’s rate and as good as WooCommerce’s rate.

          Then you pulled more numbers out of nowhere: “That leaves 12000 … 150-200 … average user keeps your plugin ‘active’ for 7 days before removing … further reduce the figure by about 1200 … make it 1000 on the…” to arrive at this conclusion:

          >> That doesn’t fit with the number
          >> of a’s you used in ‘we have waaaaaaaay
          >> more ACTIVE free version installs than
          >> we do of the pro version.’ I’d probably use
          >> between 1.2 to 1.3 a’s in the word ‘way’
          >> in your situation. For 8 a’s, I’d expect
          >> it to be at least 8 times as many active
          >> users over paid users.

          Now you’re claiming to know our active number of paid version installs? Your guess is waaaaaaaay off.

          Keep in mind that we’ve been selling the paid version much longer than the free version, and most of our paid version installs do not come from customers who used the free version first, so even if your guess was correct, your attempt to imply people don’t get much use out of the free version and either get rid of it or upgrade to the paid version would still be wrong.

          >> We both know that users can’t get far without custom fields.

          I beg to differ. But you’re right about one thing: the free version doesn’t import Custom Fields. It doesn’t have every single feature of the pro version. Just most. Obviously we can’t give the whole thing away for free. What else do want us to take out of the free version instead? Or are you like the reviewer you originally sympathized with, who wants EVERYTHING to be free?

          >> How do I import to a custom post type
          >> with the free version of your plugin?
          >> Maybe I bought a theme and I want to
          >> populate a portfolio or team member
          >> custom post type. Can I do that with
          >> the free version (genuine question,
          >> haven’t tried yet)?

          You choose the post type from the dropdown on the first screen of the plugin – it’s hard to miss.

          But wait. That’s really a “genuine question”?

          PLEASE tell me you’re not actually considering USING WP All Import after you showed up here and talked trash about us, are you?

          Get lost.

          … … …

          For anyone else reading who thinks I’m a dick to customers… I’m usually not. I only am to people like this.

          Here you can read 97 five-star reviews of WP All Import:

          Many praise our awesome support.

          Some recent comments there are “GREAT PLUGIN EVEN GREATER SUPPORT”, “Saves me loads of time and works flawlessly!”, “Works Great”, “great support”, “Good support”, “Great Support”, and “great support”. I didn’t cherry pick these. They are simply the titles of the last 7 reviews posted on at the time I wrote this comment.

          You can try WP All Import (pro) and see if it meets your needs right here:

          We also have a 30 day money back guarantee, but you won’t need it – of all the plugins I know of with a 30 day money back guarantee (I talk with other plugin developers and we share some numbers on occasion), ours has the LOWEST refund rate I’ve ever heard of.

          And if you’re interested in the free version – our FREE plugins can do things today than the paid ones couldn’t even do in March 2013 when we first released v3.

          WooCommerce simple product imports in a simple interface that looks like WooCommerce? Not even close to possible in March 2013, but 100% free today.

  18. “The download count is not measuring unique users. The count includes plugin update downloads. So the actual total downloads number is almost completely irrelevant. And the rest of your argument is based on that number. Oops.”

    True but debatable. In fact, the rest of my argument was based on ‘active installs’, and you totally missed the point. You previously claimed that you had lots of free users to prove that the free version was popular. You’ve so far failed to demonstrate that 1. there are lots of free users that love your plugin and 2. that it isn’t ‘crippled’.

    “Now you’re claiming to know our active number of paid version installs? Your guess is waaaaaaaay off.”

    I based my estimate on what you yourself wrote on 9 Feb: “We have 9000 customers, and most want to engage in a win-win relationship with us.”

    You also failed to explain when it’s ok for a user to give your plugin 1 star on What are the rating ‘rules’ Louis? Your company has taken out some major features. Not a criticism, just a fact. However, if a user finds that those features are crucial and make the plugin useless for their use case, and results in wasting their time, what rating should that particular user give the plugin?

    1. >> 2. that it isn’t ‘crippled’.

      By your definition of crippled, every single piece of free software that also has a paid version available is crippled, because the paid version includes things that aren’t in the free version, and let’s be honest, some people want those things and will have to pay for them.

      >> You’ve so far failed to demonstrate that 1.
      >> there are lots of free users that love your plugin

      * 20,000 ACTIVE free version installs as reported by Nearly 60% on 3.2.x, released less than 4 months ago.

