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Best Elementor Pro Templates: 160+ Full Template Kits from Darrel Wilson

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Searching for the best Elementor Pro templates to use as a foundation for your designs? In this post, we curate some of our favorite designs from Darrel Wilson's collection of 160+ full Elementor Pro template kits.
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Searching for the best Elementor Pro templates to save time when creating websites?

While Elementor Pro gives you all the power you need to design custom websites from scratch, working from a blank slate still eats up a lot of time and is tough sledding if you’re not an experienced designer.

But with the right template, you can start from an almost-finished foundation and just tweak things according to your needs.

To help you find the “right template”, Darrel Wilson, a popular WordPress YouTuber, just released his own collection of 160+ Elementor Pro templates on his website.

These aren’t just individual page templates, either – they’re full template kits that include pre-built designs for all of a website’s core templates and pages. In fact, you can kind of think of them as complete “themes”, just built with Elementor Pro.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to some of the best Elementor Pro templates from Darrel’s collection and then share some more details on pricing and what you get with each template.

Sounds good? Let’s dig in!

Darrel Wilson Elementor Pro templates

Some of the Best Elementor Pro Templates From Darrel’s Collection

If you want to browse all 160+ templates, you can head to the full Elementor Pro template list. If you click on a specific template, you can easily access a live demo of that template to see exactly what it’s like.

However, to give you an idea of what these templates look like and make things a little easier for you, I’ve curated eight of my favorite templates below.

1. Edge – Elementor Agency Template

Edge creative agency template

The Edge template kit is a modern-looking template that works great for creative agencies or freelancers. I could also see it working well for generally any type of business with a creative bent.

One of the coolest things about Edge is its vertical menu complete with a slide-out panel. It’s definitely a unique feature that works well in creative spaces.

If you like these creative types of designs, Darrel offers a bunch of other creative agency Elementor templates including Ozilla, Crispin, and others.

2. Presto – Elementor Blog Template

Presto blog template

The Presto template kit is a dedicated Elementor blog template that can work well for both personal and business blogs.

The homepage has a unique look, with half the page covered by a hero section and the other by the blog list. It also offers a cool slide-out menu that covers the full screen when expanded.

The individual blog post template uses the same half-half approach, with the title and featured image on one side and the blog content on the other. With the right imagery, this offers a pretty striking layout.

If you want to create a blog, you can also check out other blogging templates including the Blanche sports blog template, the Techreff tech reviews template, the Novine food blog template, and the Travely travel blog template.

3. Pearl – Elementor WooCommerce Template

Pearl WooCommerce template

Darrel offers a number of Elementor Pro WooCommerce templates, but I like the Pearl template kit for its simple, modern design.

It offers plenty of white space and doesn’t complicate things, which gives your product imagery a place to shine.

It also includes other nice features such as a built-in opt-in popup that you can use to grow your store’s email list.

To see some other examples, you can check out all of Darrel’s WooCommerce-compatible Elementor templates here.

4. Cypress – Elementor Course Template

Cypress online course template

The Cypress template kit is a great option if you want to build an online course website using Elementor.

It offers a clean design, along with pre-built pages to help you showcase all of your courses and convert visitors.

If you’re building lots of course templates with Elementor, you can also consider other course templates such as Oxvada, Hoomstudy, and lots of others. Currently, Darrel offers 10+ Elementor course templates, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

5. Burgerbros – Elementor Restaurant Template

Burgerbros restaurant template

Darrel’s collection includes a few different Elementor restaurant templates, but I like the Burgerbros template because of its bold imagery and built-in support for using WooCommerce as a restaurant ordering system.

You can also find templates for other types of cuisines and restaurant types, including cafes, bakeries, fine dining, catering, and more.

6. Techreff

Techreff review template

I mentioned the Techreff template kit above, but I think it’s worth a dedicated look because it makes a great option for any type of review blog.

While it positions itself as primarily being for tech and gadget reviews, you could easily use it to review other types of products, too.

I especially like the built-in subscribe form on the top navigation bar, as well as just generally the clean modern look.

7. Lynx – Personal CV Elementor Template

Lynx personal CV template

The Lynx template kit is a great-looking Elementor template to help you create a personal resume website/CV. If you want to build a professional presence for your personal brand to help you land that next job or client, it’s a great one to use.

If you’re looking at this use case, you can also consider the HiJason template, which serves a similar purpose.

8. Natuna – Software and SaaS Elementor Template

Natuna software template

The Natuna template kit makes a great option for any type of software or SaaS business. It offers a clean design, along with a built-in lead generation form in the hero section.

If needed, you could easily replace the lead generation form with a CTA button leading to your sales or signup page.

Darrel also offers several other software company Elementor templates if you’re interested in this use case.

What’s Included In an Elementor Template Kit?

As I mentioned above, these Elementor Pro templates are not just individual page designs – they’re complete website kits.

So – what’s included in a website kit?

The basic idea is that it includes all of the individual templates that you need to build a website, including Elementor Pro Theme Builder templates, relevant page templates (e.g. Home, About, Contact), popup templates, and more.

You can see the exact list of page templates on each template’s sales page, but here’s an example of all the different templates you’ll find in the average template kit:

  • Home
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Optin Popup
  • Offcanvas
  • About
  • 404
  • Archive
  • Single post
  • Style Guide
  • Coming Soon
  • Contact Us
  • Team
  • Services
  • Career
  • Blog

You can easily import all of the templates with just a few clicks using Elementor’s built-in import tool. Here’s a video that Darrel created to show the full import process:

Darrel Wilson Elementor Pro Templates Pricing

To access Darrel’s Elementor Pro templates, you have two options.

First, you can purchase individual templates for $20 each. That purchase includes lifetime updates for that specific template along with six months of support.

Alternatively, you can purchase the Full access pass, which gives you access to all of the current templates along with all future templates (Darrel is currently aiming to add around 10 new templates each month).

Beyond that, the Full access pass also gets you two years of support, along with lifetime updates for all of the templates.

If you build a lot of sites with Elementor, the Full access pass will probably offer the best value.

On the other hand, if you’re just building a personal site, you might just want to purchase an individual template, which is quite affordable.

Here’s a full comparison of the offerings:

Elementor Pro templates basic vs ful access

Just remember that all of these templates rely on features in Elementor Pro, so you’ll also need an active Elementor Pro license to use them. Make sure to check our Elementor Pro discount page to get the best deal on your purchase if you don’t already have an Elementor Pro license.

Get Started With These Elementor Templates Today

If you’re searching for Elementor templates, Darrel’s Elementor Pro templates collection is a great place to get started, with over 160+ template kits on offer.

You can import a complete template kit to quickly set up your entire site, including all the key pages and theme templates. Then, you can easily customize things according to your needs using Elementor’s flexible interface.

If you want to learn more about using Elementor, you can also check out Darrel’s WordPress YouTube channel for tons of tutorials on broad topics (e.g. building a website) as well as specific use cases (e.g. making your website accessible).

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