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Best of the Latest Free WordPress Themes 2016

What criterion actually defines this ‘best’? Check this carefully selected collection of great latest free WordPress themes to find out more.
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What actually defines this ‘best’? What criterion was taken to provide you with trusted information? It’s hard to be completely objective when it comes to such kind of evaluation (by the way, is there any situation that can be judged fully objectively?). And the ‘last say’ is eventually taken by one’s taste.

So, when I claim I am going to choose the best among latest free designs on the WordPress repository, I definitely must share my criteria with you. In a nutshell, they are as follows:

Overall design. There are a lot of great clean designs now. I’m personally excited to see more users got hooked on clean design. Who dictates this trend? Web creators, marketers, end users? I believe it is a demand of time only.

The entire world of technology strives to shorten and minimize everything for ‘always in hurry’ lifestyle of modern people. Minimalistic and clean designs are known for their user-friendliness, so website owners are more likely to choose them. It should not be necessarily blank web template with a couple of menu buttons. The main idea here is ‘everything in its place’, no matter how many content blocks are on the site. Moreover, it’s all about visual attractiveness as well. Pleasing the eye matters and will always do.

Multipurpose functionality.  Each website always requires its separate set of features, so it’s never clear how many WordPress plugins should be installed additionally during the actual customization. Usually, the initial design offers general multipurpose features, but not always. Or sometimes they are not good enough or have some bugs (this is why it’s a great experience to always run demo and try everything in action).

Conceptuality. I personally highly rate this criterion. It may not be entirely clear how good a WordPress design is from this standpoint, which generic design can complete and reflect your brand, which design will help the website promotion, etc. So, it’s more about personal choice. However, I believe genuine creativity won’t go unnoticed.

WordPress takes care of you

Yes. If the theme is already on the WordPress repository, it automatically means that it undergone a lot of testings and revisions by the WordPress community, so in most cases you can rest assured that the theme is technically reliable.

More details will go with each free WordPress template of the latest releases. One last notice, the descriptions below are what is called assessed ‘in vacuum’, so it’s better to keep in mind to what exactly extent any particular design will suit your further website ‘personalization’.


Dyad WordPress theme

Hey perfectionists, grab this beautiful and highly balanced theme! All text excerpts with images get equal billing on the main blog page and look very professional. Pinterest lovers will also value the layouts of Dyad.

The creators of the theme claim that it was developed for photographers, foodies, artists, and anyone who is looking for a strong photographic presence on their website. I believe it will also perfectly suit any personal travel blog or even corporate travel agency blog. The theme can be easily edited with a help of the WordPress Customizer. Creative theme name, by the way!

Emmet Lite

Emmet Free WordPress theme

Probably one of the most functionally powerful and feature-rich of the latest business themes. The combination of rather a matte colors is also very pleasant. The theme supports a range of plugins like WooCommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress to help you build a profitable online project and get high conversions.

A lot of cool animation, readable typography, custom icons and much more will serve you in building any multipurpose website. One more big plus is that the theme is very much like One page style, which is very trendy, easy to navigate and provides quick visualization of all the offerings and features. Whether you’re a freelancer or an entrepreneur, I believe Emmet Lite will help you create and maintain the online part of your business easily.

SKT Launch

SKT Launch Free WordPress Theme

The design of SKT Launch is quite classical (a great concept, too) and extremely clean. It stands out because it can be used to launch any product, eBook, theme, app, or serve as a landing page for product on any kind of a website.

It’s very flexible and dynamic ensuring high user-friendliness. All the features you would probably need to see in the theme are already implemented: SKT Launch is WooCommerce, Nextgen gallery, WordPress SEO and Contact form 7 compatible and qTranslate-X for multilingual and translation ready. By the way, 500+ active installs is a great start!


Magnus Free WordPress theme

Magnus means ‘great’ in Latin and this name undoubtedly fits the theme. It’s a genuine example of clean design, creativity and conceptuality for any photoblogging website. The theme is created by ‘experimental WordPress theme foundry’ and this fresh vision of web design can become your nontrivial blog.

Choosing this theme you are getting an opportunity to feature your photos in bold way with maximum profoundness. Plus, the typography is very clean and readable as well (Karla for paragraphs and Montserrat Google fonts for headers).

The full-width images using CSS3 keyframes animation with the scale property create a great smooth navigation effect. The theme also includes tasteful CSS animations for menus, toggling, and page transitions. The theme already caught 5 stars from several users, it means a lot for a new theme, right?