      * 4.4 average rating on, and ~100 5 star reviews (To be fair, some are for the pro version)

      * We provide support for free version users so we know we have a lot that are using it. And we know what they’re using it for and that they’re getting a lot of mileage out of it. Most have no need to upgrade to the pro version. And they write us saying “Wow, this plugin is awesome, thanks so much.”

      * Only two complaints posted on about the free version not having a necessary feature, out of 20,000 active installs. One claiming he couldn’t test the variation import functionality and therefore gave it a 1 star rating. The other claiming the free version “did nothing” so gave it a 1 star rating.

      We know our free to pro upgrade rate. We know where our pro version users comes from – most are not users of the free version first. Most free version users never upgrade. Yet, they are still “ACTIVE” installs, and they still updated the plugin very recently. I wonder why they did that?

      I’ve never got more positive feedback about software than I have about WP All Import (both free and pro) and I’ve been doing plugins, both paid and free, since 2008.

      1. Just a side note here as I’m looking at all these figures being bandied about. Having 9,000 active paying customers is impressive taking into consideration the 20,000 active installations of the free version. That’s almost half and is awesome from a product seller’s standpoint. My plugin has similar numbers for free version active installations but the paid users are way less.

        It might also have something to do with the fact that you offer lifetime licenses rather than the more standard yearly renewals. I think it’s a clever move on your end to charge a bit more upfront but give them a lifetime license rather than charge less and have them renew yearly. Renewal rates seem to be low across the board and I would imagine they would be lower for this kind of plugin where usage tends to be high in the beginning and then tapers off. I might be wrong as I don’t know all the use cases, but that’s my impression.

        Thanks for taking the time to reply to comments btw. If anything, I think the fact that Louis actively monitors all that’s being said about his plugin and takes an interest into each and every case shows how passionate he is about his product and that’s always a very good sign.

        1. Well, most of our customers don’t come from the free version. And we’ve also been distributing the paid version for much longer than the free version.

          Also, the 20,000 number is active free version installs. We have a lot more than 20,000 people that have ever used the free version. And the 9000 number is not active, it’s total.

          So while I wish it was nearly half, my best guess is about 5% of free version users have or will ever buy anything from us (pro version or add-ons).

        2. Jean

          Passion is admirable in certain circumstances, but in this case it signifies immaturity and a lack of professionalism. It’s never ok to call a user/customer a jerk over a simple difference of opinion/perception.

  19. been using WP all import for some time, but i’m really happy about the functions in this plugin. I also like to mention that there are some bugs still present in todays version.

    When you are using many feeds the plugin gets broken, after that it’s useless, and you need to reinstall wordpress because somehow the wp-all-import-pro.php file keeps getting deleted, and when you try to add a new feed it keeps telling me to “specify a file to import.”

    In potential this is a great plugin, but the bugs in this plugin makes you wan’t to destroy you computer because you have to start over the whole website.

    1. If you e-mail our support team we’d be happy to investigate.

      But what you just wrote here is simply not true, so you’ll have to give an accurate description of the problems you are actually encountering if you want us to solve them.

      We are 100% sure that you are mistaken in your assumption that WP All Import stops working correctly after importing more than X number of fees.

      In addition, there’s no bug in WP All Import that would cause the wp-all-import-pro.php file to be deleted. There’s not a single line of code anywhere in WP All Import that could even delete the plugin file in the first place. And even if that did happen, it certainly wouldn’t require you to re-install WordPress.

      >> “specify a file to import”

      You could be out of disk space, but that’s just a guess. If you e-mail the support team we can tell you exactly why you get an error when you try to upload a file in step 1 when creating a new import.

  20. Hi Jean,

    I was wondering if you know of any plugins that can import data to a WP DB Table with tabular data that has been created with phpMyAdmin – I have tried many of these, and it seems they can import to regular WP DB tables like Posts, Pages, Comments, Users, etc. – but not to a completely new user-created table in WP.

    Any ideas? Anyone?



  21. I bought ultimate csv imoprter based on the description of its functionality. I had problems form the outset, which I tried to sort out with support. They often came back to me saying an issue had been fixed when it had not. After a week I ended up with a bunch of workarounds and still with issues unfixed. I was on a deadline so purchased WP ALL import. It worked perfectly within 1 hour and has a much better interface. I asked for a refund and was told no. I pushed for a refund and was finally told I would get one. That was 2 weeks ago. The support are now ignoring all emails I send to them. This products does not work as described and the company that makes it are liars. Save yourself a lot of time and money and buy WP All Import.

