Best Lead Generation Themes for WordPress

Written by Naveen Chand
Written by Naveen Chand

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A marketing campaign without a good lead-generation strategy is like a ship without a rudder. Lead generation is a form of gaining new businesses. An effective lead-generation strategy is critical to every business.

Gone are the days when most leads were generated by sitting by a table in a trade show spending hours together in the hope that potential customers would walk-in and fill-up a form. In a world where businesses are done at the speed of a tweet, leads must be generated rapidly and with greater success rates. This is more effectively done using your own websites.

WordPress as a content management system supplemented with a good lead-generation theme can be a great tool to generate, organize, engage and manage your leads right on your desk through your website.

Using the right WordPress theme therefore becomes an important aspect in designing your lead-generation strategy. We have reviewed some of the best lead-generation themes for WordPress that you might find useful. Here is our list:

1. Refined: Business Portfolio theme

Refined Business Portfolio theme is a premium WordPress theme which has been designed with high aesthetic value. Using inbuilt jQuery, Refined theme offers immeasurable options to make your site look splendid.

Refined theme comes with a built-in Lead Capture template which will be useful in your lead-generation strategy. Additionally, the theme supports pricing tables, blockquotes, alerts, testimonials, pullquotes, dropcaps and several other features with an easy to use set of shortcodes. One can explore the demo of this theme to experience how elegantly the developer and designer have coded this theme.

Multiple homepage templates with ability to switch on and off from the theme admin panel is another interesting feature you should be exploring. Video formats are supported by way of shortcodes. Colors and fonts can be customized.


With refined theme, you can generate leads, showcase your products, display prices and do much more in an elegantly designed theme.

More Details | Price: $40

Get Refined Theme

2. Domena – Domain For Sale Template

Domena theme is a uniquely designed theme that can be of great use for those interested to sell a domain name that they already own and want to sell. With that as the sole purpose, Domena theme provides a great opportunity to capture leads using a simple and elegant ‘Make an Offer’ form. The lead generation form is powered by ajax thus giving a good user experience.

Domena can be customized with a color of your choice and different varieties of templates. Domena is SEO-friendly and comes with a detailed documentation.


Domena is a professional and clean theme for generating leads for sale of domain names. The theme is optimally coded.

More Details | Price: $30

Get Domena Theme

3. JustLanded – WordPress Landing Page

A good lead capturing strategy must plan a lot about the landing page. A landing page is essentially the most important page in your site as the potential customer will likely be visiting this page first. The first impression must be the best impression in order convert the visitor into a customer. Therefore landing page requires careful planning, designing and implementation.

Justlanded makes all that easy and simple. Justlanded brings focus on your product, builds visitor trust and eventually helps in closing the deal. The theme comes with support for unlimited colors, banners, video, sliders. The theme uses the latest coding technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 and thereby makes your site fully responsive to all devices.

Justlanded comes with custom signup form. Last but not the least, the theme has an active support forum by the developers.


Your entire site can be setup in minutes with Justlanded which in turn makes stunning landing page for your site and sales campaign.

More Details | Price: $40

Get JustLanded Theme

4. Fusion WordPress Theme

Fusion is a premium WordPress theme that is sleek, professional and ideal for lead generation. The theme has a “signup today” button which is a call-for-action button. This is an important part of a lead generation strategy to invite visitors to take an action.

Fusion theme comes with support for custom background and has a responsive design that works on almost all the devices. The theme has plenty of customization options with unlimited colors, shortcodes and a wide range of page templates.

Fusion theme uses jQuery and AJAX to make the site function faster yet retain aesthetic value.

fusion theme

Fusion theme captures leads with style. It gives a splendid look to your site.

More Details | Price: $39 for this theme and download 80 other themes as bonus.

Get Fusion Theme

5. Nova WordPress Theme

The biggest strength of Nova WordPress theme is its homepage which presents lead capturing process in a big way. The focus and attention it draws with its slider on the front page will compel the visitor to signup or take action.

Nova WordPress theme comes in six different colors. The theme has a responsive design and uses jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 to bring an elegant look to your site.


Nova WordPress theme is a beautifully designed with attractive layouts which compels your visitors signup for your product..

More Details | Price: $39 for this theme and download 80 other themes as bonus.

Get Nova Theme

6. Balance Theme

Balance Theme is a WordPress theme built on Genesis framework. Balance theme enhances the look of your website with minimalist design and a lead-capturing forum right at the top of the front page.

Balance theme comes with 5 different color styles, 3 different layouts, custom background, custom header, featured images, footer widgets, mobile responsive and threaded comments.


With Balance theme, you can capture the lead right in the front page that can also act as your landing page.

More Details | Price: $79.95 for this theme plus Genesis Framework

Get Balance Theme

7. Focus

Focus is a premium WordPress theme built with an emphasis on focusing on content and eliminating distractions. The Newsletter widget that comes shipped with the Focus theme can be placed in the sidebar and can act as an effective lead generation strategy.

Besides being a lead-capturing theme, Focus WordPress theme comes with several layouts and templates that makes your website more than just lead-capturing.

There are certain aspects which are unique about Focus WordPress theme. Prominent among such features is the focus on readability. The fonts, styles, spacing have been used to meet readability standards and ensures an elegant presentation.


Focus WordPress theme is more than lead-capturing theme. From newsletters to contact forms, you can capture leads with ease.

More Details | Price: $79.95 for this theme plus Genesis Framework

Get Focus Theme

On a concluding note, let us recall that leads are always awesome for every marketeer. Generating such leads from your own website can be a cost-effective approach. The premium themes we’ve recommended above can be a great supplement to your strategy.

We hope that you have found our reviews useful. While we hope that you will be adopting one or the other themes we have listed above, we would like to leave you with this food for thought:

Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other.
– Bill Gates

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Naveen Chand
Naveen is an experienced web-programmer and a young entrepreneur from India. As a web-programmer, he is specialized in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and as an entrepreneur he has created few startups – DublinWala.Com, DanaPredict.Com and DayaTechno.Com. He is active in WordPress community since 2005 and has been awarded as the ‘Expert of the Month’ by WPQuestions.Com. He provides tips and tricks in WordPress at his blog: I’m a WordPress Kid.



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  1. Hi Naveen,

    What wp theme would you suggest for (directory of insurance agents) that can also monetize sales leads through call-to-action boxes: “Contact Joe Smith” or “Have an agent call you today” etc. Premium Press’ Directory theme doesn’t really support sales lead generation.

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