Materialize Free WordPress theme

White and super clean layout in combination with a full range of features can result in successful website of any sort. The theme creators list numerous niches the site can be used in. Among them are business, corporate, portfolio, products, creative, arts, design, construction, transport, manufacturing, ecology, cosmetics, beauty, etc.

In short, a universal and elegant solution for any WordPress website. I believe it will especially serve good as online business card. If you get the theme, note that the images with transparent background in header would suit the best.


Nordic Free WordPress theme

Nordic looks really cool and simple with its outstanding fonts, readable typography and clean layout. This is a fully responsive theme great for blogging, blogging and one more time blogging. It’s really fresh and a kind of ‘positive’ solution with minimal and casual design for a regular updated website.


Acmeblog Free WordPress theme

AcmeBlog theme can result in a memorable and feature-rich blog, news, fashion, cookery, or any other magazine site. The theme design is very elegant and the color scheme is truly harmonic. One huge advantage is a lot of easy customization tools to design any part of the site: header (logo, date, search and social icons), featured section, sidebar, or inner pages.

You can also edit footer content, adjust the entire layout and change the color scheme of the site. With extra theme options, you can add breadcrumb feature. You may discover more great options by visiting a theme homepage.


PhotoPerfect Free WordPress theme

The theme name speaks for itself. It’s supplied with all the needed features that creative photography theme requires: elegant fonts and designs of the content blocks and an opportunity to present the images in the spotlight. It’s also well-documented, fully responsive and cross-browser compatible. Smooth hover effects on each image make surfing through the theme very dynamic. One of the coolest latest themes for picky photographers!

Shophistic Lite

Shophistic Lite Free WordPress Theme

Sophistic Lite is a smart designer solution your eCommerce presence. When I go to buy anything online, my top requirements for the shop are user-friendliness, fast-loading pages, proper categorization of the items, quick checkout process and a good choice of safe ways to pay. It looks like this theme fully meets the expectations of any customer because of the template’s functionality and of course full integration with WooCommerce plugin. No distracting elements in the design is also a very pleasing nuance.

Curiosity Lite

Curiosity Lite Free WordPress themes

All design die-hards, pay attention to this theme for your news website or online magazine. Curiosity Lite is a memorable and creative newspaper style magazine theme supplied with a lot of powerful features to make the site visitors immediately bookmark the site. It’s perfect for various types of content, like museum, fashion, photography, travelling, and any other kind of art and science-related websites.

Ann Taylor
Ann Taylor
Ann Taylor is an overall WordPress, open source and dark folk music fan. Tweet her @mainoxa to discuss all things WordPress.

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15 Responses

  1. These really are some of the best WordPress themes. They look fresh and all of them have a different feel about them. I hate it when I see several themes that I fancy. It’s hard making the choice! I have found other WordPress Free themes

  2. Hello Ann and sktthemes,
    maybe I was a bit too direct, sorry for that, but as I read the description on this page, ( title “free themes”) , and thereby got interested in the theme and then look at the theme page too find out that the list of options has just all red crosses because there is a pro version with all these options I feel slightly cheated.
    Do not get me wrong! for all my sites I use Pro versions of themes ( weaver extreme / divi etc) and plugins.
    Ann: maybe the next time you could use “freemium” instead of “free” in the title of your posts?


    1. Ho Eric! People don’t normally google for ‘freemium’. In fact, free and premium are 2 different zip folders, so free theme is more organic and correct name here.

  3. Free themes????? The SKT Launch “free” theme has no options at all! all options in the Pro version. So i’m very sorry to say, but this is just scam.
    I like the themes, but don’t use the head: “free themes” because they aren’t!

    1. Hi Eric! The themes are ‘freemium’ solutions. As usually, who wants full ‘freedom’, proceeds with Pro version. Savvy people (not only on budget) yet manage to work with free ones. I found all these features of the theme in question on Anyway, that’s a great idea for a new research: free WP themes that function mostly like Pro.

    2. Hi Eric,

      Not sure but the free theme on its own is capable of creating a very decent website and one can easily create good websites using them. Its not the only free theme we have in repository we have around 30+ themes there. Also does not post scam themes on their repository and each theme has to pass theme review and only after months of testing they allow them to be posted.

      The free theme also consists of full documentation on how to set up.

      So again not sure how you denounce it as a scam.

  4. Thank you for including SKT Launch in this great write up of free WordPress themes.

  5. Hello,

    I am from Acme Themes. I would like to thank you for including AcmeBlog to this article. We greatly appreciate it.

    Best Regards,
    Acme Themes

  6. Good imagery seems to be the clear trend in all these themes and in web design in general. The Curiosity Lite theme looks curious.

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