Best Form Plugins for WordPress

Written by Jean Galea
Written by Jean Galea
Forms are an essential part of every website, so lets take a look at the best plugins for forms in WordPress.

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Forms are an essential part of every website, so lets take a look at the best plugins for forms in WordPress.

Gravity Forms

gravity forms

Gravity Forms is one of the best forms plugin for WordPress. Use it to create the most simple of contact forms up to multi-step user content submission forms on the front end of your site. It’s form builder is super easy and can create all kinds of forms imaginable. You can even create forms that enter content into custom post types.

You can also create conditional fields, and this works very nicely when you want to create order forms. Gravity forms can therefore be used to sell products from your site, and users can also customise the product and get an updated price before they purchase.

Download Gravity Forms



If you use WordPress, require custom forms and don’t like wasting time or simply don’t want to touch any code then this is the must have tool for you.

Quform is an advanced WordPress plugin that allows you to create multiple forms quickly and easily. Using the form builder is made simple with drag and drop and one click functionality and it works in all major browsers. It’s compatible with WordPress versions 3.1 and above. Not only does the Quform take care of the functionality, it can very easily make your form look great too with a built-in CSS styling system and the option to create your own form themes.  If it’s a complex quote or booking form or just a simple contact form, Quform will allow you to do this without touching any code. In a few clicks you will have a fully functional form. It’s that simple.

Download Quform


Ether wordpress form builder

Ether Form Builder WordPress Plugin is a newer form building tool aided with visual composer allowing creation of complex form layouts easily. It comes equipped with all commonly used form elements as well as some extra widgets accessible via interactive Drag & Drop interface. No coding knowledge required. Ether Forms is a standalone plugin fully compatible with Ether Content Builder – largely popular top content composer for WordPress.

Download Ether Forms Builder



  1. Drag and drop builder. No coding knowledge required
  2. Multi-column form layout (new feature)
  3. Ajax-based form submission and validation. No page reloads.
  4. Responsive forms
  5. Use forms in a Popup Box
  6. Multiple File Uploader with progress bar. No flash needed.
  7. Forms can be used through a shortcode, or added as a widget. You can also call the forms through a simple PHP function
  8. Well documented
  9. Excellent support

Download nForms WordPress Form Builder

Ninja Forms

WordPress › Ninja Forms « WordPress Plugins

Ninja Forms is a full-featured form creation framework for WordPress. It allows you to easily and quickly design complex forms through a drag and drop interface and absolutely no code. But for you developers it has a ton of hooks and filters so you can do absolutely anything with this powerful form building framework.

Download Ninja Forms

Formidable Pro

Formidable Pro — WordPress Forms

Quickly and easily build forms with a simple drag-and-drop interface and in-place editing. There are dozens of form-building plugins out there to create forms, but most are confusing and overly complicated. With Formidable, it is easy to create forms within a simple drag-and-drop interface. You can construct custom forms or generate them from a template. Shortcodes can be used as well as spam catching services.

Download Formidable Pro

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13 Responses

  1. Hello everybody!

    As already mentioned in another article, we also decided to develop our own WordPress form plugin, PlanSo Forms: or

    In the process of optimizing our webpage we were testing and using several of the above-mentioned plugins. We definitely can recommend several of those. However, none really satisfied our requirements so that we decided to launch our own plugin.

    Feel free to check it out and let us know how you like it!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hey Jean,

    Nicely wrote and found great collection of various plugin in one go. I was also looking for wordpress plugin for form builder. While searching I also found a nice web form builder plugin powered by which I think you should even try.

  3. I was thinking about using gravity forms, my only confer is that my current theme has a built in form and I wasn’t sure if there would be any sort of problem adding a new form into the mix. Any suggestions?

  4. Hi Jean, thanks for this post.

    I am looking for a WP Form Builder where we can build a form with 4 columns wide.
    Do you know of any possible solution?

    Thanks & Regards,

  5. Grunion is still the best simple forms plugin IMO. Unfortunately it is no longer supported since it was killed off in favour of the silly Jetpack plugin 🙁

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