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A Landing Page is used to attract customers, so it certainly plays an important role for any online entrepreneur. Landing Pages, with their catchy headlines, lots of sales copy and possibly videos and testimonials, will help you attract new visitors and make those all-important sales.
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A Landing Page is used to attract customers, so it certainly plays an important role for any online entrepreneur. Landing Pages, with their catchy headlines, lots of sales copy and possibly videos and testimonials, will help you attract new visitors and make those all-important sales.

In this post I would like to show you some of the best landing page themes. All of them have really great design, good structure and various features which are very important for sales pages.

Do you have a Landing Page on your product’s website? If you don’t you’re missing out on lots of sales and conversions. I’m sure that out of all these templates you will find a suitable one which will be great for your website. Don’t miss out and take action today!



More details | Price: $58

Get JustLanded



More details | Price: $58

Get Launchkit



More details | Price: $43

Get Landlr



More details | Price: $49

Get Landing



More details | Price: $58

Get Kodax

App Pro


More details | Price: $49

Get App Pro

Landing Page


More details | Price: $29

Get Landing Page



More details | Price: $38

Get Petrichor



More details | Price: $43

Get Appster



More details | Price: $28

Get Nostalgia



More details | Price: $33

Get Caelus



More details | Price: One of 54 themes in the GraphPaperPress plans

Get Intra



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Get Cayse



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Get LandX



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Get Permatex


More details | Price: $39

Get Convertible

OptimizePress Landing Pages


More details | Prices vary

Get OptimizePress Landing Pages

UPDATE: This post was updated in June 2015. The old themes were almost completely replaced due to not being updated for a very long time or simply being removed for good.

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13 Responses

  1. I spent a lot of time looking for a way to create a landing page with minimal effort and found this universal template . I hope you’ll find my comment helpful. What do you think about this template?

  2. I would like to add to this list which is a responsive premium landing page theme with landing page builder, customizable header and banner sections, multiple landing pages etc. — great for quickly clicking together a landing page 🙂

  3. A disappointing list. Yes these are landing page templates but NOT for WordPress. You will need to hire someone else to convert these designs if you buy most of these. DO not buy…do your research and look on Themeforest and double-check for WordPress compatibility. This post misleads you…. There is only one in this list that can be used for WordPress right away.

    1. Apologies for this Susan, I’ve double checked and you are right. We will try to create another roundup of landing pages specific to WordPress.

  4. Welcome Martin, haven’t done any in depth testing of these themes when it comes to speed, but taking a look at the front end code through ‘view source’ you can get a good idea how they are built.

  5. That’s incredibly helpful thank you been on the lookout for a collection of landing page themes. I’ve Tweeted this as well.

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