  22. WP Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin has been withdrawn – the links are down and the Google cached copy relates many problems including (it broke my site after deactivating)
    Might be worth considering removing the reference?

  23. I think their business practice was one of the reasons for their removal. Not sure what happened to them as a company. Seems they had been around for a long time, had many good reviews but suddenly they imploded. I personally lost around £80 to them.

  24. Hi,

    More then 1 weeks ago use wp all import free version and still active until now.
    I have more than 80.000 x 6 fields data to export from csv to wp post.

    Thank’s for this awesome plugin.

  25. All Import / All Export Plugin is useless for blogs. It has an export feature for post comments, but you can’t import the comments, only posts & images. It only does half the job because the comments to a post are just as important as the post itself. What plugin offers 3 import aspects of a post to export, but can only import 2 /3 of those aspects. Also the default delimiter , doesn’t work. It only imported about 80% of the blog posts. The rest had to be added manually. It also messed up multiple categories saving multiple categories in the new blog as one long string category like this category a | category b | category c. This plugin is not worth the money.

    1. One clarification – it only imported about 80% of the post images. The rest of the images to those 20% of posts had to be added manually.

    2. One clarification – it only imported about 80% of the post images. The rest of the images to those 20% of posts had to be added manually.

  26. Hi,
    I’m building a medicinal plants web site, importing content from a legacy Microsoft Access database, I exported each MDB table to a csv file. I now have about 20 csv files I would like to import to the medicinal plant custom post – I used Advanced Custom Fields Pro and CPT-UI to create the custom post.
    Each row in each csv file is only a part of the complete post, when I have imported all the csv files I will have a complete post.
    The csv files contain repeater fields, multi select taxonomies and flexible content fields, so it’s not feasable for me to create a single csv file.
    Really appreciate any help or suggestions on the best way to import these csv files.

    1. WP All Import can import data to ACF repeaters and assign multiple taxonomies to each post. I’m not sure about ACF flexible content fields – if you e-mail our support at [email protected] with more details about the flexible content fields they can tell you if WP All Import can do it.

      -Louis (WP All Import founder)

  27. the concrete, under high stresses it may pull out of the concrete, an event that often as well as the studs and joists (if these areas are opened up) Keep in mind not wear this one out its sturdy enough to stand a massive amount of weight on NFLCommissioner RogerGoodell. “He is a proven businessman and has experienced success in all of his sports

  28. Hi there, thanks Jean for your article.

    Do you or anybody else know a plugin which is able to publish XML files automatically as soon as the XML file is uploaded on my server?

    Background: A news agency uploads several times a day new XML files on my server. As I am not available 24h a day but as I want to publish the hot news from the agency as soon as it is uploaded – for example also during the night time – how can I standardize this process that articles are published as soon as the XML file is uploaded in the server folder?

    Thanks in advance for an answer!

  29. I used, or tried to use, WP ALL IMPORT tonight and it kept importing my csv delimited file into a single column. Could not get it to stop doing it. My recommendation is to say that the imitation is the best form of flattery. MS Excel had one of the best importing tools for Excel and Access which stepped you through the file, asked if the file was delimited or fixed width, then the next step was to select the delimiter and the text delimiter and then you were in preview mode of how the files split and life is good. In Access you would then map to columns on a table. Never got that far with WP ALL Import.

    Next I tried Really SImple CSV and that product has not been updated now in about 3 years if I recall. It picked up the file and said “ta-dah – all done” So I looked at Posts and nada. Dropped that.

    Next I went to CSV Importer and Exporter. Easiest import process, mapping columns to columns and then when I got to importing the url for images BOOM – screw you hippie, nothing if you don’t GO PRO!!! For the small fee of $149. WTF? $149 for image url’s? DELETED

    Next up – honest to God, it’s probably easier to do it in PHPMyAdmin. Import the CSV – it will automatically parse it into columns and you can indicate first row is names and boom. There is a table with the data. Now write a simple SQL script to insert data from table CSV_Import into wp_post. Post id is automatically generated and you hit run and your done. Gheesshh – plugins for things you should probably learn to do by hand.

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